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Sanada Juu Yuushi перевод игры
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Copyright 2015 E. Phelps

Sanada Juu Yuushi (or "The Sanada Ten Braves") is an RPG for the NES/Famicom, developed and produced by Kemco in 1988. The main character, Sanada Yukimura, was a real historical figure during the warring states period of Japan, fighting at the same time as Oda Nobunaga and all the famous warriors of that time. He is known for his valiant victory against Tokugawa Ieyasu (the shogun of Japan) at the Siege of Osaka. According to legend, he was aided by ten ninjas at this battle, known as the Sanada Ten Braves.

Sanada and his ten braves are well known in Japanese pop culture, making frequent appearances in manga and anime (see Samurai Deeper Kyo, for example). Only two of the ten braves are famous of their own accord, being Sarutobi Sasuke and Kirigakure Saizo.

This NES game is quite unique. It has the appearance of a generic Dragon Quest clone, but the battle system is very different. Instead of HP, your "health" is determined by your number of soldiers. During battle, you can try to recruit the enemy to your side instead of attacking. In fact, you might find yourself recruiting the enemy more often than actually fighting. When you do actually attack the enemy, there is sort of a rock-paper-scissors feel to the battle, in which one of your characters will be strongest to use against a particular type of enemy. If you know which character to use, the battles are very easy, but if you don't know and you guess wrong, it could be big trouble. The system is a clever way to allow all of your characters to participate equally in battle, and is fun simply for the sake of being different than Dragon Quest.

Overall, the game is not very battle-oriented. Most of your time will be spent trying to figure out where to go and what to do. The game provides plenty of hints for figuring out what to do (although it's in Japanese, of course). If you know what to do, this game can be a very quick playthrough, at least compared to most RPGs.

As told at the beginning of the game, Sanada's father has grown old and is nearing death. To protect the Sanada Clan, Sanada Yukimura must take control of the Sanada Clan and fight against their great enemy, Tokugawa Ieyasu. His father says that he must find ten brave heroes to accompany him in order to stand against Ieyasu. The majority of the game is therefore focused upon seeking these ten heroes.

Getting Started
To start a new game, simply choose a blank file out of the three possible slots by pressing "A" and the game will begin.

To continue a saved game, select the file you want to continue using and press "A". You will see the following menu options:

#のまきの つづきをはじめる。 Continue a saved game
まきものを かえる。 Return to the file select screen
#のまきを はじめからする。 Start over from the beginning
How to Play
Walking Menu

While walking around, press "A" to open up the following menu:

はなす - "Speak" Talk to townspeople or read signs.
めいれい - "Orders" Use the special abilities of your characters.
ぐんび - "Armaments" View the status of each of your characters.
ぶっし - "Goods" View the amount of each weapon you are carrying.
けらい - "Retainer" Opens a submenu: ほうろく ("Salary") - Give rations to your characters to increase their Loyalty stat. かいこ ("Dismiss") - Remove soldiers from a character's group to increase his Loyalty stat.


Battles are very different in this game than in other RPGs. You do not have HP. Instead, you have a number of soldiers that decreases as you get hit. Each of your characters will be strong or weak versus certain types of enemies. For example, your main character Yukimura is strong against the enemy called Kunoichi (くノ一), but weak against the enemy Thief (とうぞく). So the strategy to winning battles is to always select your character who is best for the particular enemy you are facing.

Instead of restoring HP, you will need to replenish your supply of soldiers. This is done by recruiting enemies during battle. When you attempt to recruit the enemy, there is a chance that they will attack you. If they do not attack, then they will ask you to give them rations and weapons in order to convince them to join your team.

A third option is to run away. Failing to run away will result in the enemy getting a free turn to attack you.

If a character loses all his soldiers, he will not be able to attack and he will not be able to use his めいれい ("Order") ability outside of battle.

No matter what action you take, you always get to take the first action. There are no surprise attack or anything like that. However, it is possible for the enemy to run away. There is no experience to be gained in this game. The only reward for winning battles is money.

The three battle menu options are:
たたかう - "Fight"
たいきゃく - "Retreat"
はなしあう - "Discuss"

Below, I will describe in more detail each of these aspects of battle.

If you select たたかう ("Fight") from the battle menu, you will then be asked to choose which character to use to attack. You can select a different character for each turn during battle. Only the character that you select will attack, and only that character will be damaged by the enemy.

As explained above, your characters will be strong or weak versus certain enemies. Here is a list of strengths and weaknesses for each character. For translations of the enemy names, see the "Enemies" section of this FAQ.

