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Juvei Quest перевод прохождение игры стр 1

стр. 1 2 3 4


After the title screen, you will come to a menu screen with the following

Continue (たびをつづける)
New Game (たびをはじめる)
Copy File (たびにっきをうつす)
Erase File (たびにっきをけす)
Text Speed (ひょうじスピード)

If you are starting a new game, you can name your file (this does not change
the name of the lead character, who is Juvei). Once you do that, your game
will commence.


As you would expect, this game is played from a top-down perspective. All
actions are done through a command screen, which appears when you press A.
Those commands are as follows:

Speak (はなす): Talk to someone in directly front of you.
Search (さがす): Check what's directly in front of you, open chests, etc.
Power (つよさ): Access the Status (ステータス) and Order (ならび) screens.
Skill (とくぎ): Use a party member's special skill.
Item (どうぐ): View your party member's items, and Use (つかう), Pass (わたす)
or Throw Away (すてる).
Ability (ちょうりき): Use a party member's ability, using SP.
Diary (たびにっき): Save your game. You will see the experience needed for
each party member to level up, and be given the option to
continue or quit playing after saving.
Helper (すけっと): Summon a Helper character (appears when you get a Helper).

Status Screen

When you check on a party member's status, you cn find out a lot of useful
information. Generally speaking, you can view their stats and abilities they
currently have. Here is a quick rundown of the information you can find:

Top-Left Top-Right
-------- ---------
Name + Character Sprite Fencing (けんぽう - Juvei Only)
Race (しゅぞく) Attack/ATK (こうげき)
Level (レベル) Defense/DEF (しゅび)
HP (いのち) Speed/SPD (スピード)
SP (ちょうりき) Heavenly Defense/SPI (てんのまもり)

Bottom-Left Bottom-Right
----------- ------------
Experience (けいけんち) Character (せいかく):
Money (おかね) Inner Strength/VIT (しんのつよさ)
Current Status (じょうたい) Intelligence/INT (あたまのよさ)

Equipment (そうび):
Weapon (ぶき)
Armor (ぼうぐ)
Charm (if any)


In this game, battle takes placed in a menu-driven screen. At the start of
each turn, your entire party chooses their commands, along with targets. When
your party is done, that turn is carried out with enemies and allies acting
based on their Speed stats. When choosing enemy targets, keep in mind that if
your target dies before it's your turn to act, you don't do anything. Plan
your attacks accordingly to make the best use of your party! If all enemies
are defeated, the battle ends and experience/money are awarded.


Over the course of the game, you will visit a wide variety of towns. Some
have more to see and do than others, of course. There are item shops (as
designated by a pot logo behind the shopkeeper), equipment shops (swords on
the wall behind the shopkeeper), Inns where you can recover your party's
health for a fee (usually with a sign above the door - やど). There are also
shrines, which you can find by looking for the cat statues outside. The man
inside can cure status ailments and revive fallen party members for a fee.
Later in the game, there will be men selling charms inside of the shrines.

Also found in some towns are Banks. The concept is simple: you give the man
however much money you want to, and he holds it until you choose to return
and withdraw it. The main selling point for this is that when you die in
battle, you lose half of your money when you are revived in the last town. If
you deposited money in the bank, that money is safe.

You will also find that you can use Jirokichi to spy around in the towns. You
can not send him out in the presence of people, but when the Spy ability is
running, a new person will appear at a set location in town, who will give
you the hint/item needed to proceed. There is more on that in the actual


-= 5. Walkthrough -=


After the opening scene, you will witness a conversation between your main
character Juvei (じゅうべえ) and his father. He will give you the Shinkage as
your first weapon, which is automatically equipped. You don't get to keep it
for too long, which is a shame. You will also be given the first Map (ちず)
and the item used to view them, Chizure. You will then have control of
Juvei's movements. In the western room, there are three chests (you open
chests by searching - さがす - them from your command menu. Those chests
contain 20 Ryou (the game's currency) and a Manjuu.

In another room to the southeast, you will find your mother. Talk to her and
receive 50 Ryou. In the last room in the southeast corner, open two more
chests to find another Manjuu and a Modorin Egg (allows you to warp back to
town when used). When you are set to go, exit the building to the south and
the first part of the game will begin!

