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Hokuto no Ken 3: Shinseiki Souzou Seiken Retsuden перевод игры
- - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
- - - = = = == Game Mechanics = = = = - - -
- - - = = = =================== = = = - - - [sec2]

Anyone who has played an RPG will be familiar with the way this game plays.
Here, I just list a few important points.

1) Save your game by staying at an inn. You must actually pay to rest to be
able to save.
2) You can only sell items at the tool shop.
3) Your characters cannot re-target during battle when an enemy they target
dies. For example, Kenshiro and Lin both target Enemy A, but Kenshiro
kills Enemy A. Lin then takes no action instead of attacking a different
4) If your party is wiped out, you keep all of the items and experience you
had, but lose half your money.

- - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
- - - = = = ====== Menus ====== = = = - - -
- - - = = = =================== = = = - - - [sec3]

---Starting Menu
When the game starts, first choose a save file. Then you'll have the
following menu options:
たびをする - "Travel"
たびのきろくを けす - "Erase travel record"
たびのきろくを うつす - "Copy travel record"
ひょうじそくどを かえる - "Change display speed". Change text speed. Submenu
options are: はやい ("fast"), おそい ("slow"), and ふつう ("normal").

---Walking Menu
While walking around, press "A" to open the following menu:
はなす - "Talk"
どうぐ - "Items"
とる - "Take". Open treasure chests.
たいれつ - "Formation". Change ordering of your party members.
ひこう - "Hikou". Use special skills.
そうび - "Equipment". Equip weapons and armor.
つよさ - "Strength". Shows the status menu.
いどう - "Migrate". Warp to previously visited locations.

---Status Menu
The status menu shows you the following information:
けいけんち - "Experience"
レベル - "Level"
HP - "Hit points"
OP - "Ougi Points". Required to use special skills.
MHP - "Max HP"
MOP - "Max OP"
つぎのレベルまで "(Experience) until next level"
すばやさ - "Speed"
めいちゅうりつ - "Accuracy"
しゅびりょく - "Defense"
こうげきりょく "Attack"
かなしみ - "Sadness"
いかり - "Anger"

---Battle Menu
Below are the menu options during battle. Some options are only available for
certain characters.
こうげき - "Attack". Regular physical attack.
おうぎ - "Ougi". Use special skills.
ひこう - "Hikou". Use special skills.
どうぐ - "Items"
にげる - "Run"
ちりょう - "Medical treatment". Heal a single ally. No cost to use this
option. Only Lin has this ability.
かいひ - "Evasion". This character runs from the battle alone. Only Lin and
Bat can do this.
ぼうぎょ - "Defend"

- - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
- - - = = = === Walkthrough === = = = - - -
- - - = = = =================== = = = - - - [sec4]

---Messiah (メサイア)----------------------------------------------[sec4a]---
Weapon Shop:
Cloth Clothes - 20
Cloth Shoulderpads - 15
Club - 40

Tool Shop:
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

You begin the game in the town of Messiah. Enter the building near the
entrance and talk to the old man inside. He sees 7 scars on your chest and
asks if you're Kenshiro. Say はい ("yes"). He tells you that your lover,
Yuria, has been captured by the king who controls the city of Southern Cross.
He says Misumi, in Minori, knows the path to Southern Cross.

Talk to the young girl in this building, Lin (リン). She offers to come on
your journey since she has a lot of travel experience, so say "yes" and
she'll join your party. You learn the location of Minori (ミノーリ), so you
can use the いどう ("Migrate") command to warp there anytime. But there's
more to do in Messiah first.

Talk to the kid in the upper-left corner of town, named Bat (バット). He says
he wants to be your manager and joins your party.

Buy equipment for all of your party. Kenshiro already has his, but you need
to equip it. Buy the Cloth Clothes, Cloth Shoulderpads, and Club for Lin and

"Migrate" to Minori.

---Minori (ミノーリ)---------------------------------------------------------
Weapon Shop:
Leather Clothes - 80
Leather Shoulderpads - 60
Club - 40
Knife - 80

Tool Shop:
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

Enter the building in the upper-left corner to talk to the village elder. He
is on the left out of the two old guys. He says Misumi, on the right,
received a shock from Jido and is unable to communicate.

A girl on the right-side of town says the Jido Base is to the Southeast.

Go far to the South from town to start engaging in battles and building
levels. Get money so you can buy better equipment in Minori. Make use of
Lin's ちりょう ("Medical treatment") command during battle to heal for free.
Use the "Migrate" command to instantly return to town if your HP is low.

When you're ready, go Southeast, through the hills, to find a ruined
building, the Jido Base.

