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Juvei Quest перевод прохождение игры стр 2

стр. 1 2 3 4

Volume 4: やみのくらやみじょう


When you arrive here, visit the equipment shop and buy much needed new armor
for Juvei and Ryuuhime, and maybe a new weapon (the increases from your last
upgrade is minimal, I think). When you are set to proceed, head north and out
of town.


As you wander around here, you will find that the monsters are a bit more
difficult than they were before. That is why it's necessary to upgrade your
armor at this point, and make better use of your offensive abilities such as
Ryuuhime's Ice, to get through the battles quickly. Make your way to the
northeast along the mountains, passing through a narrow path between them.
Then, go southeast into the next town, Iwami (dispatch Jirokichi to Spy
before you enter).


Here, first walk along the outer perimeter of the town and you will find a
girl standing on the west side. Talk to her and you will receive a Castle
Scroll for the Dark Castle. Now, inside the town itself, you can upgrade your
equipment if you didn't do so in Shimonoseki. Also, visit the stable (the
middle building) and search the bottom tile in the northeast area to find an
Old Collar (くびわのもと).

Use Gennai's ability to create the Iron Collar armor, which will be
automatically equipped on Wolf. While you're at it, have Gennai create the
Steel Fang from the Old Fang 1 item you collected at the start of the game in
Yagyu, and you will have Wolf's new weapon as well! Then, rest at the Inn if
you need to before heading out.


From Iwami, head northward through the forest and you will soon reach a small
house in the woods. This is the Animal Hot Spring, so go check it out.

Animal Hot Spring

In this area, you will see the hot spring to the right. Step into it and walk
around a bit until you get exhausted and end up in the nearby house to rest.
You will receive the Lovely Bat (コウモリぶえ) from the girl inside. Leave the
room and go back into the hot spring area. Search the southeast corner to
find an Old Gun item. There is nothing else to do here, so leave.


For the mean time, you will find that the enemies in the surrounding area are
a bit tough, so fighting to gain a couple of levels is an excellent idea.
When you are comfortable (for me, it was with Juvei at 14, Ryuuhime at 10,
and Wolf at 11), head west from the hot spring through the forest. You will
come to a castle in the corner; this is the Dark Castle, so go on in.

Dark Castle

As soon as you enter the castle, have Jirokichi Spy around to find Map #8.
Check it out and you will see it points at a certain rock elsewhere on this
floor. The rocks you find obstructing the path in this area can be broken,
but not just yet. For now, head eastward while defeating the enemies in the
way. At the far east end, take the southwest path and follow the ladder at
the end to reach a new room.

In here, you will see a bunch of red bats hanging from the walls. The orange
ones on the ground are the ones you need to worry about. Approach them and
use the Lovely Bat item to wake them up, immediately putting you into battle
against two tough Hell Bats. Keep your HP high and attack strongly to defeat
them quickly. There are three groups of these bats that you must fight and
win against in this room. Once you beat them all, have Jirokichi open the
chest in the back corner to receive the Dark Hammer (やみのハンマー).

With the Dark Hammer, you can use it as an item to clear any of those rocks
in the way elsewhere in the castle. So, climb back upstairs via the ladder
and go east to the intersection. This time, go east and down the other ladder
into another room. Down here, go west to the central area. Take the northeast
path and clear the rocks with the Dark Hammer, then use Jirokichi's ability
to open the chest and receive the Bat Key (コウモリのカギ).

Next, go back to the center area of this room. Clear the rocks dividing the
room in half and take the northwest path. Uave Jirokichi open the chest there
to find a Kikusou. There is nothing else to do in this room, so head back up
the ladder in the southeast corner. Back in the first room, make your way all
the way westward to the castle entrance (you may want to consider leaving and
resting at the Inn in Iwami before continuing, depending on your party's

Back in the entrance area, clear the rocks with the Dark Hammer leading into
the northeast area, where seven chests are located. With Jirokichi's help in
opening the ones you can not open yourself, the chests contain: Two Yakusous,
Antidote, 1050 Ryou, Pip, and the last chest is empty. After you're done
pillaging, continue eastward to the second section of the room, where there
are many rocks scattered around. Consult Map #8 and you will see the second
rock in the top row has a secret. Break that rock with the Dark Hammer to
reveal a hidden ladder; use it to reach a new room below.