Volume 1: からくりじゅうのあくま


In this first village, there really isn't a whole lot you can do right away.
You can't even buy better equipment at the weapon shop (all shops have signs
above their doors, and when you enter, you can tell what kind of shop it is
by the decoration behind the shopkeeper). For now, simply go south and try to
leave town, and you will be stopped. Talk to the man and you will have to
fight the boss Ushimatsu. A couple of regular attacks should be sufficient to

After the fight, talk to the girl standing next to Ushimatsu and say yes to
make them both disappear. You will no longer have the Shinkage weapon, rather
you are stuck with the Short Sword (こがたな). Anyway, go to the Inn and rest
up. You will want to exit the village and check the map you just received
(select it from the Chizure - ちずれ - option on the item screen) to find the
nearby location to search to earn an easy 100 Ryou. That way you can come
back to the village and buy the best armor (じんばあり) or the best weapon
(しのびがたな). You should get both, so it will benefit you to fight some
monsters outside of town to gain some much needed experience and Ryou.

Also in the village, enter the stables (left door in southwest building). In
there, go around to the northeast corner and search to find the Old Fang 1
(キバのもと1). You can't use it yet, but hold onto it. Once you have both
pieces of equipment and are at least Level 2, leave the village for good. You
may want to buy a few recovery items at the item shop before you go, too.


From Yagyu, you will want to head north and east around the mountains while
fighting any enemies you encounter. You will want to get to Level 3 as well.
Then, go south at the other side of the mountains and you will reach Owari.


In here, head to the Inn and rest up. Then, enter the dog house (it's the
second door to the right of the Inn entrance, in the same building). Search
the dog to find a hidden 500 Ryou! With that influx of cash, go to the
equipment shop and buy the Chain Mail (くさりかたびら) and the Monk's Cane
(やまぶしのつえ). The great thing about buying new weapons and armor is that
you automatically sell your old gear to the shop, getting some of that money

Your next stop will be the magistrate's house, which is the small house with
the two gray wells on the left side. Inside, talk to the magistrate in the
back area and he will tell you a password (くりたろう). With it, exit the
house and go north to find guards blocking the way to the big building. Talk
to the guard on the west side and he will ask for the password. Select the
correct one and you can go through. Recover your health and buy some Yakusou
from the item shop, then go into the building.

In there, make your way through while fighting the enemies walking around. In
the center room, there is a chest with a Yakusou inside, which will come in
handy. In the last room, you will see the blue monster boss, Viper Man. If
you are up to Level 4, you should be in good shape; just use your special
abilities along with regular attacks to quickly dispatch it (recovery items
are a must, though).

After the fight, you will receive the Dungeon Key (ちかろうのかぎ). Go down
the stairs in the southwest area of the building and you will find the
dungeon. Use the key on the lock to open the gate. Talk to the prisoners and
the man in blue; he is Jirokichi and will join you as your first helper! His
Spy ability will be of great use, even in Owari, and his other ability will
help you soon enough as well.

Anyway, leave the dungeon and use Jirokichi's Spy ability to dispatch him
immediately (you can only do this in areas where no other people are around).
Go outside and head to the Inn, where you will see a person in green standing
in the front. Talk to them and you will receive the Trick Castle Scroll (you
can view the scrolls you have by using the しろのまきもの item). Now, make
your way out of the village after resting up of course.


Back outside, wander around the wilderness fighting enemies until you are at
least Level 4. Then, make your way east along the shore, then directly north
until you reach a shrine.

Catfish Shrine

Enter the shrine and talk to the people standing around. Go forward to the
pool of water, and the Great Catfish will emerge to do battle as the boss of
the area. Like with the last two battles, simply attack normally for a few
rounds, using your special abilities if you like. After the battle, you will
receive the Cosmotron 1. From here, walk across the catfish's body and go up
the steps in the back to exit the shrine.


At the other side of these mountains now, head all the way to the northwest.
You will come to a small stream; use the bridge to get across it. Once across
the stream, you will see a castle and a town nearby. This is the village of
Naniwa, so head into town.


Here, you will find that the city is dark and none of the shops are open for
business. You can however rest at the Inn, but only the one in the northwest
area of town. Send Jirokichi to Spy, and go over by the shop with the red jar
next to it. To the northwest of that place is a building with two doors; go
into the right door. Talk to the woman on the first floor to receive Map #2.
Check it out (as a note, when you get a Map, you must first look at it on the
item screen, listed in the ちずれ grouping) and push the red pot back to
reveal a hidden passage.

Before you go through that passage, make your way clockwise to the northern
area of the village. Near the northern exit, you will see a small building to
the right with a statue next to it. Enter that building and pay the man
inside 150 Ryou to receive the first Donkey Donkey. It will allow you to hold
an additional five items! To gain access to that second menu of items, select
the Donkey Donkey (ロバロバ) option on your item menu.

