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Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei прохождение перевод игры
Game Mechanics
In this section, I explain some of the basic knowledge that one should know to play the game efficiently, such as what happens if one (or all) of your party members dies, how to cure status ailments, etc.

Main Characters

You have two main characters that you control throughout the game, each with a unique ability. Some equipment is only equippable by one or the other character.

Nakajima: Has the COMP command, which allows him to summon demons with his computer or send them away, and also can change the formation of characters in the party (such as who is in front and therefore takes the most damage).

Yumiko: Can cast spells. She starts with a Map spell and a basic healing spell, but is able to learn more spells as she gains levels.

Basic Game Screen

While walking around, you will see a screen such as the one shown to the right. The characters currently in your party, including any summoned demons, will be shown in the black window at the bottom of the screen. Their HP, MP, and any status ailments will be indicated here.

Your command options are shown in the upper-right window. See the "Menu Commands" section of this FAQ for an explanation of the commands.

In the upper-left corner of the screen is shown the current phase of the moon. The moon's phase has almost no significance to the game. However, there are two moments in the game where it will actually matter. These are explained in the walkthrough section of this FAQ. Otherwise, it is safe to ignore the moon phase.

Recruiting Demons

You are able to have up to seven demons stored in your computer at any one time, and only three demons can be summoned to join your party at one time. To get demons to join your party, you must try to convince them during random battles by selecting the COMP command and the option はなす ("Talk"). You can only try to recruit them when there is one demon by itself. This means you can wait for a single demon to appear by itself, or you can kill all of the demons in a battle except for one, and then try to recruit the final remaining demon. To convince them to join you, you can threaten them with your weapon, or you might have to give them gifts.

Many demons are recruitable, but certain types of demons are not. Demon types that are not recruitable are listed in the "Demon" section of this FAQ. The type of demon is indicated to the left of their name after you defeat them in battle. For example, when you defeat a Green Slime, it will say "モノノケ グリーンスライム", which says "Mononoke Green Slime". Since Green Slimes are モノノケ (which is read "mononoke", like the movie Princess Mononoke, and means vengeful spirit), they are one of the types of demons that can't be recruited.

Summoning Demons

Use the COMP command to summon demons, which will cost you some まっか (makka, the unit of currency in this game). This can be done during battle or while walking around the dungeons. Summoned demons remain in your party until you tell them to return to the computer using the COMP command. They will also return to the computer if you have them run during a battle.

If a demon is killed, it will remain in your party with the status DEAD, and it can be revived by visiting the House of Heresy in Mikon City. If you do not revive them, but you get your current password and restart your game using that password, the demon will disappear from your party, so if you want to keep a particular demon in your party, make sure you revive him before getting your password.

Fusing Demons

Besides recruiting demons during battle, you can also find new demons by fusing together two of the demons in your inventory. To do this, you go to the House of Heresy, located in the Northeast corner of Daedalus Tower 8F (the area where you start the game). Fusions are free. A chart on the right side of the dialogue box will show which demons are compatible for fusing (indicated by a circle) and which demons are not compatible for fusing (indicated by an X). If you fuse two non-compatible demons, it will result in a Dryad. The demon that you gain by fusing two compatible demons together will be shown for you to examine, and you can choose to cancel the fusion if you don't want it, or continue with the fusion if you do. Often, you won't be allowed to proceed with the fusion because your level won't be high enough to create that demon.

Removing Demons From Your Inventory

There are two ways to remove demons from your inventory to create room for new ones.

(1) Fuse two demons together into one, creating an empty space in your inventory.

(2) Allow a demon to be killed in battle, then ask for the password without reviving the demon. Upon restarting the game with that password, the demon will be gone.

Status Ailments

There are status ailments during battle that go away once the battle is over. These are CLOSE and FREEZE, both of which mean that you cannot move. FREEZE goes away after one turn, while CLOSE can take multiple turns to go away. They both go away once the battle has ended.

Other status ailments don't go away until you have them cured at the House of Heresy, located in the Northeast corner of Daedalus Tower 8F (the place where you start), or you can cure them with the spell クリンク, which Yumiko learns at level 26. These status ailments are POISON, PALSY, and STONE. There is no real difference between PALSY and STONE. Both make it so that you cannot attack and drain your HP as you walk. POISON simply drains your HP as you walk, and has no effect during battle.

You can also remove status ailments by returning the afflicted demon to the demon realm with the COMP command, and then re-summoning him, after which the status ailment will be gone.

Certain enemies are also capable of draining your level. This affect is permanent and will probably make you want to reset your game.

Death in the Party

You will get a game over if both Nakajima and Yumiko die. You can select the continue command from the title screen to return to Daedalus Tower 8F with all of your party members returned to full HP and all of the experience you gained, although you will have zero Gems and half of your money will be gone. To revive dead party members, you can get them revived at the House of Heresy in the Northeast corner of Daedalus Tower 8F for a fee, or Yumiko can revive them by casting リカーム, which she learns at level 46. If one of your demons is dead, don't get the current password until you revive them, because they will be gone from your inventory if you use the password.

Healing HP

There are many ways to restore HP, and you will be able to make longer expeditions if you make use of them. First of all, you can restore HP by visiting the Healing Spring, located in Daedalus Tower 8F, or also in Sky City 2F (after defeating Medusa). It costs 1 まっか (makka) per HP and MP point needed to restore for whoever you want to cure. There are also spells which Yumiko can cast inside or outside of battle to restore HP. Some demons in your party also have healing spells, but they can only be used during battle. Sometimes defeated enemies will drop a ほう玉 (Gem), which can be used to restore one character's HP completely. I recommend using these freely rather then trying to conserve them. Finally, demons that are awaiting being summoned by your COMP will slowly restore HP as you walk around, so there is a benefit to having one or two extra demons with decent stats to substitute for your strongest demons when they need a break.


Magnetite, which is マグネタイト in Japanese, is often dropped by enemies. If your Magnetite is zero, then your demons will lose 1 HP per step as you walk around. If you have Magnetite, your demons won't lose HP as you walk, but the Magnetite will be drained instead. The stronger the demons you have summoned, the more Magnetite will be drained per step. If your Magnetite is low or zero don't worry too much. You will soon gain more during a battle, and even if you do not, the penalty isn't very severe in my opinion.

This tip contributed by AlchemysN2O: If you have summoned Ganesha, Uonron, and Krishna in your party you do not lose any Magnetite when you are dungeon-crawling.


To play the game as intended, you should make maps using graph paper and a pen or pencil. I made maps that you can refer to, which are also uploaded at GameFAQs, but this will remove a lot of the enjoyment of the game since you won't get the sense of exploration that the game is meant to offer. I know a lot of people hate making maps, though, so do whatever you think will make the game the most fun for you.

Menu Commands
Walking Menu

While walking around, you have access to the following commands:

ステイト ("State")
まほう ("Magic")
ほう玉 ("Gem")

Selecting COMP gives you the following options: よぶ ("Summon"), もどす ("Return"), and いちがえ ("Change Order"). "Summon" will allow you to summon a demon which you have already recruited. Each demon costs a different amount of money to summon. "Return" allows you to send a demon back into the computer. "Change Order" allows you to rearrange the order of your party.