Yumikura (ゆきむら)
Strong versus: Spear Corps, Swordsman, Priest Soldier, Koga Ninja, Iga Ninja, Kunoichi.
Weak versus: Gun Corps, Ronin, Negoro Ninja, Peasant, Thief.

Sasuke (さすけ)
Strong versus: Gun Corps, Swordsman, Ronin.
Weak versus: Samurai, Spear Corps, Priest Soldier, Kunoichi, Peasant, Thief.

Mochizuki (もちづき)
Strong versus: Gun Corps, Swordsman, Ronin.
Weak versus: Samurai, Spear Corps, Priest Soldier, Kunoichi, Peasant, Thief.
Note: He is the same as Sasuke.

Isa (いさ)
Strong versus: Koga Ninja, Negoro Ninja, Peasant, Thief.
Weak versus: Samurai, Spear Corps, Gun Corps, Swordsman, Ronin, Iga Ninja, Kunoichi.

Unno (うんの)
Strong versus: Swordsman, Priest Soldier, Ronin.
Weak versus: Samurai, Spear Corps, Gun Corps, Thief.

Kosuke (こすけ)
Strong versus: Gun Corps, Priest Soldier, Koga Ninja, Iga Ninja, Negoro Ninja, Kunoichi.
Weak versus: Samurai, Ronin, Thief.

Kamanosuke (かまのすけ)
Strong versus: Gun Corps, Priest Soldier, Kunoichi.
Weak versus: Samurai, Spear Corps, Ronin, Koga Ninja, Iga Ninja, Negoro Ninja, Thief.

Saizo (さいぞう)
Strong versus: Priest Soldier, Ronin.
Weak versus: Samurai, Spear Corps, Gun Corps, Thief.

Juzo (じゅうぞう)
Strong versus: Samurai, Priest Soldier, Iga Ninja, Negoro Ninja.
Weak versus: Spear Corps, Swordsman, Ronin, Koga Ninja, Kunoichi, Peasant, Thief.

Jinpachi (じんぱち)
Strong versus: Samurai, Swordsman.
Weak versus: Spear Corps, Gun Corps, Priest Soldier, Ronin, Kunoichi, Peasant, Thief.

Seikai (せいかい)
Strong versus: Gun Corps, Priest Soldier, Koga Ninja, Negoro Ninja, Thief.
Weak versus: Samurai, Spear Corps, Swordsman, Ronin.

Select たいきゃく (Retreat) to run from the battle. You will have to select a character who will make the attempt to run. If the escape is unsuccessful, this is the character who will receive damage from the enemy. So use a character who is strong against the type of enemy you are facing to minimize the damage received.

Select the option はなしあう ("Discuss") to attempt to recruit enemies to your side. You will first have to choose a character to attempt the recruitment. If this character fails, he will be damaged. Certain characters are better at recruiting certain types of enemies than other types. Here is a list of which kind of enemy each character is best at recruiting. Note that each character is good at recruiting enemy types that are the same as their own.

Yukimura (ゆきむら): Samurai, Spear Corps, Swordsman, Ronin.

Sasuke (さすけ): Koga Ninja, Peasant.

Mochizuki (もちづき): Priest Soldier, Ronin, Koga Ninja, Peasant.

Isa (いさ): Priest Soldier, Thief.

Unno (うんの): Iga Ninja, Negoro Ninja.

Kosuke (こすけ): Spear Corps, Gun Corps.

Kamanosuke (かまのすけ): Samurai, Swordsman, Ronin.

Saizo (さいぞう): Iga Ninja, Kunoichi.

Juzo (じゅうぞう): Spear Corps, Gun Corps.

Jinpachi (じんぱち): Iga Ninja, Negoro Ninja, Kunoichi.

Seikai (せいかい): Negoro Ninja, Kunoichi, Thief.

If the recruitment is unsuccessful, your character will be damaged. However, if you are successful, you will be asked how many soldiers you would like to recruit from a list of three options. The highest number is the number of soldiers the enemy has, and the other two options are one half and one quarter of the total. You can select a higher number than you have room for or than you can afford and the number will be adjusted to what you can accomodate. Each of your characters can hold a maximum of 250 soldiers.

After selecting a number of soldiers, you will be asked to pay an amount of Rations (ひょうろう) to get the enemy to join. This is the second number listed in the lower-right window. It is usually 1 Ration per ten soldiers (rounded up), but sometimes they will try to jack up this price unfairly. If you choose いいえ ("no"), the battle ends and you get no soldiers. If you choose はい ("yes"), you will be asked which character's unit these soldiers will be added to.