With that done, exit town and fight in the surrounding area until you are at
Level 5, then rest up and go through that hidden passageway you just opened
up. Walk straight through the tunnel and you will emerge in the back room of
the shop in the center of town. Check out the two smaller rooms to find two
chests, both containing Yakusous. Go all the way east and north to the second
room, where you will find four empty chests. Stand between them and search to
reveal a hidden stairway. Go through this enemy-filled passage and up the
steps at the end to slip into the castle.

Trick Castle

From the first set of stairs, go through the narrow corridor to enter the
first floor of the castle. You will see a couple of traps working in here,
including wall spikes (lose 1HP each time you get hit) and pits that open and
close (fall through and you will land on the floor below). The chests found
in this tower are blue, but many of them are traps and require Jirokichi to
unlock them safely. You need to also use Jirokichi's Spy ability to receive
Map #3.

Anyway, from where you start off, go down the hall to the south and cross the
trap floors. Go west and south along the wider hallway and past the wall
spikes to find a chest. Have Jirokichi open it and you will receive the
Jail Key (ろうやのカギ). With it, you can unlock the prison cells in the
basement rooms (accessible from the southeast and far eastern rooms on the
first floor; just go through the doors and head downstairs).

If you want to go treasure hunting, here is a rundown of the contents of all
chests on the first floor (including the prisons and the room accessible via
the stairs in the southern area): 2 Manjuus, 2 Yakusous, 3 Antidotes, 50
Ryou, Makibishi, Molotov Cocktail, and the Jail Key (one chest is empty).

After you are done pillaging, make your way to the southwest corner of the
floor, past the spikes and pits. Check Map #3, then search the wall in that
corner to reveal stairs. Go up them to the second floor.

The castle's second floor is more ridden with traps, but there are fewer
chests and places to explore (the third floor is the same way). Chests on
this floor contain 100 Ryou and a Yakusou. Get to the southwest corner of the
floor and enter the door there, and make your way through the series of rooms
to reach the stairs leading upward.

On the third floor, you will find the same layout as the previous level. The
chests contain 10 Ryou and a Manjuu. Your goal on this floor is to get to the
northwest area. Once you get there, enter the door along the west side (north
of the hallway full of pits). In that seemingly empty room, face the right
and search to reveal some stairs. Go down them and you will be on the catwalk
of the floor below. Make your way to the southeast corner, then walk down
into that room. Search the wooden cabinet to the left and you will find the
Viper Ball (まむしだま).

Now, walk back onto the catwalk and intentionally fall off the ledge into the
pit below. You will simply land in a room on the second floor near the steps,
so head through the doors and continue back upstairs. Once you are back on
the third floor, make your way to the southwest corner and go through the
rooms there to reach the top level.

Upon the roof, approach the wall in front of you and use the Viper Ball to
destroy it. Recover your health, then enter the room and confront the blue
monster to enter battle. You will face the Devil Clone boss here. After you
beat it, you will escape the collapsing castle with the man who was held
captive. After he leaves, head into Naniwa again.


Back in this village, you will find that everything is bright and the shops
are now open! On the east side of the village, you will see four statues in
the corner. Enter the building just north of them, and buy Map #4 for 200
Ryou from the person inside. You can't do anything with this map yet, but at
least you have it. Now, you can either proceed with the story right away, or
you can explore one more area. We're going to explore, so exit town.


Outside, make your way northward of the village. You will see a grassy path
leading to the north, so follow it to the north and west along the water.
Cross the bridge to enter the slow-moving swamp area, and head directly to
the west. You will see a narrow path of dunes in between the mountains, so
follow it through and continue southward. Be sure to fight the enemies you
meet along the way, though they will be a little bit stronger, and gain a
couple more levels. At the southern shore, enter the nearby village of Aki.


In this small village, head into the building in the northwest corner. Pay
200 Ryou and you will get Kago-Chan as your newest Helper! While you are in
town, head over to the equipment shop and buy the new weapon and armor for
yourself if you can afford them both. If you can't, just go outside and fight
a little bit until you can, or you can buy slightly less powerful upgrades at
the newly opened shop in Naniwa. When you're done here, head out of town.


Before we head back to Naniwa, follow the water going eastward from Aki. Go
east and north along it and you will come to a shrine. Enter the shrine and
talk to the man inside to receive the Yogen Ball. You can use it to begin a
side story of the game called Demon Land (オニガランド), but it's not really
necessary to do it just yet. We'll come back to it in the walkthrough towards
the end of Volume 3, when it is more important.

Anyway, leave the shrine and head back to Naniwa.


Back here, rest at the Inn as usual. Then, make your way to the north end of
town and walk onto the small island by crossing the bridge. Talk to the girl
by the boat and you will automatically depart across the sea to a new town,
thus starting Volume 2 of the story!