The "State" command allows you to view the stats of your main characters and recruited demons. Looking at Nakajima's stats will additionally show you what equipment Nakajima is wearing, what items your party is carrying, and how much experience you have earned. Looking at Yumiko's will show you what equipment she is wearing and how much experience you need to gain the next level.

Selecting "Magic" allows you to use Yumiko's spells which can be used outside of battle, such as healing spells or the Map spell.

The "Gem" command only appears when your party is carrying one or more gems. Selecting the command allows you to use a gem on a party member, which will completely restore that party member's HP.

Battle Menu

During battle you can access the following commands:

たたかう ("Fight")
にげる ("Run")
いちがえ ("Change Order")

The "Fight" command lets you select commands for each character to perform in battle. Demons have the following commands: (1) こうげき ("Attack"), which is a basic physical attack, (2) まほう ("Magic"), which allows you to use the demon's spells, assuming that it has any, (3) まもる ("Defend"), and (4) にげる ("Run"), which makes the demon return to the computer. Nakajima has the following commands: (1) こうげき ("Attack") (2) COMP, which gives you access to the commands よぶ ("Summon"), which allows you to summon a demon from your computer, and はなす ("Talk"), which allows you to try to talk to the demon(s) you are fighting, and (3) まもる ("Defend"). Yumiko has the following commands: (1) こうげき ("Attack"), (2) まほう ("Magic"), which allows you to use Yumiko's spells during battle, and (3) まもる ("Defend").

Selecting "Run" will cause your party to attempt to run from the battle. If you are unsuccessful, the enemies will each get a turn to attack you.

"Change Order" allows you to rearrange the order of your party members. This does not take a turn from the battle.

AUTO causes all of your party members to execute a basic physical attack. This is a great way to quickly finish a battle that you are confident you will win without needing to cast any spells. This effect will last for every turn, although you can cancel the AUTO command by holding down the B button and waiting for the current turn to end.

Demon recruiting dialogue
During a battle, if there is only one demon facing your party, you can try to recruit it by using the COMP command and selecting はなす ("Talk"). Different dialogue can occur during these exchanges, which may end in you successfully recruiting the demon, the demon attacking you, the demon running away, or nothing. If the demon attacks you or nothing happens, you can try again during the next turn to recruit it. Below, I list some of the dialogue that you might see during these transactions and their translations so that you have a better idea of what you are doing when you try to recruit a demon.

Demon says:

わたしの なは (Demon name)
なかまに なって ほしいのか? ならば...

(Item) くれないか?

Translation: My name is (Demon name). You want me to join your party? If so... won't you give me (Item)?

Notes: If you answer yes, the demon may join your party, ask for another item, run, or attack you. If you answer no, the demon will ask you for something else or leave.

Demon says:

あなたと ともに たたかいましょう

(Demon name)は
なかまに なった

Translation: I shall fight together with you. (Demon name) joined your party.

Dialogue says:

しらんかおを しています
ちかよって みますか?

Translation: The demon seems indifferent. Try drawing near?

Demon says, in response to you refusing to give a gift:

それなら (Item) くれないか?

Translation: If that's the case, won't you give me (Item)?

Demon says, in response to you refusing to give a gift:

こんどは (Item) くれないか?

Translation: This time, how about giving me (Item)?

Demon says, in response to you refusing to give a gift:

ようが ないなら ほっとけ

(Demon name)は さって いった

Translation: If you don't have it, then leave me alone. (Demon name) left.

Dialogue says:

けいかい しています
ちかよって みますか?

Translation: Grrr... The demon lets out a warning. Try drawing near?

Dialogue says:

(Item) ほしがって
いるようです あたえて みますか?

Translation: It appears to want (Item). Try giving it to him?

Demon might say, after you give an item:

まだ ふまんの ようだ

(Demon name)は
したなめずりを しながら

(Demon attacks you)

Translation: Grrr... It still seems displeased. (Demon name) approaches while licking its lips. (Demon attacks you)

Dialogue says:

(Demon name)は ちかよって きました
ぶきを おさめますか?

Translation: (Demon name) approached. Put away your weapon?

Note: If you say yes, the demon will ask for a gift. If you say no, the game will ask if you want to threaten the demon.

Dialogue says, after you put your weapon away:

(Demon name)は
にやりと わらった...
(Asks for a gift)

Translation: (Demon name) grins broadly and laughs. (Asks for a gift).

Demon says:

だめだ はなしにならない
(Demon attacks you)

Translation: Guoo! This is pointless. (Demon attacks you)

Dialogue if you choose not to put your weapon away:

おびえて います
ひとつ おどかして みますか?

Translation: It's frightened. Try threatening it?

Notes: If you say yes, the demon will either join your party or run away. If you say no, it will definitely run away.

Dialogue says:

(Demon name)は

Translation: (Demon name) ran away

Dialogue says:

(Demon name)は
しぶしぶ なかまになった

Translation: (Demon name) reluctantly joined your party.

Dialogue says:

(Demon name)は
あきらめて たたかいますか?

Translation: (Demon name) is growing violent. Give up and start fighting?

Dialogue says:

(Demon name)は
ひとこえ ほえて にげていった

Translation: (Demon name) let out a cry and ran.

Dialogue says, if you try to give demon something that you don't have enough of:


Translation: Insufficient.

Demon says:

わたしのなは (Demon name)

わたしの ちからを みせて やろう

Translation: My name is (Demon name). Let me show you my strength.

Daedalus Tower

8th Floor:
You begin the game on the 8th floor of Daedalus Tower. On this floor is Mikon City, where you will encounter no random battles. Here, there is a weapon/armor shop, a Healing Spring where you can pay to regain HP and MP, the House of Heresy where you can perform demon fusion or pay to remove status ailments, a man who will tell you your current password, and a 500 makka treasure chest. Do not go down the stairs without buying some weapons and armor or else you will have a hard time with the battles. You start with zero makka (makka is the currency in this game), so get the 500 makka from the treasure chest and use it to buy some weapons and armor. I recommend buying the Jack Knife for Yumiko and the Nunchaku for Nakajima and Combat Suits for both Nakajima and Yumiko. Even with this equipment you will have a lot of trouble with the monster battles. So your first objective should be to gain levels and earn enough money to buy the best equipment available in Mikon City. At the same time, you can try recruiting some monsters. As you explore Daedalus, you will find sections that you cannot enter until you defeat the first boss, Minotaurus.

7th Floor:
The only recruitable monsters at the beginning are ヘケット (Hekketo) and ノーム (Gnome). You could recruit them, but I don't recommend summoning them into your party at this point since you need to save your money. You may want to return to the 8th floor to get your password after every one or two battles since you can easily die. Alternatively, you could not worry about dying, and instead choose the "continue" option when you die. You lose half your money, but you won't have to waste a lot of time punching in the horribly long passwords. You can then start saving your money after your levels are higher and you don't die as easily. The easiest monsters to defeat are Hekketo since their attack is weak. グリーンスライム (Green Slime) and ピンクルーパー (Pink Rooper) aren't too strong. Gnome can do severe damage upon occasion, so you might want to run if there are 3 or more attacking you at once. バシム (Bathin) is a little stronger, so you might want to run. Finally, there's a good chance that ゾンビ (Zombie) can afflict you with PALSY, which you can pay to have cured at the House of Heresy, but you probably can't afford, so you should probably run. The monsters don't get any stronger until you reach the 4th floor, so feel free to explore once you become strong enough to handle these early battles, but when you have the money, buy the best equipment in Mikon City before exploring the lower levels. Nakajima should be equipped with the Dagger, the Chain Garment, and the Broken Shield, while Yumiko should be equipped with the Scorpion Whip, the Combat Suit, and the Helmet.