If the soldiers you are adding are the same type of unit as the character you choose, you won't have to pay any more expenses. For example, if you are recruiting Koga Ninjas, and you decide to add them to Sasuke's group (Sasuke is a Koga Ninja), then you will only have to pay the Ration fee. Otherwise, you will have to make a payment of some weapons as well.

Weapon payments are different for each character. For example, Yukimura will have to pay some Katanas (かたな), Sasuke will have to pay some Shuriken (しゅりけん), etc. The type of weapon matches whichever character you are adding soldiers to. I guess the idea is that the type of soldier you are adding does not own the weapons he will need in your unit. But if you recruit a soldier for a character of the same class type, he will already own the necessary weapon.

You will be asked to pay the same number of weapons as soldiers you are recruiting. Say はい to agree, or いいえ to refuse and get no soldiers. After choosing "yes", the soldiers will finally be added to your team. However, if your Loyalty (ちゅうせいど) is low, some of these soldiers will most likely run away from your army. If the enemy class type matches the character whose group you are adding them, they will never run away no matter how low your Loyalty.

There is obviously a huge benefit for recruiting enemies that are the same type as each of your soldiers. For example, every time you are attacked by Samurai, you should add them to Yukimura's group (since he's a Samurai). You can manage to play the entire game without having to buy any weapons and without worrying too much about your Loyalty stat if you do it this way. Early in the game, it's harder to get away with this since you might need to recruit soldiers more often.


Each of your characters has a Loyalty (ちゅうせいど) stat. This stat affects two things. First of all, if you recruit soldiers that are not the same type as the character whose group you are adding them to, then some of the soldiers might run away after being recruited. The number that runs away is higher if your loyalty stat is low. The other thing is that if your Loyalty reaches zero, your soldiers will immediately revolt. This will result in you engaging in a battle with them that is the same as any other battle, but your character will then have zero soldiers. It's the same effect as having that character lose all of his soldiers in battle.

Your Loyalty decreases from many things. It can go down by attacking during battle, by running from a battle, and from getting hit during battle. It always goes down when you recruit no soldiers to reflect the fact that you are adding new people to your group who have no loyalty built up yet.

To increase a character's Loyalty stat, select けらい ("Retainer") from the walking menu and choose ほうろく ("Salary"). Then choose a character whose Loyalty you want to increase, and finally choose an amount of Rations (ひょうろう) you want to give them. The more you give, the more their Loyalty increases.

Death In the Party

If all of your characters lose all of their soldiers, you will be sent all the way back to Ueda (the castle at the start of the game). You will lose half of your Rations and half of each of the weapons you were carrying. You will keep all of your money and any of the story progression that you had completed. But you probably don't need to worry about this. I never died once during two playthroughs.


You can gamble in this game. Each town has a gambling den, which is a room of people encircling a table. Talk to one of the people at the top of the screen to gamble. Choose はい to agree to pay the 50 ryo fee. You will then be asked to choose ちょう ("Evens") or はん ("Odds"). After choosing, you will be asked if you are sure. Say はい to continue, or いいえ to go back and change your guess.

After the decision is made, a pair of dice will be rolled and, if you guessed correctly, you will win double your bet. Otherwise, you lose your bet. That's all there is to it.

This section simply lists all the enemies in the game and translations for their names:

Samurai (さむらい)
Spear Corps (やりぶたい)
Gun Corps (てっぽうたい)
Peasant (のうみん)
Thief (とうぞく)
Kunoichi (くノ一)
Koga Ninja (こうがにんじゃ)
Iga Ninja (いがにんじゃ)
Negoro Ninja (ねごろにんじゃ)
Priest Soldier (そうへい)
Swordsman (けんし)
Ronin (ろうにん)

Weapons and Items
This section gives an explanation for the weapons and items in the game. Asside from the Gun, all items can be purchased in each city. The prices for the items fluctuates. You will occasionally see the phrase ぶっかへんどうが あった! ("Price fluctuation!") appear on the screen to signify that the prices have changed.

Koban (こばん) - This is your money. It's also called ryo (りょう).

Rations (ひょうろう) - Used for recruiting enemies to your side and for increasing the Loyalty of your own soldiers.

Weapons (ぶっし) - Weapons are used solely for recruiting enemy soldiers to your side when they are not the same type of soldier as the character you are recruiting them for. Each character has to use a different weapon when recruiting. Here are the weapons and which character they are used for:
かたな ("Katana") - Used by Yukimura.
しゅりけん ("Shuriken") - Used by Sasuke.
ばくだん ("Bomb") - Used by Mochizuki.
かなぼう ("Iron Rod") - Used by Isa.
くさりがま ("Chain and Sickle") - Used by Unno.
やり ("Spear") - Used by Kosuke.
つるぎ ("Sword") - Used by Kamanosuke.
けむりだま ("Smoke Bomb") - Used by Saizo.
てっぽう ("Gun") - Used by Juzo.
ふきや ("Blowgun") - Used by Jinpachi.
たんけん ("Dagger") - Used by Seikai.