Here, make your way all the way to the west by clearing the rocks in the way.
At the end, go down the ladder into the next area. In here, you can use the
Bat Key to unlock the door leading into the prison to the north. You will be
back here soon, so it's not necessary to open it just yet. Before you proceed
though, make sure everyone is at full health and ready for battle. When you
are ready, go up the east ladder and you will immediately enter battle with
two Giant Flying Squirrels (literally). Read the Bosses section if you need
help here.

After the battle, go to the back of the room and search the control panel to
break it. With that done, leave this room. Now, use the Bat Key to unlock the
prison. Talk to everyone inside, then talk to the woman in the corner. She
will step aside, revealing a ladder. Go down it to enter the Hades Cave.

Hades Cave

In this straightforward cave, there is not a whole lot to see or do. Simply
go all the way east along the lower path and you will find stairs at the far
end. Go up them to exit the cave.


When you emerge in the overworld, go east across the island you are on. Go
down the hole you see to enter a new area.

Lambda Star

In this first room, talk to the old men and go north to the second area. In
the second area, you will see a strange human-like formation in the middle of
the room. Go around it and use the stairs in the southeast corner to proceed.
You will then be in a basement storage room, full of capsules. Search the
capsule on the left side with a face in it, and you will automatically be
carried off by an alien to a new area in outer space!

When you arrive, walk around the room to reach the northern half. Talk to the
man there, then exit the room the same way you came in. You will be brought
back to Earth and dropped off near the Animal Hot Spring.


Once you land, you will also receive a new Helper: Takorian! If you want to
return to the Lambda Star area in space, use its ability. Anyway, go into the
hot spring.

Animal Hot Spring

Here again, enter the building in the back. Talk to the girl on the left and
she will join you as another Helper, New Moon (みかづき)! Your job here is
done, so exit the building and the area altogether, and head southward to


When you arrive in Iwami again, first rest at the Inn since you probably need
it by now. Then, go north and enter the stable house (there are two houses
next to each other; the stable is the right one). Inside, pay 1200 Ryou and
give Wolf the third Donkey Donkey, allowing for an additional five items to
be carried. Once you have that, you can leave town.


From Iwami, head northwest slightly and pass through the narrow path between
the mountains. Then, continue directly westward and follow the coast to the
north. Make your way through the woods, fighting somewhat easier enemies than
what you just faced, and enter the quiet town of Nagato.


When you get here, you will find that the town is empty. Approach the water
and you will see someone calling for help. Use Mackerel to reach the person
and talk to them. Unfortunately, a shark will come into the picture. After
that incident, go north to find the same shark along the shore. Have New Moon
talk to it and a girl will appear. Say yes and a bridge made of sharks will
form in front of you. Walk across them and you will enter a new area, as well
as start Volume 5!

Volume 5: クーロンじょうのラオチュー

Puusan Village

You will arrive in another seemingly quiet village. If you have any status
ailments, there is a shrine you can visit to cure those. Otherwise, go north
to exit this place.


Outside, make your way to the west while fighting along the way. You will
find that the enemies yield much more experience in this new region, which is
great for you! Anyway, go west and enter the next town you see.


In this town, you will find that everyone speaks a foreign language of sorts,
and you won't be able to talk to anyone or use the shops/Inn. If you search
the middle area behind the shrine (it's the northern building), you will find
an Old ? (?のもと) which Gennai can make into something nice. Aside from that,
you can't do much here just yet, so leave.


From here, head northward into the forest area. Go all the way north and you
will find a hole; climb down and enter the White Rabbit Shrine.

White Rabbit Shrine

In here, go forward and talk to the boy. He will give you the Denyakuki,
which allows you to understand the language of the people in Konkon. So, exit
the shrine and head back south into town again.