6th Floor:
Nothing special except for a room with a non-random encounter with a Dryad, which is recruitable.

5th Floor:
Nothing worth noting.

4th Floor:
At this point, stronger monsters will begin attacking you. You should still be able to handle them without much trouble except for two exceptions: ケルベロス (Cerberus) and バグ (Bug). Bug has way too much HP for you to handle him at this point in the game, and you cannot recruit him. Cerberus, on the other hand, is recruitable, and he will be your strongest ally for awhile, so try to recruit him as soon as possible, but don't try to fight him. This might also be a good time to play with the demon fusion feature. A decent demon you can produce at this point is バク(Baku), who you can create by fusing a Cancer and a Dryad. You can recruit Cancers during battle in Daedalus Tower on the lower floors, but you might find it easier to get one by fusing a Dryad with a Hekketo.

1st Floor:
When you feel ready, you can make your way to the 1st floor to battle the first boss, Minatauros. He is not especially difficult, but you will need to have demons summoned to defeat him, such as Cerberus and Baku. Defeat him to get the しず玉 (Silent Gem). Previous parts of Daedalus Tower which you could not enter are now available. These are the elevator and a small room you can reach by taking the elevator to the 3rd floor where you can find the Garu Shield. Go get this shield since you will need it to proceed. You can use the elevator to return to Mikon City to heal and get the new password, then use the elevator to return to the first floor. Make your way East until the scenery changes color, and you see text telling you that you are now in the Valhalla Corridor.

Valhalla Corridor Entrance:
In this first section of the Valhalla Corridor no monsters will attack you. There are a few important things to note. First of all, there is a weird old man that hypnotizes you and sends you back to Mikon City, which is very useful when you need to heal and get your password. There is also a weapon/armor shop that you should use to upgrade your gear. Nakajima should buy the Katana, Breastplate, Steel Shield, and Kevlar Helmet, while Yumiko should buy the Platinum Dagger and Kevlar Helmet. Finally, there are two guard who protect the entrance to Sky City (also known as Bien). They won't let you pass, but one of the guards is Garu, and if you give him his shield, which he lost in Daedalus 3F, then he will let you pass from now on. At this point, you are free to explore either Sky City or the Valhalla Cooridor.

Sky City

The enemies in Sky City and the Valhalla Cooridor are quite a bit stronger than they were in Daedalus Tower. You will no longer be able to win battles with just Nakajima and Yumiko. Also, any demons you have recruited will probably be a little too weak to guarantee victory. Cerberus is probably the only demon strong enough to rely upon, although he too can be replaced by a better demon soon. I recommend venturing into Valhalla to try to recruit a Puca. She has low HP, but her attack is high. You could also fuse together a Trent and a Gnome to create a Stoneka, although you may have to gain a few levels to be allowed to do so. Another decent demon you can recruit in Valhalla is Formorian, who is found in non-random encounters (see map to locate these sections). You can also recruit Kelpie in Valhalla, although you can also create one by fusing together a Dryad and a Cerberus. Other demons will become available for fusion as you gain levels, but you should be able to create a decent party from the demons listed above for exploring Sky City.

In Sky City, you will occasionally come across Medusas that can turn you to stone. If this happens to one of your summoned demons, or if they are PALSY'd, then you can return them to the computer, and then re-summon them to remove the status ailment. If it happens to Yumiko or Nakajima, you won't be able to cure them without returning to Mikon City. If it happens to Nakajima, you won't be able to use the COMP command, so you might be in big trouble, but you can continue anyway to see if you can succeed without him. If it happens to Yumiko, you won't be able to heal HP.

Tabasa Statue:
There's nothing special on the first floor. Just make your way to the 2nd floor, and then the 3rd floor. From the 3rd floor, you can go straight to the 4th floor, where you will face the next boss, who is Medusa (not to be confused with the weaker Medusas that are found throughout Sky City). But before facing this boss, you should first seek the Tabasa Statue, which nullifies her ability to turn you to stone. To get the statue, go back to the 2nd floor, using a different stair case on the 3rd floor (located on the West side). As you wander around the 2nd floor, you may come across people turned to stone by Medusa. You might also find sections that you are not allowed to enter yet, which will become accessible after you defeat Medusa. Make your way to the very Southwest corner of the map to find the Tabasa statue.

With the Tabasa Statue in hand, go up to the 4th floor to face Medusa. You shouldn't have too much trouble handling her. After defeating her, you get the Bull Key and the Tabasa Statue disintegrates. If you return to the second floor, you'll find that the men that were turned to stone are returned to normal. The man in the Northern part of the floor will give you a Ticket which allows you to enter Sky City, so all the guards will now let you pass. The other man on this floor, near the elevator, is the captain of Sky City. He controls the city and can fly it to a different location. You will visit him often to get to later levels. The Southeast section of the 2nd floor is now accesible. There, you will find a Healing Spring and a weapon/armor shop. Upgrade your gear in the shop. Nakajima should acquire the Famous Kotetsu and the Ceramic Shield, while Yumiko should acquire the Water Mirror Sword, the Fiber Suit, and the Charmed Helmet. The next area to clear is the Valhalla Corridor.

Valhalla Corridor

If you want to update some of the demons in your party, a couple of good options are Kawancha, who can be created by fusing Baku with a Gnome, and Apis, who can be created by fusing an Alraune with a Gnome. You can get an Alraune by fusing a Baku with a Dryad. Valhalla has only two floors, and both floors are divided into 8 sections (see map), but the first floor also has a couple of extra sections continuing into the Eastern direction. You enter Valhalla into the West section of the 1st floor from Daedalus. Take the stairs in this section to reach the West section of the basement. Explore this section to find Rick, who has been captured by Loki and shackled. Agree to help him and he will give you Rick's Bracelet. He will also turn into his true form, a Lakshmi, and join your group. The use of Rick's Bracelet won't be revealed until near the end of the game.

Rag's Shop:
In the East end of Valhalla's 1st floor, just to the South of the Eastern exit of Sky City, you will find Rag's shop. Normally, if you enter here, he will tell you that he's not interested in money and to come back later. If you come here with an Amethyst, he will offer you some trade options. So first go find an Amethyst. There is one in the Southwest section of Valhalla in the basement. You can also throw an Amethyst to distract demons, allowing you to run away with 100% chance of success, so don't accidentally do that if you try to escape from a battle. If you lose the Amethyst, you can return to the same location that you found it to get another one. With the Amethyst in hand, Rag will offer you the following options:

りゅうのひげ (Dragon's Whisker)
かみなりおこし (Call Thunder)
アレスのくびかざり (Ares Necklace)
てんのまがたま (Magatama of Heaven)

The Ares Necklace and the Magatama of Heaven are necessary for completing the game, so do two Amethyst gathering trips to get those. If you choose Dragon's Whisker, your party's HP will be restored. If you choose Call Thunder, your party will be damaged. I recommend getting the Ares Necklace and the Magatama of Heaven and then never visiting this shop again. If you visit again after getting the Ares Necklace, a new option will appear: ロンドンブーツ (London Boots). Selecting this option just sends you back to Mikon City. Rag's shop is located in several other places in the game, but it never has any more options.