Playable Characters
Here are the playable characters, listed in order of appearance. They are Sanada and his ten braves. For each character, I list the type of fighter the character is, which weapon the character uses, and what his special ability is when you use the めいれい ("Order") command.

Sanada Yukimura (さなだ ゆきむら)
Class: Samurai (さむらい)
Weapon: Katana (かたな)
Order: None

Sarutobi Sasuke (さるとび さすけ)
Class: Koga Ninja (こうがにんじゃ)
Weapon: Shuriken (しゅりけん)
Order: He leaves your party temporarily, and returns after a brief time. He will either bring back some Rations, money, weapons, find more soldiers, or lose some soldiers.

Mochizuki Rokuro (もちづき ろくろう)
Class: Koga Ninja (こうがにんじゃ)
Weapon: Bomb (ばくだん)
Order: Uses bombs to destroy border crossing gates.

Miyoshi Isa (みよし いさ)
Class: Priest Soldier (そうへい)
Weapon: Iron Rod (かなぼう)
Order: Moves heavy objects such as rocks and trees.

Unno Rokuro (うんの ろくろう)
Class: Iga Ninja (いがにんじゃ)
Weapon: Chain and Sickle (くさりがま)
Order: He leaves your party temporarily, then returns after a brief time with information. At times, this information can trigger new events in the game and advance the story.

Anayama Kosuke (あなやま こすけ)
Class: Spear Corps (やりぶたい)
Weapon: Spear (やり)
Order: Leaves your party temporarily. After a brief time, he returns and tells you the state of the market, which reflects the prices of food and weapons in shops.

Yuri Kamanosuke (ゆり かまのすけ)
Class: Swordsman (けんし)
Weapon: Sword (つるぎ)
Order: Leaves your party temporarily. After a brief time, he returns with soldiers that you will have the option to enlist. You will have to pay Rations and weapons as you would during a regular battle to recruit them.

Kirigakure Saizo (きりがくれ さいぞう)
Class: Iga Ninja (いがにんじゃ)
Weapon: Smoke Bomb (けむりだま)
Order: He leaves your party temporarily, then returns after a brief time with information. At times, this information can trigger new events in the game and advance the story.

Kakei Juzo (かけい じゅうぞう)
Class: Gun Corps (てっぽうたい)
Weapon: Gun (てっぽう)
Order: Can remove disguises from other people.

Nezu Jinpachi (ねづ じんぱち)
Class: Negoro Ninja (ねごろにんじゃ)
Weapon: Blowgun (ふきや)
Order: Can sail ships, but will only do so if he has permission from the ship's owner.

Miyoshi Seikai (ねづ じんぱち)
Class: Kunoichi (くノ一)
Weapon: Dagger (たんけん)
Order: Open locked doors.

Chapter 1: Sasuke and Mochizuki

You begin the game in the castle town of Ueda (うえだ). You can talk to people to get an idea of what to do. There is another town to the West where a skilled gymnist is said to live. There is a border crossing guard to the North, beyond which leads to the castle town of Kasugayama. An old man says you could break through the border crossing by using a bomb. Also, you hear that the firework merchant in town used to be a ninja long ago.

You can save your game by entering the shrine in the upper-left part of town, which has two dog statues out front. These shrines where you can save your game all look the same and are located in each town. To save your game, simply talk to the man inside and select はい ("yes").

When you exit the city, the first task is to head West. The battles in this game are strange, so read the "Battles" section of this walkthrough for help figuring out what to do.

To the West, you will find a a hut. Enter it to meet Sasuke (さすけ). Talk to him and he'll say that his master left for the town to the West. Exit the hut and head Southwest to the town of Takayama (たかやま).

In Takayama, talk to the woman in dark clothes at the bottom section of town and she'll ask if you know Sasuke. Say はい ("yes") and she'll give you the Posthumous Writings (いしょ), saying they are notes from Sasuke's master who has now died and wanted them given to Sasuke.

Return to Sasuke's hut and talk to him. You will give him the writings and he'll join your party, seeking to join in your quest to defeat the Tokugawa and get revenge for his master's death. He says that he wants to find his old comrade Mochizuki who resides in Ueda. By using the めいれい ("Order") command, you can have Sasuke leave your party briefly. After he returns, he will give you some rations, weapons, money, or soldiers, although the amounts are pretty small. Sometimes he will also lose soldiers.