Volume 2: かいていようさいシードラゴン


You will begin this segment in the town of Iyo. You can return to Naniwa by
paying 25 Ryou to ride the boat again. Since you're here, enter the southwest
house. Buy the Dangerous Sake from the man inside for 500 Ryou. After that,
go east and exit the village.


Make your way eastward through the forest, killing the enemies in your path.
At the far end, you will see a hole in the ground; climb down and enter the
shrine there.

Earth Shrine

In this room, go forward and talk to the man in the front. Use the Dangerous
Sake and he will send out three Mecha-Dragons to attack. Defeat them one at a
time, using your abilities to aid you (it should only take two regular hits
each to kill them, but you will have to recover after a few rounds anyway).
Following this short battle, the man and his posse will leave. Search the red
pot on the ground nearby to receive the Wine Barrel (さかだる). With it, exit
the shrine and return to Iyo.


Back in Iyo, enter the middle house and talk to the old man from the shrine
again. He will take the Wine Barrel and become happy. After his posse runs
around, exit the house and you will see some stairs in the northeast area.
Enter the northwest building (the Inn) and rest up, then go down those
stairs. Follow the passage going southward, then head up the steps at the
other end to exit.


You will emerge to the south of Iyo and across the mountains. Head east to a
bridge, then head south through the forest landscape, fighting anything in
your way. At the southern shore, go east until you reach the town of Tosa.
Before you enter though, send Jirokichi out to Spy (since you can't do this
in town due to the people).


In Tosa, head to the Inn (it's the first building to the right). Go into the
northeast room and talk to the woman there to receive the Sea Dragon Scroll
as a result of the spying. Rest at the same Inn if you need to, then leave
town and head northeast to a shed.

All-Purpose Shed

Here, enter the shed and talk to the man inside. When you are done, leave and
approach the pond up ahead. Talk to the blue creature in the pond and it will
join you as a Helper (Mackerel). With this Helper, you can deploy it into the
water and have it explore for you! Now, exit this area.


Back out here, you can head back to Naniwa (use Kago-Chan to quickly get
there) and use Mackerel to explore the location marked on Map #4. You will
receive Map #5 as a result, so I would recommend doing this now. After that,
return to the shed and continue walking southward to reach a shrine.

Dragon Shrine

In this area, go all the way south to the end of the platform. Search the
inscription, then face the water and deploy Mackerel southward. Have it
search at the southmost center area and it will drain the water from this
area, revealing a hole. Drop into the hole and you will land in an underwater
area. There, simply go north and enter the shrine building. Follow the narrow
passage to the second room, then climb the ladder at the end to enter the Sea

Sea Dragon

In the first room, simply continue on to the second room. Here in this main
area, defeat the enemies and head to the center area where you will find some
steps. Go down them to the next level, and enter the eastern room. As a note,
when standing in the stairway, you use Up/Down to choose what way to go. In
that eastern room, open the chests (you need Jirokichi to open the left one)
to find a Kikusou and the Eel Key (うつぼのカギ). Defeat the monsters roaming
around in here, then exit and head down the stairs twice to the fourth floor.

On this level, go around the path to the eastern half of the chamber. Enter
the northeast room first, and open the trapped chests with Jirokichi to find
a Yakusou and an Antidote. Exit that room and go into the far east one. Have
your helper open the chest behind the waterfall to receive a Smoke Ball. From
here, leave the room and continue downstairs to the bottom floor, and enter
the eastern room.

In this watery chamber, you can walk along the perimeter of the room as well
as in the water itself. Make your way to the west side of the room, then go
south. There are two doors in this area; for now, go to the east door and use
the Eel Key to open it. In that room, you will find six chests; use Jirokichi
to open them all to receive: Makibishi, Yakusou, Kikusou, Antidote, and a
Molotov Cocktail (the sixth chest is empty). When you are ready, recover your
health and go into the following room.

This room contains a massive machine of sorts with enemies standing around.
Talk to the man at the far end and you will enter a boss battle against him
(Dragon Trainer) and two Mecha-Dragons. Read the Bosses section if you need
help winning this fight. After you win, you will receive the Turban Shell Key
(サザエのカギ) and the turbine machine in the room will shut down. So, leave
the room.

Now, go across to the west side and enter the other room. Talk to the people
in here, and unlock the door with the key you just won. Talk to the woman
named Ryuuhime inside and she will leave you with the Tear Drops
(なみだのしずく). Take it and head back to the large watery room. If you go
north, you will find that the waterfall is now gone, revealing some stairs.
Go up the stairs and pass through several rooms, heading upstairs each time.