The final goal in Valhalla is to hunt down Loki. You will find him in the farthest Eastern section of Valhalla's 1st floor. He isn't terribly difficult to defeat. After defeating him, you get the あら玉 (Coarse Gem). You are automatically warped to a room that connects to the next major area, the Mazurka Corridor.

Mazurka Corridor

You can enter Mazurka from Valhalla as stated above, or you can ask the Sky City captain to park Sky City on top of Mazurka. They take you to different sections, so one may be more convenient depending on your next goal. The enemies are once again much stronger here, so you will definitely need to upgrade your demon party members. Some decent demons to try to acquire would be Naga, Tsukuyomi, Cuhullin, and Chimera, which are obtainable through fusions. If your level is not high enough to create these through fusion, you definitely want to gain some levels. There are two different enemies in Mazurka that can permanently drain your levels, so you should probably run from them unless you want to take the risk. If they drop your level, you should probably reset the game. They are ロア (Loa) and バンパイア (Vampire).

Mazurka is composed of two towers which meet together at the 8th floor. If you enter Mazurka from Valhalla, you will be in the smaller West tower on the 1st floor. If you enter from Sky City, you will enter the Eastern tower of Mazurka on the 8th floor. You will already be able to use the elevator in the Western tower, but you have to defeat the next boss, Hecate, to use the elevator in the Eastern tower. There is a weapon/armor shop on the 6th floor of the Eastern tower of Mazurka, in a room on the East side. When you are able to afford it, supply Nakajima with the Flame Truncheon, Fullbody Armor, and Orichalcum Shield. Supply Yumiko with the Dance Sword and the Angel Circlet.

Silver Relief:
The lower levels of Mazurka have walls made of hellfire, which you could avoid until you have accomplished your goal in the upper part of Mazurka, which is to defeat Hecate. However, as you can learn from talking to people within Mazurka, you cannot injure Hecate until you figure out a way to see her. You have to talk to many friendly characters around Mazurka to find out what to do. First, you need to make your way to the Southeastern section of the Eastern Tower on the 8th floor. You can get there by entering Mazurka from Sky City, then doing a counter-clockwise circle until you reach the Southwestern section of Mazurka, then going down to the 7th floor. Then you go a little further East to another stairwell going up. From there, you can continue East on the 8th floor until you reach one of the bright areas in which you can't see where you're going. Be careful here not to go through the one-way walls to the North that would take you back to the entrance of Sky City, forcing you to redo your trek through Mazurka. In this bright area you will find the thief Gaia. You need to get the Silver Relief from him, which he will charge you a fortune for. I don't know if the price is set or depends upon how much money you have. In my game, I had to pay all of my money, which was more than 33000 makka.

Ratosu Statue:
The Silver Relief will help you reveal a secret door that leads you to Hecate. However, you won't be able to damage her until you get the Ratosu Statue. This can be found in the Eastern tower on the 5th floor toward the Northern end. To get it, you need to replace the statue with the Ares Necklace, which is the same weight as the statue, to prevent setting off a trap. But you also must have the Magatama of Heaven in your inventory (**thanks to Bobby Hopkins for discovery the necessity of the Magatama of Heaven!!**).

With the Silver Relief and Ratosu Statue, you are able to challenge Hecate. Make your way to the 3rd floor of the Eastern tower. To enter the secret doorway to Hecate, you need to have no demons summoned. But you are not allowed to use the COMP command on this floor, so go back up the stairwell to the 4th floor, send your demon followers away with the COMP command, then return to the 3rd floor and go to the room with the mysterious shadow. In this room, cast Map to cause a secret doorway to open. I think that the spell won't work if the moon is in the "New Moon" phase, in which case you should just walk around until the phase changes. Anyway, after having opened the secret doorway, go through it, but then turn around and go back up the stairwell to the 4th floor, where your COMP command works, and summon your best demons to prepare for battle. Go back to the 3rd floor, through the secret door, and follow the path to find Hecate.

You will automatically use the Ratosu Statue to make Hecate visible. She should be pretty easy to defeat. Defeating Hecate will gain you the ふる玉 (Old Gem). Now, you must venture into the Hellfire below Mazurka.


Your demon party members should be upgraded to take on the Hellfire region. Chimera is still decent for this area, but you should try to make a party consisting of three or more of these demons: Susanoo, Anubis, Hanuman, and Thor, all of which can only be obtained through fusion. The Hellfire will damage you as you walk around, which you cannot prevent until you obtain the clothes of Izanami, which will take awhile. Also, be aware that the demons called ターラガ (Taraga) can drain your level permanently, so you may want to run when you see them. Make your way down to the second basement. There, find the warp tile in the Southeastern corner, which will warp you to a new section. A man will tell you that the goddess Izanami was captured and is being held in the East end. Just to the East of this man is a weapon/armor shop where you can upgrade your equipment. When you can afford it, Nakajima should obtain the Orichalcum Sword, Orichalcum Armor, Orichalcum Shield, and Yaksha Mask. Yumiko should obtain the Master Sword. A little to the Northwest is the weird old man hypnotist who sends you back to Mikon City. In a Northern section is a wounded knight that you can heal by casting Medi, but I haven't found any purpose to doing so.

Take some stairs up on the East side of B2. From here, search for stairs in the Northeast section of B1 to take you back down to B2. You will come across the goddess Izanami in this area of B2. She was captured by Lucifer and imprisoned with a strange mask. If you have the Silent Gem, the Coarse Gem, and the Old Gem, she will ask you to use them to remove the mask. Be warned, if you leave the room, you fail to release her permanently and must reset your game. You must place the jewels in the correct slots and in the correct order. If you do this wrong, your jewels will lose their glow or you will be warped back to Mikon City. In either case, you fail to release her and have to reset the game. To remove the mask, you must first place the Coarse Gem into the ひたい (forehead), then place the Silent Gem into the みぎめ (right eye), then finally place the Old Gem into the ひだりめ (left eye). The mask should fall off and she will give you her clothes to protect you from the Hellfire.

Purksi and Rusu:
Go back up the stairs to B1 and continue searching for stairs up until you reach the 2nd floor. Here, you should seek out Purksi. He is an easy miniboss and defeating him will get you the item Purksi's Neigh, which is helpful in the upcoming battle against the next boss, Set. You can also visit the Bottomless Holy Pot by stepping on a warp tile in the Northwestern section of this area. However, you won't be able to do anything with it yet. Take a stairway located in the middle of the map on the Eastern end to get back to the 1st floor. From there, explore until you find Rusu, the demon in a bottle. With him in your inventory, he will tell you when a secret door can be opened by casting Map. Now go back up to the 2nd floor and take some stairs at the very Southern end of the 2nd floor to get back to the 1st floor. There, you will find a bright area in which you can't see. Follow the path until you reach a dead end, at which point Rusu will indicate that a secret door is here. Cast Map to open the door, then proceed to encounter Set.