Head back to Ueda and enter the house in the lower-left corner of town. Inside, you meet Mochizuki (もちづき). He says that he would like to lend you his skill with bombs, but that he needs a Lighter (らいたあ).

Go back to Takayama City to the West and talk to the old man on the right side of town. He is kind of crazy sounding, but wants to show you his treasure. Say はい ("yes"). Then he says he'll sell it to you for 50 ryo. Say はい again (assuming you have the money) and you will receive the Lighter (らいたあ).

Go back to Ueda and talk to Mochizuki who will now join your party.

Chapter 2: Isa

You can use the めいれい ("Order") command and select Mochizuki to set a bomb to destroy border crossing guards. Head Northeast from Ueda and approach the border gate. You'll see a brief animation of the guard. While facing the gate, use めいれい and then もちづき to use a bomb to destroy the gate.

Enter the hut just above the destroyed gate and talk to the old man. This is a wise man who offers to help you whenever you're in trouble.

Now go West until you see a town and enter it. This is the castle town of Kasugayama (かすがやま). Here, you will hear rumors about a golden egg that bestows great power to the person who eats it.

Talk to the guy just below the shrine in the upper-right corner of town. This is Isa (いさ). He says someone stole his Oni Iron Rod.

Go back East to the wise man's hut and talk to him to learn that the Oni Iron Rod is for sale at a shop in Ueda.

Go back to Ueda (the starting town) and enter the shop labeled かじ ("Blacksmith"). Talk to the guy next to the door and he'll tell you that the Oni Iron Rod was just sold to a merchant.

Return to the wise old man in the hut to the North and he'll say that the Oni Iron Rod is being taken to Kasugayama (the castle town to the West).

Go back to Kasugayama and enter the shop labeled かじ. Talk to the guy next to the door and he'll say that the Oni Iron Rod was just sold to a priest.

Exit the building and talk to the guy just below in the funny-looking hat. This is the priest with the rod who will attack you.

Boss Battle: Priest Soldier (そうへい) x100
The priest is weak against Yukimura (ゆきむら), but strong against your other two characters.

Win the battle and you acquire the Oni Iron Rod (おにのかなぼう). Talk to Isa (いさ) in the upper-right corner of town and you will give him the rod. He then joins your party.

Chapter 3: Unno

Go West from Kasugayama, walking along the water when the path splits, and you will come to he town of Kanazawa (かなざわ). There is nothing to do hear other than to save and resupply if you like. Note the port just West from this city for future reference.

From Kanazawa, go South, crossing the bridge you see, then continue going South until you see a rock that looks different than the rest. While facing it, use the めいれい ("Order") command and select いさ ("Isa"). He will move the boulder.

Continue along the path and you will come across a hut. You don't need to enter, but if you do, you will see a lone chicken inside. Just South of this hut is the town of Suwa (すわ).

There's nothing you need to do in Suwa, but you will be told that there is something secret about the dog statues in front of the shrine in the castle town of Komoro.

If you know what to do, you don't actually need to go to Komoro. But if you want to go to Komoro, go East from Suwa and a little North to find the castle town. In town, you can search the dog statues in front of the shrine to learn that there is a secret beneath a tree and that you should search South of Suwa.

Also while in Komoro, you can talk to the guy in the upper-left corner of town and say はい to him twice to receive the Invitation (しょうたいじょう). He says this will allow you to gamble in the gambling den here. However, if you visit the den, you will learn that it is empty because everyone went to play at the new big gambling center in Odawara. So the Invitation is useless and will sit in your inventory for the duration of the game.

From Suwa, walk directly South. You will see a tree that looks different than the others that you can't walk through. While facing this tree, use the めいれい ("Order") command and select いさ ("Isa"). He will move the tree and you will receive the Charm (おふだ).

Go to the hut just North of Suwa with the chicken inside. Talk to the chicken and the Charm you carry will cause it to revert to its true form, the ninja Unno (うんの), who will now join your party. He says that he was turned to a chicken by eating the gold egg. He also says that an old companion of his is staying in Komoro and you should seek his help.

Chapter 4: Kosuke

There is a border crossing guard Southeast from Suwa. However, Mochizuki cannot destroy the gate yet. Instead, go to Komoro and enter a house near the lower-right corner of town. It is the house above the row of three houses at the bottom of the screen. Inside, you meet Unno's friend. Talk to him and say はい to agree to pay 10 ryo for his help to penetrate the border crossing. Talk to him again and he'll ask for 100 ryo more. Say はい to pay, then go to the border crossing gate Southeast of Suwa. Use the めいれい ("Order") command and select もちづき ("Mochizuki") to have him destroy the gate.