Now that you have the Denyakuki, you will be able to talk to anyone in town
normally. So, rest at the Inn and visit the equipment shop. I would skip the
armor upgrades here as the increases are very minimal, but the weapons are
worth getting (Rairai Fist - らいらいけん and Iron Spear - アイアンスピア).
After that, head to the northeast area of town. Talk to the man walking
around and buy Map #9 for 2000 Ryou. With that done, exit town.


From this village, make your way to the northeast through the forest. You
will see a small gap between the mountains; take that path to the east side.
Continue fighting the enemies along the way (the bull enemies give a lot of
experience/Ryou) and head south to find another town.


Here, make your way to the large building in the northwest corner of town. Go
in there and talk to the man in the back room. That is Kyonpi and he will
join you as a Helper! As you walk away, he will be attacked by monsters and
apparently dies. Leave the building and talk to the man in purple standing to
the right. He is Genpi, and he will also join you as a Helper. You will also
receive the Strawberry Rice Cake (いちごだいふく), which will come in handy

Anyway, head to the northeast area by the large garden. Have Wolf go alone
with his Scout ability, and talk to the woman in blue to receive the Old
Fang 2 item (キバのもと2). Have Gennai create the Kudaki Fang, which will be
Wolf's newest weapon. After that, rest at the Inn if you want, otherwise head


Out here once again, fight the nearby enemies to build up more experience and
money, then go north and through the swamp. Hug the eastern coast and you
will see a narrow path between the shore and mountains. Take that path and go
north a bit until you reach the next small village.


Here, be sure to rest at the Inn since you probably need to. Then, enter the
eastern house where you will find a hole in the wall between the beds. Send
Wolf with his Scout ability to enter the hole. In that back room, approach
the wall in the back and search it to find the Old Frame 1 (どうのもと1). Go
back and reunite with the party, then have Gennai make the Hayabusa Frame
armor for Wolf.

In the middle of the village, search the space three tiles south of the
shrine entrance in the north to find an Old Flame (かえんのもと). Finally, go
to the equipment shop in the northwest corner and buy the Kanpou Staff as
an upgraded weapon for Ryuuhime. With that done, exit town.


From Souren, head back to the south and pass through that narrow path once
more. When you reach the swamp, don't go through it again; instead continue
to the west through another forest. At the far end, you will come to a small
town, so enter it.


In here, you will find a man blocking the way into town. Use the Strawberry
Rice Cake on him to gain entrance. You can't do anything at any of the shops
for now, so go into the northeast area. Enter the second house from the top
and talk to the girl inside. Say yes to her question and you will be thrown
in the jail (the building at the north end of town)!

Since you are stuck in jail, there is very little you can do. So, call on the
helper Kyonpi. He will rise from the cemetery in Janpai and you will gain
control of him. So, exit Janpai and lead Kyonpi north and west to Pokin. Once
you arrive there, enter the large building to the north. Inside, go south and
approach the guard to scare him away. Go down the steps and search the fallen
guard to find the Rusty Key (さびたカギ).

With the key, go back upstairs and north to the entrance stairs. From there,
go east and navigate the winding path through the jail. At the end, use the
steps to reach the prison room. Approach the gate and Kyonpi will unlock it
before turning into a ghost and vanishing. Now that your party is free, talk
to the man also in the cell before leaving. Follow the winding path back out,
but before you go outside, head south and into the other room where you found
the key. Approach the northern wall and search it to find Cosmotron 4.

Now, exit the jail to the north. Make your way out of town and Volume 6 will

Volume 6: さばくのピラミッド


With Volume 6 underway, head back into Pokin.


Now that the whole ordeal with the jail is settled, you will be able to use
the shops freely. Visit the equipment shop (second row, left building) and
get the High-Tech Fist (ハイテクけん) weapon for Juvei. You should also buy
the China Dress (チャイナドレス) armor for Ryuuhime, as it is the best armor
available to her for a little while.