---Jido (ジード) Base--------------------------------------------------------
You can still use the "Migrate" command inside the base to return to town, by
the way. Just follow the path until you come to a fork. Both directions lead
to the same destination, but the path going up is faster. Almost all
"dungeons" in this game have a similar theme: a fork with paths that lead to
the same destination, but one is faster. Go up the stairs you find.

On the second floor, go up at the fork to find the stairs.

On the third floor, take the fork path leading down to reach the staircase.

On the fourth floor, take the fork path leading down to reach the staircase.

On the fifth floor, take the downward path at the first fork. At the second
fork, take the path leading downward again. Eventually you'll come across a
person. Talk to him and a boss battle with Jido (ジード) commences. Use the
おうぎ power called じゅうはざん to do more damage. This battle should be no
problem. I was at level 8, but you shouldn't have to be so high leveled. He
drops the Seed Rice (たねもみ).

"Migrate" back to Minori (ミノーリ).

Talk to the two guys in the building in the upper-left corner of town again.
You give them the Seed Rice, and they say the town is saved. The old guy on
the right tells you to take a path next to the building to reach Southern
Cross. Outside, you'll see there's now a staircase next to the building. Go
down it.

Inside, follow the path and before long you will come across an enemy, Spade
(スペード). If you talk to him, you'll engage in a battle which is mandatory
for you to progress the story. There's another enemy, Diamond (ダイヤ),
further down the passage that you must beat. There's a playing cards theme
here (spades, diamonds, etc.), which you'll recognize from the manga if
you've read it.

At the fork, go right some Medicine if you want it.

Continue along the path to find stairs leading up to Southern Cross.

---Southern Cross (サザンクロス)-----------------------------------[sec4b]---
Sake - 250
Beer - 200
Whiskey - 300
Cola - 100

Save at the inn on the left. The guy disappears, hmm. Note, you can now
"Migrate" to Southern Cross. There's not much in town. Just the inns, a bar,
and the "King's Palace".

At the bar, you can buy Sake and give it to the old man in the lower-left
corner of the bar for some Medicine (which is obviously a waste).

At level 9, Ken gains the おうぎ skill called せんじゅかいけん, which can
attack all enemies at once, and makes your life much easier since you can
beat enemies of four a lot quicker.

Enter the building next to the inn with a bunch of people in front of it.
This is the "King's Palace". On the first floor, take either path at the fork
to reach the stairs. On the second floor, down at the fork to find an
encounter with One of Shin's henchmen. He's a weak enemy. Continue along and
go upstairs. On the third floor, go left at the fork, then down at the next
fork to find the stairs. On the fourth floor, go up at the fork and meet a
boss encounter with Club (クラブ). He was easy for me (at level 9). Go
upstairs. In this room you fight Heart (ハート). Regular attacks do little
damage, so use the おうぎ skill called じゅうはざん to do better damage. I
won this at level 9. Finally, you can fight the "king", Shin (シン). But it's
probably a good idea to "Migrate" back to town first and rest. When fighting
Shin, use じゅうはざん on every turn and you should win unless he lands too
many critical hits. I won at level 9.

As Shin dies, he says your lover Yuria is already dead. A doll at the top of
the screen was made to look like Yuria, which got Ken excited, but it wasn't
really her.

Open the chest at the top of this room to get Yuria's Necklace
(ユリアのネックレス). It's an unimportant item as far as I can tell. You can
use it on Lin, but I doubt there's an effect.

"Migrate" to Southern Cross to get out of the building quickly. The people in
town are stoked you killed Shin. Talk to the guy in the left inn to get the
Oasis Map (オアシスのちず) as an apology for his earlier disappearance. Use
the Oasis Map to learn the location of Oasis (オアシス). "Migrate" there.

---Oasis (オアシス)----------------------------------------------------------
Weapon Shop:
Leather Clothes - 80
Leather Shoulderpads - 60
Nunchaku - 300

Tool Shop:
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

Oasis is bein plagued by the Colonel and his Red Beret soldiers from Godland.
They're kidnapping women and young girls to make them procreate and increase
the number of the chosen people.

Talk to the village elder in the building South of the inn to leave behind
(あずける) or retrieve (つれだす) party members.

Buy Nunchakus for Ken.

Go beat up the enemies wandering in the Southeast corner of town. Then, go
Northwest from town to find Godland.

---Godland (ゴツトランド)----------------------------------------------------
Rest at the inn if you like, then enter the big building below it.

To find the stairs, take the following directions at each fork: down, down,
right, right, right. You're now in a boss's room. You fight the Colonel
(カーネル). He was no problem for me at level 11. Use the ひこう skill
ふくげんこう to heal when needed, and just use normal physical attacks to
beat him.

You save a room full of kidnapped girls. You hear of a girl named Aili who
was sold off.

Back outside, talk to the guy Northwest of the Godland building. He will take
you by boat to Grim Town for 50 gold.