This battle with Set is a bit harder than the other bosses you've encountered so far. You will automatically use Purksi's Neigh every once in a while, which will paralyze Set for one turn. Set can deal a little over 100 damage on each character each turn, so you will want to heal frequently. If you are unable to defeat him, you may need to build some levels and get some stronger demons. I was able to defeat him with the demons indicated at the beginning of this section, although it was very close. If you defeat Set, you will gain the Lion Shield, the strongest shield in the game, which will automatically be equipped on Nakajima. The next region to tackle is the final one: Anfini Palace.

Anfini Palace

You will want to upgrade your demon support to handle the demons in Anfini Palace. If your levels are in the range of 50 or higher, you can get some nice demons, such as Kali, Odin, and Ganesha. Slightly higher levels will get you Uonron or Krishna. Odin also has Medical, which heals one character's HP completely, making him extra useful. All of these demons can only be obtained through fusion.

Hinokagetsuchi Sword:
You might also want to return to Sky City for the best sword in the game. You can find it by going to the 4th floor of Sky City. By going to what was previously a dead end, you will find that Rusu tells you you can cast Map to open a secret door. There are holes all over the area that this leads, but if you can manage to make it to the Southeast most tile, you will fall straight down to the basement. From there, try to get to the Northern area of the basement to reach a set of stairs which will take you to the best sword in the game, the Hinokagetsuchi Sword.

White Dragon Gem:
You can reach Anfini Palace from the Hellfire area, but it is much more convenient to ask the Sky City captain to fly there. After landing Sky City on Anfini, exit Sky City through the East. This will take you to the 4th floor of Anfini Palace. Here, you can find a weapon/armor shop. Nakajima already has the best shield and sword, so don't replace these at the shop. You will soon find the best armor for him and the best helmet for Yumiko, so don't waste your money on items here that will soon be replaced. If you can afford it, which is probably pretty difficult at this point, buy the Aura Helmet for Nakajima and the Aura Sword and Aura Armor for Yumiko. Also located on the 4th floor is an important friendly character who will tell you that you can learn the secret of the Bottomless Holy Pot by borrowing Rick's strength. Talking to this person is a key event which now allows you to get a critical item from the Bottomless Holy Pot. Return to the Hellfire area after having talked to this friendly character and visit the Bottomless Holy Pot. You will reach into it and retrieve the White Dragon Gem (assuming you already have Rick's Bracelet). This gem is necessary for defeating Lucifer.

Search for Lucifer:
Back at the 4th floor of Anfini Palace, take the stairs leading down to the 3rd floor on the Eastern section. You will be in a bright area that you cannot see in. Find the stairs going down to the 2nd floor and go down. On the 2nd floor you can find an old man hypnotist who sends you back to Mikon City or a statue of a goddess that sends you back to Sky City. Also, hidden on this floor are the best armor in the game, the Mist Armor, and the best helmet in the game, Daphne's Crown. Rusu, the demon in the bottle, will tell you when there is a hidden passage requiring the Map spell, which is necessary to find these items. When you are ready to face Lucifer, take the stairs going down in the middle of the 2nd floor, then head toward the Southeastern section of the 1st floor to find a spot where Rusu says is a hidden door. Cast Map to open the hidden door, then continue on until you find the stairs going up. Back on the 2nd floor, your goal is to navigate the confusing warp tiles until you find the stairs leading up to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor, go through the bright section that you can't see in toward the Southeastern corner to find the next stairs going up. On the 4th floor, the stairs going up are easy to find. Find the stairs going up on the next several floors until you reach the 8th floor. There are holes on this floor that will drop you back down to the 7th floor, but if you can manage to reach the Northern door on this floor, you will encounter Lucifer.

If you do not have the White Dragon Gem, Lucifer will be able to heal his HP completely whenever he wants, making it impossible to defeat him. With the White Dragon Gem in hand, he will waste his turn occasionally by trying to heal himself unsuccessfully. If you have upgraded your weapons and armor and brought some decent demons with you (Odin, Ganeesha, or better), this fight won't be too much trouble. One of Lucifer's attacks is Breezaton, which damages your party members and makes them unable to move for one turn. If you have party members who are faster than Lucifer, the movement penalty won't matter, and you will be able to get more attacks in, so it would be good to get demon party members with high speed ratings. Lucifer has a lot of HP, so expect it to take awhile. Just make sure that you conserve your MP for healing. Odin is a good character to have since he can heal in addition to Yumiko. After defeating Lucifer, you will have finished the game. Congratulations!


Name Location Cost Equipped By Hits
Jack-Knife (ジャクナイフ) Daedalus 8F 80 Nakajima, Yumiko Single
Nunchaku (ヌンチャク) Daedalus 8F 130 Nakajima Multiple
Dagger (たんけん) Daedalus 8F 195 Nakajima Single
Scorpion Whip (サソリむち) Daedalus 8F, Valhalla 1F 280 Yumiko Multiple
Chain & Sickle (クサリがま) Valhalla 1F 400 Nakajima Multiple
Katana (かたな) Valhalla 1F 600 Nakajima Single
Platinum Dagger (プラチナのたんけん) Valhalla 1F, Sky City 2F 990 Yumiko Single
Morning Star (モーニングスター) Sky City 2F 1400 Nakajima Multiple
Famous Kotetsu (めいとうコテツ) Sky City 2F 2600 Nakajima Single
Water Mirror Sword (みずかがみのけん) Sky City 2F, Mazurka 6F 3000 Yumiko Single
Kikuichimonji (きくいちもんじ) Mazurka 6F 3700 Nakajima Single
Flame Truncheon (ほのおのじゅって) Mazurka 6F 5000 Nakajima Multiple
Dance Sword (らんぶのつるぎ) Mazurka 6F, Mazurka B2 5500 Yumiko Multiple
Soul Orb Night (ソウルオブナイト) Mazurka B2 6900 Nakajima Single
Orichalcum Sword (オリハルコンのけん) Mazurka B2 9000 Nakajima Single
Master Sword (しゅのつるぎ) Mazurka B2, Anfini 4F 12000 Yumiko Multiple
Death's Sickle (しにがみのかま) Anfini 4F 20000 Nakajima Multiple
Perseus Sword (ペルセウスのけん) Anfini 4F 30000 Nakajima Multiple
Aura Sword (オーラのつるぎ) Anfini 4F 50000 Nakajima, Yumiko Multiple
Hinokagutsuchi Sword (ヒノカグツチのけん) Sky City 2F NA Nakajima Multiple


Body Armor:

Name Location Cost Equipped By
Combat Suit (コンバットスーツ) Daedalus 8F 140 Nakajima, Yumiko
Chain Garment (クサリかたびら) Daedalus 8F 800 Nakajima
Breastplate (ブレストプレート) Valhalla 1F, Sky City 2F 2200 Nakajima
Fiber Suit (ファイバースーツ) Sky City 2F, Mazurka 6F 4600 Yumiko
Fullbody Armor (かっちゅう) Mazurka 6F, Mazurka B2 9000 Nakajima
Orichalcum Armor (オリハルコンのよろい) Mazurka B2, Anfini 4F 18000 Nakajima
Aura Armor (オーラのよろい) Anfini 4F 37000 Nakajima, Yumiko
Mist Armor (きりのよろい) Anfini 2F NA Nakajima