More importantly, visit one of the item shops (the southern buildings) and
buy a Sprout (もやし) for 50 Ryou. You need to have this in order to advance!
Once you are set here, exit town.


From Pokin, you will want to make your way back to the east and north toward
Souren. Once you reach Souren, rest up of course. Then, continue to the
northwest. Follow the very narrow path through the forest and around the
mountains, and continue southward through said forest. At the end, you will
reach a hole, so climb down into that cave.

Shisanputa Cave

In this cave, go forward to the back wall. Summon the helper Genpi and an old
man will appear. Give the Sprout to him and you will receive the Trampoline.
With it, exit the cave.


From the cave, head directly northward until you reach the wall. Follow it to
the east until you reach a corner between walls, and you will enter the area.

Great Wall

In front of the wall here, go forward and you will see two open spaces next
to it. Stand in the right space and use the Trampoline to jump over the wall.


Now that you have crossed the wall, you will find some tougher enemies around
as well as the ones you've been facing. Head to the northeast and enter the
town of Mongoren.


When you arrive, visit the Inn (large building in northwest corner). There
are a number of things to do here as well. Over in the northeast, you will
find a fenced in field. Search the northeast corner to find an Old Gun. To
the southeast, you will find the shrine and the equipment shop (the shop is
the bottom one). Buy the Carbon Suit and Pyramid Fist for Juvei. To the south
is a large building with two entrances. Go into the left door.

In here, talk to the man standing between the beds. Use Ryuuhime's ability
(おいろけ) to let her go solo. Talk to the man as Ryuuhime and he will move
away. Rejoin the party, then send Wolf into the hole with the Scout ability.
Check the back wall in that room to get the Strange Blue Book (あおいほん). If
you use it, you will switch to another side area known as Aurora Kingdom.

We need to complete this area before the end of this volume, so there is no
better time than now to jump into this! Note that Juvei must be holding this
item when used for it to work, so free up a space in Juvei's inventory and
have Wolf pass it over. Also, leave town before using it!

Aurora Kingdom (オーロラおうこく)

Aurora Castle

When you arrive in this area, you will be in this icy castle full of penguin
characters. After the conversation, you will have control of Penta. Talk to
the penguin walking around in the southwest area to get 100 Gold (the money
in this region). After that, go south to exit the castle.

In the village area, you can visit the shops (item shop is in the southwest,
equipment shop is to the mid-east). The Inn is to the west (5 Gold). For now,
buy the Tuxedo (タキシード) armor for Penta, then leave the village to the
south and fight monsters until you gain a level or two. When you have at
least 100 Gold, be sure to return and buy the Ice Pick weapon for Penta as
well. I would even go as far as fighting around until you can afford the
Aurora Suit (300 Gold) since it's Penta's strongest armor for a while).

You will also want to buy a few Ice Mins from the item shop so you can keep
your HP up for the long journey ahead. When you are up to Level 3-4 (most
enemies will die in one regular attack at Level 3 if you bought the Ice
Pick), it is time to depart the area.


From the castle, head to the southeast. Follow the linear path around and up
onto the higher plateau. Go around the path to reach the first cave. This is
the part where the enemies get tougher, but yield better experience as well.
Get through the cave to emerge in the southwest area of the overworld map.
Continue northwest and down the steps, then go westward and north to reach
some more steps. Go up them and follow the path all the way around to the
second cave.

Get through the second cave (the enemies here get tougher again). If you are
low on health, be sure to use the recovery items I told you to buy before.
After you exit the cave, go down the steps and head directly eastward for now
to reach the Seal Village.

Seal Village

When you finally arrive, go to the second level and enter the first cave.
Talk to the left seal to use the Inn. On the next level, there are item and
equipment shops. For now, continue to the very top of the village and enter
the cave there. Talk to the blue seal inside, then exit and reenter the cave.
This time, a happier seal will be there. Talk to it, then exit and reenter
once more. You will now find out that the seal was trying to trick you, then
it introduces itself as Lucky. He then joins your party!