At the top floor, you will spot Ryuuhime being held captive by an enemy.
Recover your health and talk to the enemy creature to engage it in a boss
battle. For help defeating this boss, the Eel Swirl, view the Bosses section.
When it's over, you will receive the Cosmotron 2 item. More importantly,
Ryuuhime will be freed and you will be outside of the dungeon. Ryuuhime will
then join your party as your second main character! Ryuuhime is holding the
Dragon's Ball item as well, and you will notice that each both Juvei and
Ryuuhime each carry their own items, so this also expands the amount you can

Anyway, go south to the gate and you will automatically ride to the surface.


Back on dry land, you can wander around and fight monsters if you like. Keep
in mind that Ryuuhime is at Level 1, so she will be very weak. You may want
to go to Iyo and buy her some better armor for the time being, and fight to
get her up at least one level. Then, use Kago-Chan's ability and return to
Aki quickly.


When you arrive in Aki, rest at the Inn, then go east to the dock. Talk to
the girl standing in front of the boat, and use the Dragon's Ball to be able
to ride the boat westward. You will automatically board and pass through the
whirlpools, and dock safely at the next town. Volume 3 will then begin!

Volume 3: なぞのかざい


You will start this volume of the story in a new town to the west. If you
step outside of town for a moment, look at Map #5 and use Mackerel to reach
the nearby location and search it to obtain the Golden Egg (きんのこうら).
Inside the village, you can visit the equipment shop and upgrade your weapon
and armor for both characters if you so desire (chances are you can't afford
it, but if you are well-equipped from the previous upgrade and Juvei is up to
Level 8 or so, you will be fine without fully upgrading; just make sure that
Ryuuhime gets some new armor).

New to this town is a Charm Shop, located in the southeast building. If you
buy Charms for both characters, you can enhance their stats in an affordable
manner! You can only have one Charm per character at once though, so choose
wisely. When you are done here, rest up and head out of town.


You will want to spend a little bit of time roaming around and fighting to
build up Ryuuhime's levels (at least up to Level 4). That way you can also
generate money to buy better equipment if you want. Head southward through
the swamplands, then go southeast to some dry land. After you get out of the
swamp, go directly westward along the mountains and you will spot a town.
Deploy Jirokichi to Spy, then go into town.


Here, make your way all the way south, and enter the southeast house. Talk to
the man inside and you will receive the Fire Castle Scroll. There isn't a
whole lot to do here, since the equipment you can buy is too expensive to be
worth purchasing. Since you have the scroll, you can rest up and leave.


Back outside once more, head directly westward and to the north once you
reach the coast. Follow the western coastline all the way northward, then go
west and south along the narrow peninsula. At the end, enter the next town.

Foreigner's Town

In this town, you will definitely want to rest up as soon as you arrive. To
the north, you will see four buildings. To uncover a secret, go into the
north house in the middle and you will see an animal inside. Search the
northwest corner and the southeast corner tiles to find 1000 Ryou in each
space, for a total of 2000 Ryou! With that money, you can easily afford to
buy upgraded equipment for your party!

Anyway, in this town, go to the north area and you will see four buildings.
Go into the eastern one (it has two floors). Go up the stairs inside and an
old man will talk to you. Say yes, then use Ryuuhime's Oiroke (おいろけ)
ability to gain control of only her. Talk to the man standing by the table in
the middle of the room, and say yes to make him leave. Then, talk to the old
man again and he will join you as the Helper Gennai! He can make new items
from items currently in your inventory, which is helpful indeed!

Talk to Juvei as Ryuuhime to end her solo run, then exit the house. Now, go
to the south end and enter the item shop on the right. Buy the Chocolate
(チョコレート) and Cigarette (シガレット), then leave the shop. Cross the
bridge over the stream running through town and talk to the man there. Use
the Chocolate on him and you will receive the Zippo Oil (じっぽのあぶら). Head
to the northwest area and enter the western house, and talk to the man in
there. Use the Cigarette on him to get Burn Grass (やけどのくさ).

Now that you have the two key items, you can proceed out of this town and
return to Satsuma in the southeast.


Back here, go all the way south and enter the middle house. Talk to Sub, who
is in bed due to burn wounds. Use the Burn Medicine and he will recover right
away. He will also join you as another Helper! With him, rest up and leave


From Satsuma, head directly westward to the shore. Then, head south through
the forest and enter the small town at the other side.

Hayato's Ferry

Here, go ahead to the dock and talk to the man there. He won't let you take a
ride, but if you give him the Zippo Oil (use it as an item), you will be able
to proceed. Take the ferry boat to the Ryoukyuu Island to the south.