---Grim Town (グリムタウン)----------------------------------------[sec4c]---
Weapon Shop:
Jack Knife - 200
Tonfa - 400
Leather Clothes - 80
Leather Shoulderpads - 60
Knife - 80

Tool Shop:
Pelune Map - 350
Benardo Map - 150
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

There's a guy blocking the entrance to the village. Say "yes" twice to say
that you defeated the Colonel and to promise to defeat the Kiba Family. You
can now "Migrate" to Grim Town.

You can find the Mamiya Shoulderpads at the inn, equippable by Lin.

In the lower-right building, talk to a guy at the back. His name is Rei
(レイ) and he wants you to save his sister Aili from the Kiba Family.

In town, you hear that the Kiba Family base is in the mountains to the West.
Walk West of town and look for an opening in the mountains. When you find it,
walk straight West to find an enemy with a kidnapped girl behind him. It is
the leader of the Kiba Family (キバだいおう). Use the おうぎ skill
じゅうはざん to attack, and heal as needed to beat him.

Return to the building in the Southeast corner of Grim Town. Talk to the guy
in the back, Rei, who vows his life to you to thank you for saving his
sister. He joins your party.

Buy the two maps Pelune Map (ペルーネのちず) and Benardo Map (ベナルドのちず)
at the tool shop. Use them to gain the ability to "Migrate" to Pelune
(ペルーネ) and Benardo Town (ベナルドタウン). You can sell the maps back to
the tool shop after using them to get most of your money back.

---Benardo Town (ベナルドタウン)---------------------------------------------
Weapon shop:
Kempo Gi - 200
Combat Clothes - 240
Feather Clothes - 350
Alloy Shoulderpads - 150
Whip - 300
Tonfa - 400
Bowgun - 3000

Tool Shop:
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

Rei learns the おうぎ skill called なんとひしょうけん at level 13, which
attacks all enemies at once, a very useful skill, so keep an eye out for
that. It seems like you need to level build to around level 15 to be able to
handle the current enemies in this area. When you're ready, enter the
building at the South end of town.

Inside, go down at the fork and go upstairs. On the second floor, go down at
the fork to find the stairs. On the third floor, go right at the fork to find
the stairs. On the fourth floor, you will be in the boss' lair. This boss is
Jagi (ジャギ), one of Kenshiro's "brothers". Use おうぎ skill called
きゅうきょくりゅうぶ to fly in the air, which seems to make him miss more.
Other than that, normal attacks seem to work fine, so you can save your OP
for healing. I defeated Jagi at level 16.

Next, "Migrate" to Pelune.

---Pelune (ペルーネ)---------------------------------------------------------
Sake - 250
Beer - 200
Whiskey - 300
Cola - 100

Weapon Shop:
Kempo Gi - 200
Combat Clothes - 240
Waterfowl Clothes - 900
Nanto Hagoromo - 1200
Flight Shoulderpads - 700
Nanto Shoulderpads - 1000
Gold Knife - 1800
San Setsukon - 2200

In Pelune, enter the far right building. At the fork, go left to find some
Medicine. Shortly, you will come across a boss character, Amiba (アミバ),
who is posing as one of Kenshiro's "brothers", Toki. Use the おうぎ skill
called きゅうきょくりゅうぶ to fly in the air to reduce his hit percent. He
has the ability to paralyze you, so make sure your HP is always up pretty
high because you may not get a turn to heal for several turns. At level 17, I
found this to be a pretty easy fight.

You free a boy from behind some bars. His name is Asuhide and he wants you to
deliver a letter to someone. You get Asuhide's Letter (アスヒデのてがみ).

"Migrate" back to Benardo Town (ベナルドタウン). Talk to the old man in front
of the building at the South end of town. You give him the letter. He goes to
see his grandson at the place where you freed him, back in Pelune. "Migrate"
back to Pelune (ペルーネ) and go back inside the building on the right to
where the boy is. Talk to the old man who is now there. To thank you for
rescuing the boy, he tells you how to enter Villainy Prison
(ビレニイプリズン). He says to take a path located behind the bar.

Go back outside and you will see that there are now stairs behind the bar, so
go down them. Inside the passage, you will find some Medicine. Go down when
you reach the fork, then go upstairs.

---Villainy Prison-----------------------------------------------------------
You emerge outside in a new location. Go down the nearby stairs to the lower-
right. In the passage, go down at the first fork, then left at the second.
You will find a boss character, Devil Reverse (デビルリバース). I was at
level 18 when I defeated him, but it was a tough battle. Use the おうぎ skill
called きゅうきょくりゅうぶ to reduce his hit percent, and attack him with
おうぎ skills. I used がんざんりょうざんは to attack him. After the battle,
heal youself before talking to him again. Then when you talk to him, you will
fight Jackal (ジャッカル). This fight is significantly easier. Save your OP
for healing and just use normal attacks to defeat him. When you win, you will
get the Cassandra Key (カサンドラのカギ).