Now that you have a new ally, head over to the equipment shop and get him set
up! Buy the Charm Rod (まじないのつえ) and Charm Clothes (まじないのふく), then
head on out of the village. You will want to spend a little bit of time close
to the village fighting monsters until Lucky gains a level (and learns his
Hospital ability for HP recovery). Then, rest at the Inn and head out.


From the village, go up the nearby steps and then up the steps immediately to
the west. Follow that path around to another set of steps, then continue on
until you reach a cave. Enter the cave.

North Cave

When you enter the cave, go around the corner and check the container to find
500 Gold! Then, head north and downstairs to the next room. In there, go east
and north to get around the room. Go down the next set of stairs to reach the
bottom room. Check the large ball on the floor and use Lucky's Buttobi Ball
(ぶっとびだま) on it. The rock will crack and Gun-Chan will emerge. Talk to
Gun-Chan and he will join your party as well!

With your party now ready to go, make your way back out of this cave. Be sure
to fight around as you head back to Seal Village, so that Gun-Chan can gain
a level or so.

Seal Village

Back in the village, rest up as usual and head to the equipment shop. Buy the
Ancient Icicle (こだいのつらら) and Cement Dine (セメントダイン) for Gun-Chan,
as these are their only weapon/armor in the Aurora Kingdom at least. After
that, head out of the village once more.


From the village again, go up the nearby steps. Instead of going west, head
to the north this time. Follow the narrow path to the northeast, passing
through a cave along the way. At the other end, go east and up/down the steps
as you progress. At the very end of the path, you will find another yellow
rock in the way. Approach it and use Gun-Chan's ability (ちからもち) to push
the rock out of the way. Rejoin the party and continue southward, then go
east into the Snowman Village.

Snowman Village

When you arrive, enter the southeast house. Talk to the person inside and you
will receive the Gold Ball (きんのたま). After that, go to the equipment shop
in the middle area and buy upgraded weapons/armor for Penta and Lucky. Once
that's done, you can rest up and leave the village.


From the village, go south and up the steps to the upper plateau. Go north
and west around the area as you head southward. At the far south, go east and
down the steps to reach the shore line. Follow the shore to the west and
north to some more steps. Continue along that path until you reach the red
rock in the way. Use the Gold Ball on it to clear the rock, then get through
the cave it reveals to reach the central heart-shaped area of the map. Heal
up before entering the cave in the center area.


In this area, go east through the hallway, fighting the tough enemies along
the way. Feel free to run if you don't want to deal with them. If your party
is around Level 7-8, you will be in good shape for the boss ahead. In the
second room, approach the middle area and you will enter a boss battle
against the Metal Block; view the Bosses section if you need help winning.

After you win, the Metal Block will disappear, leaving you with the cooler
device in the center of the room. Approach it and search to be given a bunch
of options. Choose to Shake (ゆする) it, followed by Instructing it
(いいきかせる). Finally, Kick (けとばす) it to fix the Cooler. It will then
freeze over the landscape with snow, restoring the kingdom to what it once
was. You will automatically be returned to the Aurora Castle.

Aurora Castle

Back here, talk to the old man on the left. Use the Gift Set (ゆいのうセット)
and everyone will dance around happily. Penta will then be launched upward,
getting stuck in another cave. The Aurora Kingdom segment will be complete
and you will go back to Juvei and company!

Volume 6 (part 2)


Now that you are back with your main party, continue to fight around Mongoren
to gain another level or so. Then, rest up and make your way eastward. When
you reach the mountains, go north to the wall and follow it to the east some
more. When you reach the small stream, enter the village there.


Upon your arrival, rest at the Inn (northwest house). Then, pay 100 Ryou to
ride the ferry upstream to Shibaren.


You will arrive in a seemingly quiet village. Search the space just north of
the ferrywoman to find an Old ?. Enter one of the empty houses here and send
Jirokichi out to Spy, then exit the house. Talk to the woman that appears in
the northwest area and you will receive the next Castle Scroll. After that,
head out of this village.