Name Location Cost Equipped By
Broken Shield (かしのたて) Daedalus 8F 150 Nakajima
Steel Shield (こうてつのたて) Valhalla 1F 500 Nakajima
Ceramic Shield (セラミクスのたて) Sky City 2F 1000 Nakajima
Platinum Shield (プラチナのたて) Mazurka 6F 6000 Nakajima
Orichalcum Shield (オリハルコンのたて) Mazurka B2 12000 Nakajima
Aura Shield (オーラのたて) Anfini 4F 25000 Nakajima
Lion Shield (ししのたて) Dropped by Set NA Nakajima


Name Location Cost Equipped By
Helmet (ヘルメット) Daedalus 8F 130 Yumiko
Kevlar Helmet (ケブラーヘルメット) Valhalla 1F 500 Nakajima, Yumiko
Charmed Helmet (まよけのかぶと) Sky City 2F 1000 Yumiko
Angel Circlet (エンジェルリング) Mazurka 6F 4000 Yumiko
Yaksha Mask (やしゃのめん) Mazurka B2 12000 Nakajima
Aura Helmet (オーラのかぶと) Anfini 4F 25000 Nakajima, Yumiko
Daphne's Crown (ダフネのかんむり) Anfini 2F NA Yumiko


Amethyst (アメジスト)
Find in several locations scattered throughout game. Use to purchase items at Rag's shop. When escaping from battle, can be thrown to distract enemies and give 100% probability of successfully escaping the battle.

Coarse Gem (あら玉) Get by defeating Loki in Valhalla 1F. Need this to rescue Izanami.
Izanami's Clothes (イザナミのころも) Get by rescuing Izanami in Hellfire B2. Protects you from Hellfire.
Bull Key (おうしのKEY) Defeat the Medusa boss in Sky City 4F. Allows you to enter new areas.
Ares Necklace (アレスのくびかざり) Get by trading an amethyst at Rag's shop. Use to obtain Ratosu Statue.
Garu's Shield (ガルのたて)
Find in Daedalus 3F after defeating Minotaurus. Give to Garu, the Sky City guard, to enter Sky City.

Silent Gem (しず玉) Get by defeating Minotaurus. Need this to rescue Izanami.
Silver Relief (ぎんのレリーフ)
Get from Gaia in Mazurka 8F, East tower. He asks for a lot of money (> 33000 makka?). Use to open hidden passage in Mazurka 3F, East tower, room with mysterious shadow.

Tabasa Statue (タバサのぞう) Find in Southeast corner of Sky City 2F. Prevents Medusa from turning you to stone.
Magatama of Heaven (てんのまがたま) Needed to successfully obtain the Ratosu Statue.
**Thanks to Bobby Hopkins for the use of this item!!**
White Dragon Gem (はくりゅうのたま)
Get by reaching into the Bottomless Holy Pot with Rick's Bracelet, but must talk to a friendly character in Anfini 4F first. Prevents Lucifer from healing.

Old Gem (ふる玉) Get by defeating Hecate. Need this to rescue Izanami.
Purksi's Neigh (プルーシーのいななき)
Get by defeating Purksi in Hellfire 2F. Causes Set to be paralyzed periodically during battle.

Excursion Ticket (しゅうゆうけん)
Get by talking to man in Sky City 2F after defeating Medusa. Allows you to enter Sky City from any entrance.

Ratosu Statue (ラトスのぞう)
Get on Mazurka 5F. Must have Magatama of Heaven in your inventory, then replace the statue with the Ares Necklace to prevent setting off a trap. Use to make Hecate visible, otherwise you cannot damage her.

Rick's Bracelet (リックのうでわ)
Get by rescuing Rick in Valhalla B1. Allows you to retrieve the White Dragon Gem from the Bottomless Holy Pot.

Rusu's Bottle (ルースのこびん) Find in Hellfire 1F. Rusu will tell you when a hidden door is in front of you.


Yumiko's Spells:
Yumiko begins with a Map and healing spell (Medi), but she also gains spells as she levels up. Below, each spell is listed with its MP cost, the level it is acquired, and the effect the spell has.

Name MP Cost Level Obtained Effect
Map (マッパ) 2 1 Display map temporarily.
Medi (メディ) 2 1 Recover some HP for a single ally.
Patch (パッチ) 4 5 Cures CLOSE and SLEEP status ailments.
Botora (ボットラー) 5 10 Attack multiple enemies.
Etona (エトナ) 6 12 Disable multiple enemies' spell casting ability.
Swadona (スワードナ) 10 17 Display current password.
Marinkarin (マリンカリン) 10 23 Paralyze multiple enemies.
Krink (クリンク) 7 26 Heal status ailments.
Hack (ハッケ) 10 31 Damage single enemy.
Medical (メディカル) 8 36 Heal all HP for a single ally.
Start (スタルト) 12 41 Warp back to Daedalus 8F (Mikon City)
Rikamu (リカーム) 20 46 Resurrect single character (they will have 1 HP).
Demon Spells:
Demon spells are accessible to you through the use of recruitable demons. Below are listed all the spells recruitable demons may possess, their MP cost, and their effect.

Name MP Cost Effect
Kande (カンデ) 4 Damage multiple enemies.
Kandeon (カンデオン) 9 Damage multiple enemies.
Gaboato (ガボアット) 15 Damage multiple enemies.
Gusrito (グッスリト) 10 Put multiple enemies to sleep.
Psy (サイ) 1 Damage single enemy.
Psychic (サイキック) 8 Damage multiple enemies.
Cyclone (サイクロン) 12 Damage mutliple enemies.
Psycho (サイコ) 4 Damage single enemy.
Sabato (サバト) 8 Same as using COMP to summon a demon.
Tetraja (テトラジャ) 4 Protective barrier surrounds your party.
Dorumin (ドルミン) 3 Confuse single enemy.
Noppu (ノップ) 7 Paralyze multiple enemies.
Hyper (ハイパー) 2 Increase strength of entire party.
Hakyou (ハキョウ) 15 Damage single enemy.
Hammer (ハマ) 5 Damage single enemy.
Breeze (ブリズ) 5 Freeze single enemy. They are damaged and lose one turn.
Breeza (ブリザー) 10 Freeze multiple enemies. They are damaged and lose one turn.
Breezaton (ブリザトン) 14 Freeze multiple enemies. They are damaged and lose one turn.
Prinpa (プリンパ) 5 Confuse multiple enemies.
Boatona (ボアットナ) 10 Damage multiple enemies.
Medika (メディカ) 6 Recover some HP for the whole party.
In this section, I list all of the demons in the game (In "alphabetical" order according to the Japanese . Some types of demons are not recruitable. These types are listed below:

Demon types that cannot be recruited:

アクリョウ (Evil spirit)
キジョ (She-devil)
ゲンジュウ (Mythical beast)
ジャキ (Devil)
ジャシン (Evil god)
モノノケ (Vengeful spirit)
ヤマ (Stray demon)
ユウキ (Ghost)
ヨウジュウ (Dark beast)

For non-recruitable demons, their monster type and the location where you can encounter them is listed. For recruitable characters, their statistics are shown, with the following abbreviations: STR = Strength, INT = Intelligence, ATK = Attack, SPD = Speed, DEF = Defense, HP = Hit points, MP = Magic points.