Past the gate, go Northeast to get around the water, then go South to find and enter the castle town Odawara (おだわら).

In town enter the house at the top of town that's farthest to the left. This is the new big gambling center. Talk to the guy standing on the right side of the table (the higher one). This is Kosuke (こすけ). He wants to gamble against you. Talk to the guy at the top of the table to play a round of gambling. It costs 50 ryo to gamble. I don't think you can win this bet, so just choose an option (ちょう or はん), and say はい or いいえ afterward. The dice will be rolled and you'll lose. Talk to Kosuke and now he likes you. He says he would join your party, but he needs a spear.

Use the めいれい command and select うんの ("Unno"). He will disappear in search of information. Just stand still for a second and he'll return, reporting that there is a splendid spear in a cave to the South.

Exit town and walk South to the tip of the peninsula to find a cave. Inside, go left when you can, then go immediately up to the top of the screen. From there, go left until you find an opening leading downward. Go down, then there are two more paths to choose from. Go down the one farthest left and follow it to the end to find the boss.

Boss Battle:
Round 1: 100x Ronin (ろうにん)
Round 2: 100x Gun Corps (てっぽうたい)
Round 3: 100x Samurai (さむらい)

Win to receive the Red Spear (しゅぬりのやり). Then return to Odawara and talk to Kosuke in the gambling den to give him the spear and he will join your group.

Chapter 5: Kamanosuke

Head West from Odawara and cross a bridge. You will see a hut. If you enter, you will hear about a three-headed serpent living in a cave to the South that cannot be killed. Slightly Northwest from this hut is the town of Tenryu (てんりゅう). You don't need to go there, but you can save and resupply if you like.

You can't kill the serpent, so instead you want to head North. Go East from Tenryu to get around the mountains, then head North and follow the long path that eventually leads to a border crossing guard. At the gate, use the めいれい command and select もちずき ("Mochizuki"). He will attempt to destroy it, but it won't work. Repeat this two more times and he will destroy the gate on the third attempt.

From the gate, you can head Southwest to reach Iga Village, or head through the path of trees to the West to reach Koga Village. For now, head through the path of trees. When you emerge, Koga is to the South. But instead, head farther West to find the castle town of Konjiki Inari (こんじきいなり).

In Konjiki Inari, you need to prove that you are a believer of the fox god Inari. To do so, you have to visit three temples in any order. One is just to the right of the city entrance. Inside, say はい to make a 100 ryo donation. Another temple is the up and right from the first one. There, speak to the priest and say はい to receive his blessing. The third temple is locatd on the right side of town, about halfway down the screen. There, say はい to say you believe in Inari. After visiting all three of these temples you are called a believer.

Go to the temple at the bottom-middle of the city and the guard will let you pass into the temple now that you're a believer. The priest there tells you about the creation of the sword to kill the three headed serpent and gives you the sword Yoto Hayabusa (ようとうはやぶさ).

Go to Iga village. To get there, you can go Southwest from Koga until you get around the mountains. Then go Northeast along the bottom side of the mountains to find Iga. Inside, enter the building in the lower-left corner of the village to meet Kamansosuke (かまのすけ). Talk to him and you give him the sword. He then joins your party.

Chapter 6: Saizo

We're almost ready to kill the serpent, but not yet. First, go back to Konjiki Inari. But instead of entering the city, walk a little further Southwest to find a hut. Inside, talk to the old man and he'll be excited to see the sword he created. He'll infuse it with more power, so now you're able to kill the serpent.

Go back toward the city of Tenryu, which was West of Odawara. Go South from Tenryu, ignoring the bridge, and walk along the sandy coast to find the Serpent Cave.

Inside the cave, take the first path heading up. Follow the path until it splits into three directions. At that time, take the left path and it will lead you to the serpent. Talk to the serpent and Kamanosuke will automatically kill it. Koga ninjas will suddenly appear (the serpent was under their control) and attack.

Boss Battle:
Round 1: 100x Koga Ninja (こうがにんじゃ)
Round 2: 120x Koga Ninja
Round 3: 150x Koga Ninja

After defeating the ninjas, you receive the Tally (わりふ). Now, go talk to the guy that was trapped behind the serpent. He is Saizo (さいぞう), an Iga ninja, and is injured due to the Koga ninja attack. He says that he needs medicine that can be found at Koga Village.