In this small island village, enter the southwest house. Talk to the man with
the Donkey Donkey and give him the Golden Egg to receive it. This will allow
Ryuuhime to carry five extra items! Now, rest up at the Inn (northwest house)
and check out the hole in the southwest corner of town. Climb down into the
passageway below.

In the passage, there are two paths you can take. If you take the lower path,
you can fight monsters and talk to a man being held captive at that point.
Otherwise, take the high path to the end, fighting enemies along the way, and
go up the steps to enter the Fire Castle proper. I would recommend you stay
in this first room and fight until Ryuuhime is at Level 6, since she will
learn the Ice ability which will be very helpful in fighting the enemies

Fire Castle

As soon as you enter, send Jirokichi to spy and you will receive Map #7. View
it to find a secret location in another room of the castle. Also in this room
you will see that the paths are blocked by walls of fire. To clear them, walk
up and use your Helper Sub's ability. He will stay with you for a limited
time each time you call him, so you can take out multiple flames in the room.
In the southeast corner, use Jirokichi's ability to open the chest containing
the Yakusou. Then, defeat the monsters roaming around and go down the steps
in the southwest corner.

Down here, you will see sections of the floor that open and close. If you
fall into the opening, you will simply return to the previous room. Go across
to the right and use Sub to clear the flames, and Jirokichi to open the chest
containing a Smoke Ball. For now, continue east and go up the ladder into a
small room. Use Jirokichi to open the chest and take the Antidote inside, and
head back downstairs. Go west and north through the narrow opening, and cross
the trap floor sections as you go east. There is a pool of lava you must walk
through; you take 1HP damage with each step you take, so get to the safe
platform quickly. Then, go upstairs to the next room.

On this floor, go southeast through the lava pool to the other side. Avoid
the pit to reach the center of the room. Use Jirokichi to open the chest and
you will receive a Kikusou. From this middle area, we can go in two different
directions. For right now, go southward across a pit and use Sub to clear the
flames in the way. Head west and you will see the path will split slightly.
Clear the flames blocking the north path and use Jirokichi to open both of
the chests here to get a Teleport Stone and a Modorin Egg. Take the other
path along the western edge of the room and open the chest at the end with
Jirokichi to get a Yakusou.

Now, head back to the center area of this floor. This time, head towards the
northeast corner. Cross the small pit quickly and head south through the lava
pool. At the bottom corner of the room, check Map #7 again and search the
spot marked on the map to find an Old Gun (じゅうのもと). Now, use the nearby
ladder and continue to the next room.

There, go down the hallway, using Sub to clear the flames in the way. Go up
the ladder at the end to reach the final room. There, use Sub to clear the
wall of flames, revealing a room where a woman was being held captive. Sub
will also leave your group at this point, since you no longer need his help.
Go forward and you will see two levers at the back of the room. Search the
left one to pull it, revealing some stairs. Take those stairs and you will
emerge back in Satsuma.


Upon your arrival, you will find that the ash-covered town is now on fire!
You won't be able to rest here, so I highly recommend leaving town and going
to a nearby town to use their Inn (Kago-Chan's ability will save you time).
When you are ready to advance the story, enter Satsuma and stick to the west
side of town. Stand by the two cat statues and head directly south from them,
following the narrow path to an apparent dead end. When you step on the last
tile, the boss will emerge. If you need help beating it (Great Fire King),
check out the Bosses section.

After the battle, the flames around town will be extinguished, but everything
will still be damaged. For now, simply leave Satsuma and go southwest to
Hayato's Ferry.

Hayato's Ferry

In this area, go to the item shop and sell off unneeded items. If you are in
need of recovery items, buy some Yakusous and have Gennai make them into
Kikusous for free. Also, be sure to use the Inn while you are here. Then, go
to the second ferryman to the south and pay 5 Ryou to ride to Yakushima.


Upon your arrival here, stay on the dock and face the water. Send out the
Helper Mackerel and have them search three spaces to the west of the woman on
the dock. If successful, you will uncover 1000 Ryou! Bring it back to your
party, then look around to find some stairs in the ground. Go down them.

Cedar Shrine

Down in this room, go all the way north to the end. Approach the center of
the back wall and you will receive the Cosmotron 3 item. You can now go back
upstairs to the surface.


Back in this small village, there's not a whole lot more for you to explore.
So, head out of town.


At this point in the game, you can't really proceed onward until you complete
the side story known as Demon Land (mentioned earlier in the guide, when you
received the Yogen Ball). So, when you are ready to start that section, use
the Yogen Ball item and away you go!

Demon Land (オニガランド)

Gohei's House

You start this area of the game as Shiro the wolf, at Gohei's home. After you
talk to him, leave the house and you will be in the overworld which you will
find to be different than the main one.