Any spells the demon has will also be listed. For demons that can be obtained by fusion, I list what level you have to be in order to be allowed to fuse that particular demon. For most demons, I haven't pinpointed what level this is, but rather a range in which I became able to fuse them. For example, I list the level to fuse Odin as 48 to 50 because I didn't figure out exactly what level you need to achieve to be able to fuse him, but I know that it is in the range 48 to 50, meaning that if you are level 50 or higher, you can fuse him, but it's possible that you can fuse him as early as level 48. Another play-through would be helpful to pinpoint these levels more accurately and help from someone else would be appreciated (credit would be given, of course).

Non-Recruitable Demons:
Name Type Location
Akukaru (アクカル) ユウキ Hellfire
Demon Shrunken Head (あくまのほしくび) モノノケ Anfini
Asura (アシュラ) ジャシン Anfini
Astaroth (アスタロート) ジャシン Hellfire, Anfini (non-random)
A Bao A Qu (アバオアクー) モノノケ Mazurka
Apep (アピペ) ゲンジュウ Sky City
Arachne (アルケニー) キジョ Valhalla
Incubus (インキュブス) ヤマ Valhalla
Will O' Wisp (ウィルオウィスプ) モノノケ Daedalus, Sky City.
Ekimu (エキム) ジャキ Mazurka
Ogre (オーガ) ジャキ Valhalla
Ork (オーク) ジャキ Daedalus
Oni (オニ) ジャキ Anfini
Orthrus (オルトロス) ヨウジュウ Mazurka (non-random), Hellfire
Caim (カイム) ヤマ Sky City
Gargoyle (ガーゴイル) ジャキ Valhalla
King Troll (キングトロール) ジャキ Anfini
Ghoul (グール) アクリョウ Sky City
Green Slime (グリーンスライム) モノノケ Daedalus
Cockatrice (コカトライス) ゲンジュウ Hellfire
Gorgon (ゴーゴン) ヨウジュウ Hellfire
Ghost (ゴースト) アクリョウ Daedalus
Ghost Isuma (ゴースト・イスマ) アクリョウ Valhalla (non-random)
Serpent (サーペント) ゲンジュウ Mazurka
Cyclops (サイクロプス) ジャキ Hellfire
Succubus (サキュバス) ヤマ Mazurka
Sand Rooper (サンドルーパー) モノノケ Valhalla (non-random)
Shadow (シャドウ) ヤマ Anfini
Scylla (スキュラ) ゲンジュウ Anfini
Skeleton (スケルトン) アクリョウ Sky City
Slime Sludge (スライムヘドロ) モノノケ Sky City
Zoma (ゾマ) ジャシン Anfini
Zombie (ゾンビ) アクリョウ Daedalus
Taraga (ターラガ) キジョ Hellfire
Tamuzu (タムズ) ゲンジュウ Valhalla
Tarantella (タランテラ) ゲンジュウ Sky City
Tiamat (ティアマット) ヨウジュウ Anfini
Tihon (ティホン) ヨウジュウ Hellfire
Deva (ディーバ) ユウキ Anfini
Dullahan (デュラハーン) ユウキ Anfini
Dodongo (ドドンゴー) マジュウ Hellfire
Naasu (ナアス) キジョ Mazurka
Nue (ヌエ) ヨウジュウ Valhalla
Harpy (ハーピー) キジョ Daedalus (non-random), Sky City
White Demon Budo (ハクマ・ブドー) ユウキ Anfini
Baal (バアル) ジャシン Valhalla
Bug (バグ) ゲンジュウ Daedalus
Bathin (バシム) ゲンジュウ Daedalus
Balful (バレフール) ヨウジュウ Hellfire
Vampire (バンパイア) ユウキ Mazurka
Hydra (ヒドラ) ヨウジュウ Hellfire
Pink Rooper (ピンクルーパー) モノノケ Daedalus
Farai (ファライ) キジョ Valhalla
Pharaoh (ファラオ) ユウキ Mazurka
Fenrir (フェンリス) ヨウジュウ Mazurka
Fog (フォッグ) モノノケ Anfini (non-random)
Black Knight (ブラック・ナイト) ユウキ Hellfire
Blob (ブロブ) モノノケ Daedalus (non-random)
Purksi (プルーシー) ? Hellfire (non-random)
Behemoth (ベヘモス) ジャシン Hellfire
Beelzebub (ベルゼブブ) ジャシン Anfini (non-random)
Poltergeist (ポルターガイスト) モノノケ Mazurka
Maikonidoro (マイコニドロ) モノノケ Mazurka
Mad Slug (マッドスラッグ) モノノケ Daedalus
Manticore (マンティコア) ヨウジュウ Mazurka
Mummy (ミイラ) アクリョウ Hellfire
Megaplanarian (メガプラナリア) モノノケ Sky City
Medusa (メデューサ) モノノケ Sky City (non-random)
Mephistopheles (メフィストフェレス) ヤマ Anfini
Laughing Skull (ラフィンスカル) アクリョウ Hellfire
Rangda (ランダ) キジョ Anfini
Loa (ロア) ヤマ Mazurka