"Migrate" back to Bernado Town (ベナルドタウン).

Go North from town and you will run into a city wall, then go West to find
the entrance into the city. Say "yes" to instigate the guard there, which is
a very easy battle. Behind the guard is a locked gate. Use the Cassandra Key
to open it. Then you will be entering Cassandra.

The only building you can enter in Cassandra is a prison on the far left side
of town. Inside, at the entrance, you fight Uighur (ウイグル), the prison
warden. I beat him at level 18, but I was very lucky. It's a tough fight, at
least at that level. I used the おうぎ skill called きゅうきょくりゅうぶ to
try to reduce his hit percentage, and then used the おうぎ skill called
がんざんりょうざんは to attack him.

When you manage to defeat him, "Migrate" back to Oasis and go to the elder's
house, South of the inn, where you can leave behind one of your party
members, which you'll have to do now. Leave Lin or Bat behind (I prefer
keeping Lin since she has the healing ability), then return to Cassandra.

Inside, go down at the fork, then right to find a jail cell. Use the
Cassandra Key to unlock it if you like and talk to the guy, the continue on
going right down the corridor. At the next fork, go down, then go left at the
next fork to find another jail cell. Open it with the Cassandra Key and talk
to the guy in white. He is Toki (トキ), one of Kenshiro's "brothers", who
will now join your party assuming you have room. If you didn't leave Bat or
Lin at the elder's house in Oasis, then you have to do that first before
he'll join you.

There are other jail cells here you can open if you like, but I don't think
it's mandatory. "Migrate" to Pelune and buy some equipment for Toki.

"Migrate" to Grim Town. There is a boss character blocking the entrance named
Raoh (ラオウ). Rei battles him and holds him off temporarily, but is mortally
wounded. He will die in three days. Now, enter the building to the right of
the tool shop. Inside, go left at the fork to find the stairs. Rei kills Yuda
(ユダ), saving the woman Mamiya, and then he dies.

With the new opening in your party, "Migrate" to Oasis and enter the elder's
house to get the character you left behind (Bat or Lin).

"Migrate" to Grim Town and talk to the guy in front of the weapon shop who
tells you of a hidden passage in Southern Cross.

"Migrate" to Southern Cross (サザンクロス). Go down the new stairs behind the
inn. Follow the passage, going down at the fork, and get the Medicine on the
way before finding the stairs. Go upstairs to appear in Nanto City.

---Nanto City (なんとのまち)---------------------------------------[sec4d]---
Tool shop:
Aura Source - 80
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

Find a treasure chest West of the tool shop to get the Shisou Shoulderpads
(しそうのかたあて), equippable by Toki. You can buy Aura Source
(オーラのみなもと) from the item shop here, which is a very handy item. It
restores you OP, so you should have some in hand so you can max out your OP
before boss fights.

Go West of town to find a big pyramid. There are some treasures on the ground
around here. Up and right from the pyramid are the Hokuto Shisoubui
(ほくとしそうぶい) and the Love Whip (あいのムチ). Below the pyramid is the
Koryu Shoes (コウリュウのくつ).

Wandering out front of the pyramid is a boss character, Souther (サウザー).
Use an Aura Source before fighting him to restore your OP if you need to.
During battle, use the おうぎ skill called てんはかっさつ to damage him.
Nothing else is affective. His attacks do some big damage. I beat him when I
was at level 23, but it took a couple tries. Don't bother using the
きゅうきょくりゅうぶ skill since it doesn't seem to make him miss, nor does
it seem effective on any future boss. If you can survive 4 or 5 turns you
should be able to beat him.

Go down the stairs behind the pyramid. Inside is an old man named Koryu
(コウリョウ) who studied the Hokuto Shinken with your master Ryuken. He
teaches you the おうぎ skill called すいえいしん.

Return to Nanto City, then go South to the edge of some mountains, then go
East to find a new city. In the inn, a guy has a message for Toki. He says
Raoh is waiting at Toki's Hometown (トキのこきょう).

The tool shop here has the same items as Nanto City. Talk to the lady in
front of the boat to be transported to Toki's Hometown (トキのこきょう).

---Toki's Hometown (トキのこきょう)------------------------------------------
Raou is at the entrance. Toki fights him and dies. Ken learns the おうぎ
skill called むそうてんせい by witnessing the battle. Raoh disappears for

An old man here says someone is waiting for you in the village to the East.
Head Southeast to find a small town, Gosha.