So exit the cave and head to Koga village. The guard at the entrance to town will let you pass now that you have the Tally. Enter the building in the upper-right corner of town. If you talk to the old man here, he will say that he doesn't know anything about the medicine you need. Use the めいれい command and select うんの ("Unno"). He will disappear to seek information. Stand still until he returns and he'll report that this old man knows how to make the special medicine you need. Talk to the old man again and he'll ask for 100 ryo to make the medicine. Say はい to agree and you'll receive the Secret Medicine (ひでんのくすり).

Return to the serpent cave and talk to Saizo to give him the medicine. He now joins your party.

Chapter 7: Juzo

Saizo warns you that the Koga ninja have a new powerful weapon. Use the めいれい command and select さいぞう ("Saizo"). He'll disappear to get information. Wait for him to come back and he'll report that there is a weapon storage building in Koga Village that likely has the new weapon.

Go to Koga Village. At the bottom-middle of the village is a house guarded by a ninja. Talk to him and he'll let you in if you pay 250 ryo. Say はい to agree. Inside the building, talk to the guy and you'll find out that there's nothing in here but a shedded snake skin.

Talk to the townspeople here to hear that the new weapon is being transported to the Sakai border. Use the めいれい command and choose さいぞう ("Saizo") to have him leave to gather information. Upon his return, you learn that soldiers have ammassed at the Sakai border with the new weapon.

Head Southwest from Koga Village until you cross the bridge. Then head South, ignoring the bridge that leads to Iga, and continue farther South to find another bridge. Cross that one and follow the path to a border crossing gate. Use the めいれい command and select もちづき ("Mochizuki") to have him blow up the gate. Go a little Northwest from this gate to find the village of Sakai (さかい).

In town, you will hear that there is a famous hunter that lives to the East. It appears the new great weapon is guns, which are on sale in a shop here. You can also hear that Osaka castle is to the North across the water, and there's a hidden tunnel that leads there. You can travel a large distance East from town to meet the hunter Juzo (じゅうぞう), but if you do he will simply say that his gun is broken and he can't help. There is a special gun shop in the lower-left corner of Sakai, but the owner will refuse to sell you anything.

So instead of wasting your time with all that, go a little North from Sakai and look for a tree that is slightly different than the others. Its graphic is reversed, so the darker leaves are on the opposite side of the tree. You also can't walk through that tree. Stand in front of the tree and use the めいれい command to select いさ ("Isa") and have him move the tree to reveal a cave.

In the cave, take the right-hand side path when it splits into two paths and you'll reach the stairs heading out. You'll appear just South of Osaka (おおさか). Enter Osaka, then talk to a guy in the upper-left part of the city who will offer to sell you Peanuts (ぴいなっつ) for 500 ryo. Say はい to agree and he'll tell you that his friend is a gun salesman in Sakai. If you bring him these Peanuts, he'll agree to sell you a gun.

Return to Sakai via the cave and enter the gun shop in the lower-left corner of town. Talk to the guy and you'll give him the Peanuts in exchange for Tanegashima (たねがしま), a special gun.

Travel East from Sakai. The path is linear but very very long. It will eventually lead you to a hut with Juzo inside. Talk to him to give him the gun and he will join your party.

Chapter 8: Jinpachi

Juzo says to head to Kyoto to meet some sailors. Go all the way back to Osaka via the tunnel. Use the めいれい command and select さいぞう ("Saizo") to learn that the stone North of Osaka that blocks the path to Kyoto is cursed and can't be moved, but a special scroll can be used to remove the curse. Use the めいれい command again and choose うんの ("Unno") to learn that a merchant has the scroll.

Enter the house at the top of the screen in Osaka. Talk to the guy inside and he'll ask if you think the merchants in Osaka are stingy. Say いいえ ("no") and he'll reward your kindness by giving you the Scroll (まきもの).

Go North of Osaka until you find the path blocked by a rock. Use the めいれい command and select いさ ("Isa") to move it. Just beyond is Kyoto (きょと). Rest here if you like, then head a little Southeast to Kumano (くまの).

In Kumano, go to the lower-left corner of town. There is a man and a woman there. Talk to the woman and say はい to agree to give her 1000 ryo so she can buy some medicine. Then talk to the guy nearby. This is Jinpachi (じんぱち) who will be very impressed by your generosity and join your party.

Chapter 9: Seikai

Only one party member left to find! Jinpachi can sail ships, but he'll only do it if he has permission from the boat's owner. If you talk to people in Kumano, you'll hear about a helpful woman named Okiyo. You'll also hear that you should visit the wise old man (from the beginning of the game) to learn about where Okiyo might be hidden.