Recruitable Demons:
Name Type Location STR INT ATK SPD DEF HP MP Spells Fusion Level
Anubis (アヌビス) シンジュウ NA 18 14 18 17 14 697 52 Psychic, Kande, Hyper 40
Apis (アピス) セイジュウ NA 14 8 14 13 13 249 32 Psy, Medical 21
Alraune (アルラウネ) ゲンマ NA 14 19 7 11 7 232 70 Marinkarin, Medika, Krink 20
Werewolf (ウェアウルフ) ジュウジン Anfini 16 14 15 14 15 427 0 None NA
Werecat (ウェアキャット) ジュウジン Valhalla 13 13 10 13 7 91 36 Marinkarin, Hyper, Medical NA
Uonron (ウォンロン) シンジュウ NA 19 18 19 20 18 858 90 Gaboato, Tetraja, Krink 53
Viy (ヴィー) モレイ Sky City 9 8 10 9 8 53 0 None 9
Elf (エルフ) ヨウセイ Valhalla 9 15 7 12 5 76 64 Breeze, Marinkarin, Rikamu NA
Odin (オーディン) マジン NA 19 20 18 18 19 847 83 Breezaton, Etona, Medical 50
Orias (オリアス) ジュウジン Valhalla 10 9 11 13 10 110 0 None 12
Kali (カーリー) キシン NA 19 18 20 15 18 806 88 Boatona, Hack, Etona 45
Kawancha (カワンチャ) セイレイ NA 13 12 11 12 13 195 51 Botora, Hack, Tetraja 19
Ganesha (ガネーシャ) マジン NA 19 16 19 16 19 817 79 Hakyou, Hyper, Patch 48
Chimera (キムイラ) シンジュウ NA 18 13 19 20 13 672 34 Breeza, Medi 30
Cancer (キャンサー) マジュウ Daedalus 9 7 8 7 10 36 0 None 3
Girtab (ギルタブ) ジュウジン Hellfire 15 13 14 14 14 335 0 None NA
Cuhullin (クーフーリン) ゲンマ NA 16 14 15 15 17 425 40 Botora, Hack, Tetraja 31
Kutamu (クタム) セイレイ NA 10 10 9 10 16 100 23 Psy, Medical 13
Krishna (クリシュナ) マジン NA 20 20 20 20 20 999 99 Gaboato, Hakyou, Gusrito 57
Quetzalcoatl (ケツアルカトル) マジュウ Hellfire 16 10 15 17 15 417 0 None NA
Kelpie (ケルピー) セイレイ Valhalla 11 10 13 11 11 117 40 Psycho, Hammer 17
Cerberus (ケルベロス) マジュウ Daedalus 11 11 12 12 9 180 20 Hammer, Sabato NA
Goblin (ゴブリン) ヨウセイ NA 10 8 9 8 9 65 0 None 7
Giant (ジャイアント) チレイ Hellfire 15 13 15 11 15 349 0 None NA
Jinn (ジン) ゲンマ NA 17 17 12 17 13 483 85 Breezaton, Noppu, Patch 33
Susanoo (スサノオ) キシン NA 18 12 18 13 17 597 33 Botora, Hack, Tetraja 37
Stoneka (ストーンカ) マジュウ Mazurka 12 10 14 12 13 210 0 None 16
Sphinx (スフィンクス) シンジュウ NA 17 20 17 18 15 678 87 Cyclone, Medika, Krink 43
Siren (セイレーン) ジュウジン Sky City 9 11 8 11 6 68 49 Psycho, Gusrito, Tetraja 7
Sobek (セベク) セイジュウ NA 15 11 15 16 14 497 57 Breeza, Medi 29
Saurus (ソラス) ジュウジン Daedalus 8 7 7 7 7 32 0 None 1
Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ) ゲンマ NA 16 16 12 10 15 411 72 Psy, Dorumin, Patch 28
Thor (トール) キシン NA 20 14 19 15 17 792 70 Psychic, Kande, Hyper 40
Trent (トレント) セイレイ Sky City (non-random) 10 9 9 8 9 80 32 Psycho, Hammer 8
Troll (トロール) ヨウセイ Valhalla 11 10 11 9 11 106 0 None 14
Dawn (ドーン) セイジュウ NA 16 13 16 15 15 450 33 Psychic, Kande, Hyper 32
Dryad (ドリアード) ヨウセイ Daedalus 8 10 6 5 7 48 0 None 3
Dwarf (ドワーフ) チレイ Valhalla 10 9 11 8 10 95 0 None NA
Naga (ナーガ) キシン NA 17 12 17 14 13 481 40 Breeza, Medi 29
Nekomata (ネコマタ) マジュウ Sky City 10 11 8 10 6 58 22 Marinkarin, Medi 6
Gnome (ノーム) チレイ Daedalus 7 7 7 6 6 11 0 None 1
Hanuman (ハヌマーン) ゲンマ NA 18 17 18 16 17 650 82 Cyclone, Prinpa, Tetraja 35
Baku (バク) セイジュウ NA 10 10 12 11 9 110 25 Psy, Medical 10
Basilisk (バジリスク) マジュウ Mazurka 16 13 16 14 14 171 0 None NA
Bastet (バステト) セイジュウ NA 15 17 10 15 8 304 72 Boatona, Marinkarin, Medika 25
Varaha (バハラ) マジュウ Valhalla 12 11 11 12 12 205 0 None 14
Barong (バロン) シンジュウ NA 19 19 18 18 17 781 72 Kandeon, Etona, Sabato 47
Banda (バンダー) マジュウ Sky City 10 10 11 10 10 125 0 None 8
Pazuzu (パズス) セイレイ NA 14 13 12 12 13 252 48 Psycho, Gusrito, Tetraja 21
Fungus (ファンガス) チレイ Sky City 9 9 10 10 10 74 0 None 12
Formorian (フォーモリア) ヨウセイ Valhalla (non-random), Mazurka 13 13 11 9 9 183 84 Hammer, Sabato NA
Puca (プーカ) ヨウセイ Valhalla 10 11 11 10 11 107 56 Botora, Kande, Tetraja NA
Hekketo (ヘケット) ジュウジン Daedalus 7 6 7 6 6 15 0 None 1
Bogle (ボーグル) ヨウセイ Sky City 8 9 7 8 6 28 34 Psycho, Hammer NA
Yaksha (ヤシャ) キシン NA 18 17 14 19 14 596 64 Psychic, Dorumin, Patch 39
Yomotsu Shikome (ヨモツシコメ) モレイ Sky City 8 9 8 9 7 38 24 Psy, Dorumin, Patch 5
Lakshmi (ラクシュミ) ゲンマ NA 16 20 9 11 11 300 99 Breeza, Gusrito, Rikamu 26
Rakee (ラケー) チレイ Mazurka 16 11 15 13 13 422 0 None NA
Lagoon (ラゴーン) セイジュウ NA 13 11 12 11 12 200 42 Psycho, Hammer 15
Lamia (ラミア) ジュウジン Anfini 16 14 14 12 15 301 66 Botora, Kande, Tetraja NA
Remurian (レムリアン) ジュウジン Daedalus 8 7 7 8 7 34 0 None 1
Wyvern (ワイバーン) マジュウ Anfini 17 11 16 16 16 502 0 None NA
Name Location
Minotaurus (ミノタウロス) Daedalus 1F
Medusa (メデューサ) Sky City 4F
Loki (ロキ) Valhalla 1F
Hecate (ヘクテ) Mazurka 3F
Set (セト) Hellfire 1F
Lucifer (ルシファー) Anfini 8F
Demon Fusion
Below, I list some combinations of demons that can be fused together to produce a desired demon. For example, you can make an Alraune by fusing a Goblin with a Cancer or by fusing a Nekomata with a Goblin. There are many more combinations that I haven't tried. If two demons are not compatible for fusion, they will result in a Dryad.

Demon Created Demon Fusion Pairs
Goblin + Cancer
Nekomata + Goblin
Baku + Dryad
Elf + Cancer
Apis + Dryad
Formorian + Cancer
Troll + Cancer

Trent + Thor
Cuhullin + Baku
Naga + Kawancha
Susanoo + Kawancha
Hanuman + Baku
Kali + Dryad
Lagoon + Cuhullin

Alraune + Gnome
Lakshmi + Gnome
Tsukuyomi + Gnome
Varaha + Orias
Basilisk + Lamia

Cancer + Hekketo
Orias + Hekketo
Orias + Cancer
Kelpie + Dryad
Saurus + Hekketo
Trent + Dryad
Nekomata + Hekketo
Siren + Hekketo
Siren + Saurus
Remurian + Hekketo
Remurian + Orias
АТАРИ 400 / 800 / XL
DOS 70
8 BIT 527
16 BIT 378
32 BIT 15
64 BIT 8