---Gosha (ごしゃ)------------------------------------------------------------
Inside the inn, you can find some treasure chests containing Nanto Gosha
Seigi (なんとごしゃせいぎ), Alloy Shoulderpads (ごうきんのかたあて), and the
Kijin Sword (きじんのけん). Outside, just a little South of the inn is the
Kijin Shoulderpads (きじんのかたあて).

Head Southwest of Gosha to find another building. An old man in front says
Yuria and Raou are in this tower. The guy at the entrance, Fudoh (フドウ),
offers to help and joins your party.

Enter the "tower". On the first floor, take a right at the fork to find the
stairs. The second, third, and fourth floors are all the same, so take a
right at the fork each time to find the stairs. On the fifth floor, you find
Yuria and Raou. There's an explosion outside set by the old man that was out
there who was trying to catch Raoh in a trap, but Raou escapes. Go outside on
foot (don't use "Migrate", or you will have to walk all the way back here).
Talk to the guy at the North part of the tower exterior who says Raou is
waiting at the Hokuto Renkitoza (ほくとれんきとうざ), which you can now
"Migrate" to.

Fudoh runs off ahead of you, leaving your party.

---Hokuto Renkitoza (ほくとれんきとうざ)-------------------------------------
Fudoh is at the entrance, but he disappears again. Now is finally the
decisive battle with Raou. Your regular physical attack is not effective
here. I used the おうぎ skill called てんはかっさつ to attack, but there are
other options. By now, you probably have the ひこう skill called
ふくせいこう, which is a better healing skill than the other one, so use that
to restore HP.

When you win, you save Yuria. A significant amount of time elapses, Yuria
dies, Bat and Lin grow up, and Kenshiro goes off again in pursuit of bringing
justice to the post-apocolyptic world.

---Gento City (げんとのまち)---------------------------------------[sec4e]---
Weapon Shop:
Flame Garment - 1500
Kento Gi - 1400
Stylish Shoulderpads - 500
Gold Shoulderpads - 1300
Senkou Whip - 4000
Nana Setsukon - 6000
Alloy Gloves - 2400

Tool shop:
Aura Source - 80
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

You now find yourself in Gento City. The people here tell you Ain City is to
the West.

Go directly West from town to find Ain City.

---Ain City (アインのむら)---------------------------------------------------
Tool shop:
Aura Source - 80
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

In the back of Ain is a guy in front of a building who says Ain's daughter is
in trouble on the 2nd floor. Say "yes" to agree to help. You have to go
around the guy to enter the door from the left side. It seems like you can't
do that by looking at the tiles, but you can in this game.

Inside, go left at the fork to find some Medicine, then go upstairs. Here,
you fight Tawaba (タワバ), who's extremely weak. You save a girl who thanks
you. Walk out of the building on foot and talk to the guy at the building
entrance again who thanks you and says he'll tell Ain.

Next, return to Gento to heal and save. Then, from Gento, head a couple
screens West, then go North to find another city. Find the opening in the
South wall to enter the city, then go to the upper-left to find some people.
Talk to the nearest guy who turns out to be Ain (アイン) who thanks you for
saving his daughter and joins your party. Talk to the other guy to fight him.
Use an Aura Source if your OP is low and attack with a strong skill like
てんはかっさつ. When you win, go down the stairway.

Inside the passage, go right at the fork. There is a Seven Scars if you go
further right beyond the stairs if you want it. When you go upstairs, you
will be outside again.

You can see a treasure on the left side of the screen which contains the
Daison Glove (だいそんのてぶくろ). After getting that, enter the building.

On the first floor, go down at the fork. On the second floor, go left at both
forks. On the third floor, you face a boss character, Geira (ゲイラ). Normal
attacks worked fine against him for me at level 30.

Go back outside by foot and you will now see some stairs to the upper-left of
the building. Inside, go right at the fork to find the stairs. You emerge
outside another building. You are likely to encounter an unusually tough non-
boss fight with Soria (ソリア) in this area. Go inside the building. At the
forks you come across, go the following directions: down, down, right, down,
right. As you approach the stairs, you will encounter Jask (ジャスク) who you
can't seem to hurt very much, but he just runs away, so don't waste any OP on

On the next floor, you fight Falco (ファルコ). I was at level 31 and found
this to be a hard fight. He can do huge damage with his attacks. Use おうぎ
skills to attack. I used てんはかっさつ, but you have some stronger options
too. By now, you might have the ひこう skill called せっかつこう, which can
fully heal your HP, so make use of that. I won this battle at level 32.

After winning, go down the stairs at the back of the room. In the passage, go
up at the fork. In the next room, you fight Jako (ジャコウ). He's super weak,
so no worries. Talk to some people in the room. It turns out you saved Lin's
sister. Yay! You appear back outside. Some guy says that Jask crossed the
sea. He says to go see Rihaku (リハク). You are now able to "Migrate"to the
Port of Rihaku (リハクのみなと). You then learn that Jask kidnapped Lin.