From here, make your way to the northwest. The enemies will be a bit tougher,
but it's nothing you can't handle hopefully. In the northwest corner, you
will find a hole in the ground. Climb down it to enter a cave.

Bat Dayuu Cave

When you enter, make sure your party is in good shape health-wise before you
continue. Go forward and you will find a sword in the back of the room. Try
to approach it and a woman will appear. She will force you to fight a boss,
Ushimatsu, who you fought earlier in the game. He is a bit tougher this time,
so check out the Bosses section if you need help. Immediately after that one,
you will have to fight the much tougher Bat Dayuu, so once again stay strong
and look at the Bosses section if you are having trouble.

Once the battle is over, you will receive Cosmotron 5 and the Shinkage weapon
for Juvei (しんかげ). Since the bosses are gone, go forward and check the back
wall to collect the Binbin Extract (ビンビンエキス). Now, leave the cave and
make your way back to Shibaren to the southeast.


Upon your return, you will find that the villagers trapped in that cave are
back to normal. You can buy items, or charms in the shrine, then take the
ferry back to Harubinta for 100 Ryou. Once you arrive there, rest up and
leave town.


Outside of Harubinta to the south again, make your way to the south. Pass
through the narrow path between the mountains and you will spot a village to
the southeast, so head over there.


In this town, go to the middle area and you will see a fenced in area. Search
the area immediately in front of the opening to find an Old Gun. To the south
are two houses; enter the right one and send Wolf on to Scout. Enter the hole
in the room and check the back wall to receive a Taskal. Rejoin the party and
head over to the shops on the west side of town. In the equipment shop to the
southwest, buy the Gold Fist weapon (おうごんのけん) and armor (Dragon Clothes
- りゅうのころも) for Ryuuhime.

With that done, buy/sell items if you want at the other shop, then leave.


From Nahotonka, head south and you will come to a swamp. You need to trudge
your way southward through it, fighting the annoying enemies in the area as
you proceed. At the tip, enter the small town.


As soon as you arrive, you will see a fenced in area. Search the right fence
to find an Iron Pipe. Then, enter the house and talk to the old man inside.
Give him the Binbin Extract and he will quickly recover and start talking to
you. Pay 10000 Ryou for Map #10, and you will also be joined by the Helper
Hideribou (ひでりぼう). Your work in this area is done, so leave here.


To make use of Map #10, make your way all the way northward to Harubinta and
take the ferry to Shibaren. From there, follow the stream as it leads to the
west. When you reach the larger pool of water, check the map and deploy the
helper Mackerel to search in the marked location. You will receive the
Gain Boost (ガイナブースト). With this, head back to Harubinta.

From there, follow the wall all the way to the west, walking into the corner
spaces when possible. There is a section of the wall just north of a forest,
farther west, where you will enter a new area if you approach the corner like
you did earlier with the first wall. This time around, step into the left
opening and use the Gain Boost to destroy the entire northern wall! This will
grant you access to the desert at last.

Now that you can, summon the helper Hideribou and he will lead your party. As
you walk through the desert, he will call out a direction after you take a
bunch of steps. He is trying to lead you to the Hunger Castle, so these
directions are meant to lead to that position. The directions he calls out
are as follows:

East - ひがし
North - きた
South - なんぽう
West - にし

You should be aiming towards the northwest region of the desert. When you
walk across the proper location, the Hunger Castle will rise up and you will
go inside. While you're in the desert, check out Map #9 and search its
location on the map to get a Taskal-All (it's not too far to the east of the
castle). After that, rest up (the nearest town is Mongoren, use Kago-Chan to
get there safely) and return to enter the castle.

Hunger Castle

As soon as you enter the castle, have Jirokichi Spy to retrieve Map #11. If
your party is not at least Level 20-22, you will want to spend some time
outside leveling up, as the enemies in here are tough. Anyway, go down the
hall and avoid the trap floor, then head north at the intersection. When you
reach another split, go west and enter the first room to the south. Open the
chest with Jirokichi to find a Teleport Stone.