Go to Kyoto and enter the temple in the upper-left corner of town. Talk to the priest there and say はい to pray with him. He'll ask if you want to continue praying. Say はい again over and over for a total of 10 times and he'll be impressed by your devotion. He'll tell you that there is a ship hidden North of the city and that you can use it.

Go Northeast from Kyoto and look for the tree that is oppositely colored from the rest. While facing it, select めいれい and choose いさ ("Isa") to have him move the tree, revealing the ship. Stand on it and use めいれい, then select じんぱち ("Jinpachi"). He will then sail the ship, which is done automatically, and leads to the port next to the town of Kanazawa, which was close to the beginning of the game. Head East to the old wise man's hut.

Speak with the wise man to hear that Okiyo is living in a nearby castle town. Head West and enter Kasugayama. Enter the house next to the blacksmith (かじ) and speak to the woman inside. She says she is Okiyo. Use the めいれい command and choose じゅうぞう ("Juzo"). He will remove Okiyo's disguise, revealing her true identity to be Seikai (せいかい), Isa's older brother, who will now join your party.

Chapter 10: Endgame

With all of the Sanada Ten Braves assembled, return to Ueda, the starting town. Talk to Yukimura's father in the castle and he'll congratulate you and bestow a power upon you that allows you to navigate the oceans better. He says there's a mysterious island South of Mikawa that is likely home to a secret base of the enemy. He says to use a port hidden South of Odawara.

Go to Odawara. This is the town with the "big gambling center" that had a cave to the South where you found the spear for Kosuke. South of Odawara, about midway between the town and the cave, you can find a tree that is oppositely colored from the others on the right side of the peninsula. Use the めいれい command and select いさ ("Isa") to move it, revealing a ship. Stand on it and use めいれい, then select じんぱち ("Jinpachi") to sail the ship to a small island.

The island has three caves you can enter. The one farthest to the left leads to a dead end. Enter the middle cave first. The enemies on this island are much stronger due to them having larger numbers of soldiers, so I recommend you run from the battles to minimize your losses. It seems that you are never able to recuit soldiers during these battles, so you'll just get hit every time you try. In the middle cave, take the follow directions when you come to a fork: Down, Up, Left, Up. Then follow the path to find stairs leading outside.

There is a locked door outside. While facing the door, use the めいれい command and select せいかい ("Seikai") to have him unlock the door. Then enter the hut. The man inside will tell you about a boat hidden on the island with the caves and that you can use it to assault your enemy's castle.

Go back through the cave until you return to the island with the three caves on it. This is a good time to return to Odawara to save and recruit more soldiers to max out your army as much as possible.

When you're ready to finish the game, enter the right cave. Go left at both forks to find the stairs leading out. You will be on the left side of the island. Just to the left is a tree with opposite colors that you can use the めいれい command to have いさ ("Isa") move, revealing a ship. Stand on it and use the めいれい command and select じんぱち ("Jinpachi") to have him sail it. You will arrive on an island with the enemy's castle. After entering the castle, you will not be able to use Kamanosuke's order command to recruit soldiers. When ready, enter the castle.

At the castle entrance, you will see four paths on the left side of the screen, and three paths heading right. Only one of these does not lead to a dead end, which is the second path up an the left-hand side (meaning, if the one nearest you is path 1, then take path 2). The path leads to the enemy castle.

While facing the castle door, use the めいれい command and select せいかい ("Seikai") to have him unlock the door, then enter it. Inside, there are two stairs to choose from. Go up the stairs in the upper-right corner of the screen and follow the path to find Tokugawa Ieyasu, your greatest enemy. Talk to him to initiate the final battle.

Final Boss Battle:
Round 1: 170x Koga Ninja (こうがにんじゃ)
Round 2: 180x Priest Soldier (そうへい)
Round 3: 190x Iga Ninja (いがにんじゃ)
Round 4: 200x Spear Corps (やりぶたい)
Round 5: 210x Swordsman (けんし)
Round 6: 220x Gun Corps (てっぽうたい)
Round 7: 230x Negoro Ninja (ねごろにんじゃ)
Round 8: 240x Kunoichi (くノ一)
Round 9: 250x Samurai (さむらい)

It's a lot of rounds of battle, but if you use the correct characters for battling in each round and you start with decent numbers of soldiers, you should succeed without too much trouble. Then that's it! You finished the game!
АТАРИ 400 / 800 / XL
DOS 70
8 BIT 527
16 BIT 378
32 BIT 15
64 BIT 8