Out here, simply go to the southeast and enter the Onyx Castle.

Onyx Castle

When you arrive in the castle, you will be automatically greeted by Onitan,
who will also join your party. Both of you will go into the next room and
talk to your parents here. If you talk to Mama on the right, you will be able
to recover your health if needed. When you're done in here, go south and head

In the main lobby area, go around and to the north to find a room with four
chests. Open them to receive: 60 Peaches (the currency in this world), Demon
Drum, and a Gohei Rice Cake. Also on this floor are the shops in the bottom
corners. Go to the equipment shop in the southwest corner and buy armor for

Since that's all you can afford for now, exit the castle to the south and
stay nearby as you fight monsters for much needed experience and money. That
way you can afford weapons for your party, making these battles even easier.
Keep in mind that Onitan's best weapon for the early part of the game is only
sold here (ブッキラボウ), so you will want to gather enough money to buy it
before continuing. You can train easily in this area by fighting a while,
then going to Mama to recover. After you gain a couple of levels and buy what
you need, it's time to leave the castle area.


Out here, you will want to go directly eastward along the southern shore. You
need to stay to the south or you will hit some dead ends. At the southeast
corner of the map, go northward around the mountains and you will see a
volcano to the east. Go around to it and enter the town of Tab.


This village is situated in the side of a mountain. Make your way up to the
top, passing the caves along the way (item shop is in the first cave, the Inn
and equipment shop are in the top two caves). Continue to the very top for
now and enter the second area. There, talk to the bird Hinotori and it will
join your party!

Now, back in the first area, go to the level where there are two caves next
to each other. Enter the left cave and use Shiro's Scout (ていさつ) ability,
then walk through the hole in the back wall to reach a hidden room. In there,
search the tile in the northwest corner of the room to find 100 Peaches. Exit
the room and talk to Onitan to resume control of the party, and go back
outside. Visit the equipment shop and upgrade everyone's equipment, with an
emphasis on equipping the weak Hinotori first. Fight around until Onitan and
Shiro are at least Level 4, and you raise enough funds to buy the best
equipment for everyone in Tab. Once you have everything, rest up and leave.


From Tab, head northward and you will see an opening between two trees. Walk
into that area and you will enter battle against the Dog Zombie boss. If you
need help, check out the Bosses section. After you win this relatively simple
battle, you are free to continue. Head west and you will reach a lava pool
and spikes scattered around on the ground, all of which will cause 1HP damage
with each step you take.

Go north and cross the lava pool, and take the upper path going westward. Go
all the way west around the spikes whenever possible, then go south and east
along the clear and narrow path. At the intersection ahead, go south and into
the town of Hime.


Here, rest in the Inn (eastmost house). Then, visit the equipment shop next
door and buy Hinotori's best weapon, the Fire Wing (ほのおのつばさ). You
should already have the best equipment thus far for the rest of your party,
so other purchases are not necessary. On the west side of town, you will see
two houses next to each other. Use Shiro's Scout ability and search the area
between them to find an Electric Shock item (でんげきダイコ).

If you want to fight around to gain another level or so, feel free. When you
are set to continue, rest up and head out of town.


Back outside, go west and follow the narrow path along the shore. Go south
and around the spikes, then go east and follow the path around the rocks. Go
all the way east until you reach another volcano structure; that is another
town of sorts, so head on in.

Monkey Mountain

In here, you will find there is no Inn, unfortunately. That means you need to
rely on Hinotori's Hospital ability or buy Gohei Rice Cakes in the shop to
recover your health. There is also an equipment shop for upgrading your party
should you want to do that now (it's in the cave at the top level). I would
recommend you buy Hinotori's best armor (Stone Head - ストーンヘッド) and
possibly a better weapon for Shiro or Onitan for now. After that, go to the
top and talk to the monkey blocking the path. You will have to do battle
against it, so view the Bosses section if needed.

After the battle, the Monkey Boss will join your party as the fourth and
final character! It starts at Level 1 but has high attack power, so battles
will be much smoother from here on out! I highly recommend you fully upgrade
everyone (best weapons for Onitan and Shiro, best armor for Hinotori and
Shiro, and the Red Cloth armor for Monkey Boss for now).

Also on this mountain, there are two caves next to each other. Enter the left
one and use Shiro's Scout ability. There are two tiles in this room that you
need to search when standing adjacent to them (second tile from top, second
row; right tile, top row). You will uncover 600 Peaches by doing this. Go
back to your party to complete this secret task. When you're done upgrading,
it's time to head back to Hime (fight your way there to build even more
experience and earn more money).