---Port of Rihaku (リハクのみなと)-------------------------------------------
In the Port of Rihaku, open the chest on the right to get the Hokuto Heir Gi

From some conversations, you learn that Lin was taken overseas to the country
of Shura (シュラ).

In the inn, open a treasure chest for the Love Shoulderpads (あいのかたあて).
A guy here says to ask the old guy of the cape if you want to cross the sea.
Outside, go East a little to see an old man and a boat. Talk to the old man,
say "yes", and you will board the boat. Your party members don't come with
you, and you will be alone with only Kenshiro for the rest of the game.

On the boat, go right and speak to the captain. He asks you to deliver a
letter to his son, Shachi (シャチ). You get Akashachi's Letter
(あかシャチのてがみ). You are then dropped off on land in the village of

---Bolo Village (ボロのむら)---------------------------------------[sec4f]---
Tool shop:
Aura Source - 80
Seven Scars - 40
Medicine - 15

You are now able to "Migrate" to Bolo Village (ボロのむら) and the Pirate
Ship (かいぞくせん).

Go West from town and a little North to find a small town. Talk to the guy at
the entrance to fight Kaizer (カイゼル), a pretty easy fight..

When you beat Kaizer, return to Bolo Village and talk to the old man inside
the inn, in the Southeast corner. He says thanks you for defeating Kaizer,
and he wants you to deliver a letter.

Go Northwest a long way from Bolo Village to find the town of Labian.

---Labian (ラビアン)---------------------------------------------------------
Talk to a lady just outside of the inn. Then, go inside the inn and talk to
the guy in the upper-right corner. You deliver the letter and he reveals a
staircase in the upper-left corner of the inn.

Go downstairs and head right at the fork to find a Seven Scars and the stairs

You emerge outside near a building. You can now "Migrate" to this location:
Han Castle (ハンのしろ). There's a treasure chest on the left side of the
building, which allows you to get the Souke Shoulderpads (そうけのかたあて).
Enter the building to fight a boss, Han (ハン). He can attack twice per turn,
so be prepared for him to deal some heavy damage occasionally.

Return to Labian and talk to the guy in the inn again who tells you to go to
a mansion in the East. So go directly East to find a small hut surrounded by
water. Inside, at the top of the screen is someone called Jukei (ジュウケイ).
Talk to him and he'll open a passage for you to go down.

Inside the passage, you will find a Seven Scars. Go left at the fork to find
the stairs. When you emerge outside, go left to find a building. There is a
treasure chest to the upper-left of the building containing the Souke
Medicine (そうけのひやく). Go down the stairs inside the hill looking thing
to the North of the building. Talk to the guy inside to learn the skill
じゅせいもん, which will counter Hyou's technique.

Go back outside and go down to talk to an old guy. Say "yes" and he tells you
Hyou is in this building. Talk to the guy guarding the door, who you have to

Inside, you'll find a Seven Scars and find the stairs without coming across a
fork. When you emerge outside, you can now "Migrate" to this location:
Raseiden (らせいでん).

---Raseiden (らせいでん)-----------------------------------------------------
Go down the stairs behind the building. Go up at the fork and you will come
across a boss in front of the stairs, Hyou (ヒョウ). Use the おうぎ skill
けんとうしゃだん to decrease the damage you take, especially since he can hit
you 3 times in one turn. Fight him with some strong おうぎ attacks at first.
Eventually, all of your attacks will start missing. At that point, you must
use the おうぎ skill じゅせいもん to instantly kill him. You then learn the
おうぎ skill しほうりん.

Go up the stairs to emerge outside. Now you can "Migrate" to this new
location: Taiseiden (たいせいでん).

---Taiseiden (たいせいでん)--------------------------------------------------
At the upper-left of this building, you can open a treasure chest to get the
Shuken Dougi (シュケンのどうぎ).

Inside the building, walk up to the statue of a woman and use the おうぎ
skill しほうりん to learn the おうぎ skill そうけのひけん.

Go back outside and go Northwest to find Kaiou Castle. Inside, you meet the
final boss, Kaioh (カイオウ).

Kaioh will paralyze you and kill you pretty easily unless you use the おうぎ
skill しちせいてんしん. Use some strong おうぎ skills to attack him (I used
てんはかっさつ) and he should go down fairly easily. Congratulations! That's
the end!

- - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
- - - = = = ==== Equipment ==== = = = - - -
- - - = = = =================== = = = - - - [sec5]

Here is a list of weapons and armor, the strength of each piece of equipment,
and the characters who can equip them:

Club (こんぼう) - ATK +5 (Lin, Bat)
Knife (ナイフ) - ATK +7 (Lin)
Nunchaku (ヌンチャク) - ATK +10 (Ken)
Jack Knife (ジャックナイフ) - ATK +10 (Lin, Bat)
Tonfa (トンファー) - ATK +12 (Bat)
Whip (ムチ) - ATK +6 (Lin)
Bowgun (ボーガン) - ATK +15 (Lin, Bat)
Gold Knife (おうごんのナイフ) - ATK +15 (Bat)
San Setsukon (さんせつこん) - ATK +12 (Bat)
Love Whip (あいのムチ) - ATK +10 (Lin)
Ganzanken (がんざんけん) - ATK +15 (Fudoh)
Kijin Sword (きじんのけん) - ATK +15 (Fudoh)
Senko Whip (せんこうのムチ) - ATK +12 (Lin)
Nana Setsukon (ななせつこん) - ATK +15 (Bat)
Leather Gloves (かわのてぶくろ) - ATK +10 (Ain)
Alloy Gloves (ごうきんのてぶくろ) - ATK +15 (Ain)
Daison Glove (だいそんのてぶくろ) - ATK +30 (Ain)

Cloth Clothes (ぬののふく) - DEF +15 (Ken, Lin, Bat, Ray, Toki)
Leather Clothes (かわのふく) - DEF +30 (Ken, Lin, Bat)
Kempo Gi (けんぽうぎ) - DEF +42 (Ken, Bat, Toki)
Combat Clothes (せんとうふく) - DEF +48 (Lin)
Feather Clothes (はねのふく) - DEF +36 (Rei)
Waterfowl Clothes (すいちょうのふく) - (Rei)
Nanto Hagoromo (なんとのはごろも) - DEF +78 (Rei)
Hokuto Shisoubui (ほくとしそうぶい) - DEF +84 (Toki)
Steel Dogi (こうてつのどうぎ) - DEF +45 (Fudoh)
Nanto Gosha Seigi (なんとごしゃせいぎ) - DEF +75 (Fudoh)
Flame Garment (ほのおのどうぎ) - DEF +84 (Bat)
Kento Gi (けんとうぎ) - DEF +75 (Ain)
Hokuto Heir Gi (ほくとでんしょうぎ) - DEF +90 (Ken)
Shuken Dougi (シュケンのどうぎ) - DEF +120 (Ken)

Cloth Shoulderpads (ぬののかたあて) - DEF +12 (Ken, Lin, Bat, Ray, Toki)
Leather Shoulderpads (かわのかたあて) - DEF +24 (Ken, Lin, Bat)
Mamiya Shoulderpads (マミヤ) - DEF +42 (Lin)
Alloy Shoulderpads (ごうきんのかたあて) - DEF +36 (Ken, Bat, Toki, Fudoh)
Flight Shoulderpads (ひしょうのかたあて) - (?)
Nanto Shoulderpads (なんとのかたあて) - DEF +72 (Rei)
Shisou Shoulderpads (しそうのかたあて) - DEF +78 (Toki)
Koryu Shoes (コウリュウのくつ) - DEF +36 (Ken)
Kijin Shoulderpads (きじんのかたあて) - DEF +66 (Fudoh)
Stylish Shoulderpads (イキなかたあて) - DEF +39 (Ain)
Gold Shoulderpads (おうごんのかたあて) - DEF +78 (Ken, Bat)
Love Shoulderpads (あいのかたあて) - (Lin)
Souke Shoulderpads (そうけのかたあて) - DEF +108 (Ken)

- - - = = = =================== = = = - - -
- - - = = = ====== Items ====== = = = - - -
- - - = = = =================== = = = - - - [sec6]

---Common Items--------------------------------------------------------------
Seven Scars (しちせいこう) - Prevents random encounters for a limited time.
Medicine (ちりょうやく) - Heal 30 HP.
Sake (にほんしゅ) - No use.
Beer (ビール) - No use.
Whiskey (ウイスキー) - No use.
Cola (コーラ) - No use.
Aura Source (オーラのみなもと) - Restore OP.
Souke Medicine (そうけのひやく) - Fully restore HP and OP.

---Key Items-----------------------------------------------------------------
Seed Rice (たねもみ) - Return to Misumi in Minori.
Yuria's Necklace (ユリアのネックレス) - Effect?
Oasis Map (オアシスのちず) - Use to learn how to "Migrate" to Oasis.
Pelune Map (ペルーネのちず) - Use to learn how to "Migrate" to Pelune.
Benardo Map (ベナルドのちず) - Use to learn how to "Migrate" to Benardo.
Asuhide's Letter (アスヒデのてがみ) - Deliver to someone in Benardo Town.
Akashachi's Letter (あかシャチのてがみ) - Deliver to someone in Labian.