Get past the trap floor to the west and defeat the enemy blocking the path,
then go into the northern room. Open the four chests (using Jirokichi for all
but one) to get 100 Ryou, two Kikusous, and a Pip. Then, go down the steps in
the corner. Follow the long hallway and go up the stairs to reach a new area.
There, simply go south and through a door to find more stairs. Downstairs,
go right to find some steps halfway through the room. Go up and down them,
then continue right to reach a chest containing the Earth Hammer (Jirokichi
will open it).

Now, go back and head up the first set of stairs you come across. When you
emerge, enter the room directly south of you and open the chest in the corner
to get a Kikusou. There are two more rooms to the south that have chests, so
go through the doors to reach them. The middle room chest has the important
Pharaoh Key and the chest in the last room has 1000 Ryou. In the corner of
the bottom room, there are some stairs, but we will come back to them.

For now, go back through these rooms to the northern hallway. Go east (go
down/up the stairs to proceed) and south to the southeast corner of the
floor. Enter the room there and open the three chests to get a Yakusou and an
Antidote. Search the corner below the sarcophagus to reveal some hidden
stairs (check out Map #11 first). Go down them to reach a new room.

Down here, unlock the two prison cells with the Pharaoh Key and talk to the
prisoners inside. Then, go around to the east side of the room and open the
four chests to receive a Modorin Egg, two Old ?s, and a Kikusou. Now, go back
upstairs and exit the room, then follow the hallway north and west to the
stairs. Go down/up them to get past, then enter the southern room. Go through
to the last room and go down the steps there.

In the next room, follow the path through the door and all the way to the
west. At the end, enter the small room in the corner and have Jirokichi open
the chest to get an Iron Pipe. Leave this room and go up the stairs to the
south. Continue through the next several rooms until you reach an area with
two chests. Have Jirokichi open them to get 1000 Ryou and a Teleport Stone,
then go down the next set of stairs.

Here in the conveyor belt room, climb down the ladders to the bottom level
and go around the corner. Before you proceed, recover your health and be
ready for battle. Once you're set, go talk to the enemy in the way and you
will fight the Big Kankan as the next boss. Read the Bosses section if you
need help here. After the fight, talk to the people in the room. The guy on
the far left will stop the conveyor belt above for you. With that done, climb
the first ladder and walk across the conveyor, then climb up the left ladder
and go upstairs.

Follow the path around until you reach a pot and a seemingly dead end. Search
the wall north of the pot to reveal some stairs, then continue onward for two
more rooms. In the contrl room with the single enemy walking around, recover
your health again and prepare for another big battle. When you're ready, go
into the final room and face off against the boss King Tut (ツタンだいおう).
View the Bosses section if you need tips on winning.

Following the battle, an old man will appear and recover your party's health
to full. You will also receive the Sunafuki Lamp (すなふきランプ) by defeating
the boss. Head towards the exit to the north and the man will stop you once
more to give you Cosmotron 6. Now, step through the door to end up outside.


Now that you have completed another castle, make your way south to the border
between the desert and grass, and continue eastward. When you reach the town
of Harubinta along the stream, enter town and rest up at the Inn, then exit.
From town, walk five steps south and seven steps east to reach the water.
Then, face the east and use the Sunafuki Lamp to dry out that body of water.
Volume 7 will then begin!

Volume 7: きたのひょうけつじょう


When the volume begins, you will find the new piece of desert to the east. Go
east and south and you will find a new town.


In this town, you will find it is abandoned except for a dog in the center
area. If you go to the northeast corner of town, you can search the second
space to the left of the corner to find an Old Flame. Other than that, there
is nothing of interest here, so head on out when you are ready.


Back outside, make your way directly northward and you will come to a stream.
Cross it via the bridge and continue to the northeast along the shore. At the
mountains, go east along the peninsula and you will reach a cave at the tip,
so enter it.

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АТАРИ 400 / 800 / XL
DOS 70
8 BIT 527
16 BIT 378
32 BIT 15
64 BIT 8