When you get back to Hime safely, you will definitely want to rest over at
the Inn. Then, stop at the equipment shop and buy the best equipment for the
Monkey Boss (weapon and armor). At this point, if you've been following along
with this guide, your entire party should have their best weapons and armor
equipped. With that done, enter the northeast house. Talk to the people in
there and they will thank you by granting access to their boat which will be
docked outside of town. So, exit Hime.


Just to the south, you will see the boat docked along the shore. Walk aboard
and you will gain control of it; to get off, simply walk onto the land. So,
head east and follow the narrow and winding stream to the south and west.
Once you reach the open sea, head northward to the island located northwest
of the mainland. Dock there and enter the cave on that island.

Miminari Island

In this straightforward cave, simply go all the way west while fighting the
random enemies along the way. At the end, go down the steps into the next
room. There, recover your health and approach the jar to the left, and you
will enter a boss battle against the Kintaro Zombie (read the Bosses section
if you need help).

After the battle, search the jar to receive the Earth Staff. Take it and make
your way back out of the cave.


Outside again, board the boat and continue eastward along the northern shore
of the mainland. You will soon reach a second, much larger island. Before you
go there, I would recommend continuing around to the eastern shore of the
mainland and resting at the Inn in Tab. When you are set to continue, dock at
that northeastern island and walk through the narrow lava-filled path to the
end. Then, use the Earth Staff to enter the cave.

Tonkachi Island

Here, you will find a single room inside the cave. There is a row of statues
in front of you, each one making a different musical note when hit. The
pattern is as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

To hit these musical statues, you simply walk straight into them from above.
You must play a certain sequence of notes in order to solve this puzzle and
access the castle. That pattern is:


If you hit them all correctly (13 notes total), you will go to a room with
just one statue. If you exit the cave to the north, you will be in the new
area. To go back, step into the lone statue and return to the first cave.


Now that you are on the final island, get past the spikes and lava and enter
the castle.

Momotaro Zombie Castle

In this castle, follow the southern path as you head to the east. You will
surely get into plenty of battles, but it's great for gaining experience to
face the bosses ahead. To the far east, go up the steps to the second floor.
There, simply go west and up to the third floor. The next two floors are the
same as the first two, so go up them until you reach the much larger fifth

On this final floor, the path splits again. Take the western path to avoid
the dead end, and continue eastward. You will spot some Japanese characters
written into the ground; now is a good time to recover your health and get
ready for battle. When you are set, go north and talk to the blue monster to
enter a boss battle. If you need help beating the Momotarou Zombie, check out
the Bosses section (I recommend Onitan and Shiro are at least Level 8 before
this point).

As soon as you defeat the Momotarou Zombie, you go right into the final
battle against the Killer Wolf (another boss, albeit much easier). Once you
beat it, Shiro will receive the Demon Tears (オニのなみだ). Watch the final
scenes and Shiro will be flown away on the back of a bird, thus ending the
Demon Land chapter.

Volume 3 (part 2)


With Demon Land complete, you will be back with Juvei and Ryuuhime, minus the
Yogen Ball. You should head to the Foreigner's Town (use Kago-Chan as a
shortcut). From there, head directly northward. Follow the mountains to the
east through the forest, but keep going to the north and west. At the end of
the path, you will see a tree. Enter that area.

Ikki's Cryptomeria Tree

Here, go up the steps and you will see a man sitting below the tree. Talk to
him and you will be launched onto a nearby island where a similar tree is
located. When you land, you will meet up with Shiro (now called Wolf); if you
did not complete Demon Land, Wolf will NOT be here! Anyway, talk to Wolf and
he will join your party as the third static member! So, walk onto the tree
and get launched back across, then exit the area to the south.


From here, make your way east and south into the forest. Be sure to fight the
monsters along the way to gain experience with your added help. As you go
through the forest, make your way directly eastward. You will soon reach the
town of Moji, so head over there.


In this town, rest at the nearby Inn. There is no equipment shop here, but
you can stock up on recovery items (and have Gennai upgrade them perhaps). If
you go to the northeast corner of town, right by the water's edge, search the
second space from the right along the edge and you will find an Iron Pipe.

After that, enter the center house in the northern area. Inside, you will see
a hole in the back wall. Use Wolf's Scout ability to go through that hole and
into a hidden area. Move to the back wall and use the Demon Tears to cause
the room to shake. Exit the room and rejoin your party, then step outside.
You will see the demon rocks that were blocking the port disappear. Talk to
the ferryman and pay 60 Ryou to ride to the next town, where Volume 4 starts.

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АТАРИ 400 / 800 / XL
DOS 70
8 BIT 527
16 BIT 378
32 BIT 15
64 BIT 8