- - - = = = ================== = = = - - -
- - - = = = = Special Skills = = = = - - -
- - - = = = ================== = = = - - - [sec7]

These special skills are sort of like the magic spells of this game. It costs
OP to use them. There are two types: ひこう, which can be used inside or
outside of battle, and おうぎ, which are only used during battle. Below is
also listed the effect of each skill, the OP cost, and which level a
character has to achieve in order to learn it.

ふくげんこう - Restore single ally HP, 4 OP (Ken LV 2, Toki LV 15)
どうめいこう - Reduce single enemy's accuracy, 8 OP (Ken LV 5, Toki LV 17)
しんたんちゅう - Paralyze a single enemy, 8 OP (Ken LV 8, Toki LV 19)
だいきょうきん - Decrease single enemy's defensive strength, 12 OP (Ken LV 9)
せいえいこう - Targets a single enemy. If that enemy attacks Ken, the enemy
damages both Ken and himself, 10 OP (Ken LV 16)
ふくせいこう - Heal more HP, 20 OP (Ken LV 20)
せっかつこう - Restore full HP to single ally, 50 OP (Ken LV 30)
あんばくこう - Increase single ally's attack strength, 40 OP (Ken LV 35)
じゅせいもん - Needed to defeat Hyou, 60 OP (Ken learns from elder in cave
North of building where you fight Hyou)
しほうりん - Use on woman statue to learn the おうぎ skill called
そうけのひけん, 80 OP (Ken learns from Hyou)

Ken's skills:
ひゃくれつけん - Damage enemy group, 8 OP (Ken LV 2)
じゅうはざん - Damage single enemy, 10 OP (Ken LV 4)
きゅうきょくりゅうぶ - Fly in the air, reducing chance of enemy hitting you,
14 OP (Ken LV 6)
せんじゅかいけん - Attack all enemies, 20 OP (Ken LV 9)
がんざんりょうざんは - Damage single enemy, 15 OP (Ken LV 12)
ひこうふうじ - Envelops Ken in a protective barrier. Causes enemies to miss
more often, 14 OP (Ken LV 15)
てんりゅうこきゅうほう - Increases Ken's defense, 14 OP (Ken LV 20)
しちしせいてん - Damage single enemy, 20 OP (Ken LV ?)
てんはかっさつ - Attack single enemy, 26 OP (Ken LV ?)
うじょうもうしょうは - Attack single enemy, 34 OP (Ken LV 25)
むそうてんせい - Small chance of completely restoring OP, 50 OP (Ken learns
when Toki dies)
すいえいしん - Allows Ken to use some abilities of other fighters (Ken taught
by Koryu):
てんぶひゃくれつけん - Toki's ability. Attack all enemies, 50 OP
てんしょうほんれつ - Raoh's ability. Damage single enemy, 50 OP
げんとてんしょうぶ - Falco's ability. Repels enemy attacks, 50 OP
ひしょうはくれい - Rei's ability. Increase Ken's evasion rate, 30 OP
とうきしゅごは - Fudoh's ability. Increase defense of all allies, 50 OP
けんとうしゃだん - Decreases enemy's accuracy, 40 OP (Ken LV 34)
しちせいてんしん - Supposedly has some effect during the fight with Kaioh and
should be used, 80 OP (Ken learns after fighting Hyou)
そうけのひけん - Supposedly reduce's Kaioh's fighting spirit, but doesn't
seem particularly effective, 120 OP (Ken learns from woman statue in

Rei's skills:
なんとこはりゅう - Damage single enemy, 10 OP (Rei LV 12)
ひえんりゅうぶ - Fly in the air, increasing Rei's evasion percent, 14 OP (Rei
LV 12)
なんとひしょうけん - Attack all enemies, 20 OP (Rei LV 13)
なんとりゅうげきこ - Damage single enemy, ? OP (Rei LV 14)
ひしょうはくれい - Increases Rei's evasion rate, 30 OP (Rei LV 15)
だんこそうさいけん - Rei sacrifices his own HP to defeat the enemy, ? OP (Rei
LV 16)

Toki's skills:
うじょうけん - Damage single enemy, ? OP (Toki LV 15)
とうけいこほう - Increase defensive strength, ? OP (Toki LV 15)
らざんじん - Attack enemy group, ? OP (Toki LV 16)
うじょうだんじんけん - Effect ?, ? OP (Toki LV 17)
しちせいまっさつけん - Toki sacrifices his life to defeat the enemy, ? OP
(Toki LV 18)
てんぶひゃくれつけん - Attack all enemies, ? OP (Toki LV 20)
АТАРИ 400 / 800 / XL
DOS 70
8 BIT 527
16 BIT 378
32 BIT 15
64 BIT 8