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Metal Max прохождение игры стр 1

стр. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

I. Introduction ................................................... *INTRO
II. Controls and Menus ............................................. *CONT
III. Game Basics .................................................... *BASICS
IV. Hints and Tips ................................................. *HINTS

V. THE WALKTHROUGH ................................................ *WALK

01. リオラド : Riorado .......................................... *MM01
i. 南の洞窟 : Southern Cave [Tank 1]
ii. 北の洞窟 : Northern Cave [Wanted 1]

02. ネギ : Negi ................................................. *MM02
i. South Negi Beach
ii. South Negi Trader's Camp

03. ポブレ・オプレ : Pobre Obre ................................... *MM03
i. ウリウじいさんのいえ : Old Man Ulie's House
ii. Secret Cottage
iii. ヨシダ生命科学研究所 - Yoshida Institute for Life Sciences
iv. 海岸の工場 : Shoreside Factory [Tank 2, Wanted 2]
v. ビックキャノン : Big Cannon

04. オードリー : Audrey Town ..................................... *MM04
i. イサクのいずみ : Isaac's Spring
ii. ポートスラム : Port Slum [Tank 3]

05. ロッコ : Rocco .............................................. *MM05
i. 無敵病院 : Peerless Hospital [Tank 4, Wanted 3]
ii. 地蔵の抜け穴 : Jizo's Passageway
iii. Supply Shed

06. フリーザ : Freeza [Wanted 4] ................................ *MM06
i. フリーザ西 : Freeza West Trader Camp
ii. 渚の洞窟 : Beach Cave [Tank 5]
iii. コロナビル : Corona Building

07. イル・ミグラ : Il Migra ...................................... *MM07

08. ユゲ : Yuge ................................................. *MM08
i. Tank Ferry North
ii. Tank Ferry South
iii. 戦車の渡しの南西 : Tank Ferry South Trader Camp [Wanted 5]
iv. 滝つぼのアジト東 : Secret Waterfall Base Trader Camp
v. Secret Waterfall Base [Tank 6, Wanted 6]

09. ソル : Sol .................................................. *MM09
i. ソル下水道 : Sol Sewers [Tank 7]

10. イーデン : Eden ............................................. *MM10
i. North-South Subway Ruins [Wanted 7]
ii. 電波塔 : Broadcast Tower

11. サンタ・ポコ : Santa Poco .................................... *MM11
i. ゴミ捨て場 : Organic Waste Landfill [Wanted 8]
ii. さびれたオアシス : Deserted Oasis
iii. カナベル北オアシス - Canabelle North Oasis

12. カナベル : Canabelle ........................................ *MM12
i. ゴーストベース : Ghost Base [Tank 8]
ii. 焼け跡の工場 : Scorched Factory [Wanted 9]

13. ヘルゲート西の村 : Hell's Gate West Village ................. *MM14
i. Desert [Wanted 10]
ii. ヘルゲート : Hells Gate
iii. ヨシダ生命科学研究所 - Yoshida Institute for Life Sciences
iv. 犬の穴 : Hound Cavern [Wanted 11]

14. 地球救済センター : Global Relief Centre ...................... *MM15

VI. LISTS ......................................................... *LISTS
A. Tanks ...................................................... *TANKS
B. Tank Equipment.............................................. *TANKEQ
C. Weapons .................................................... *WEAP
D. Armour ..................................................... *ARMS
E. Tools (Items) .............................................. *TOOLS
F. Interiors .................................................. *INTER
G. Metal Detector Finds ....................................... *METAL
H. Shop List .................................................. *SHOPS
I. Enemies .................................................... *ENEMY

VII. CREDITS AND OTHER STUFF ....................................... *CREDIT


Background to Metal Max
This is the first game of the Metal Max series of awesome turn-based RPGs that
feature driving around an open world in your very own customised tanks, and
defeating fearsome outlaw monsters for rewards. Sadly, although popular in
Japan, these games are largely unknown and neglected by Western gamers, partly
because only one (Metal Saga on the PS2) has been localised into English.
However, Metal Max Returns (MMR) on the SNES was translated by Aeon Genesis
and since this game is a vastly improved remake of Metal Max, that's the one
to play if you're interested in the earlier games. (Or you could try playing
Metal Max and Metal Max 2 on the Wii Virtual Console, although again, these
are only in Japanese.)

Metal Max was released in Japan in 1991 and the series is still going strong
with the recent release of Metal Max 3 on the DS in 2010. That game is far too
text rich for someone with no understanding of Japanese to play, but in my
desperation to play another Metal Max game I decided to play this one,
although the real reason for writing a FAQ as well is to contribute towards
the NES FAQ Completion Project at GameFAQs.

Writing this FAQ
It might sound a bit foolhardy to write a FAQ for an RPG in Japanese, but I
wrote a walkthrough for Metal Max Returns so I know the game very well, and
the original is a little less complicated with fewer items and Wanted outlaws
to find. I've made use of Metal Maniax, the Japanese Metal Max Wiki type site,
and the translation of MMR from Aeon Genesis to identify English place names
and item names. This was the only way I could play the game, with the
translations in front of me at every roll of my tanks. It's not the fighting
that's the problem, but recognising and remembering the names of the myriad of
items, weapons, tank parts and such, that are essential to completing the
game! There's a lot of micro-management involved and the menus are complex and
rich with details, but if you're a huge fan of Metal Max games, then playing
the very first game is hard to resist!

Using this FAQ
If you follow this FAQ you'll be able to play (and beat!) Metal Max even if
you cannot understand Japanese: so long as you recognise the difference
between はい (Yes) and いいえ (No)! (Actually Yes is ALWAYS the first option and
No the second, so it's pretty straightforward.)

The FAQ is divided into three main sections::

* The introductory sections explain the menus, giving both Japanese and
English names for all commands, and offer a general overview of how the game
works as well as a couple of quick reference lists.

* The walkthrough takes you through the whole game, detailing where to find
everything (including monsters), listing what is sold in the shops and
Vending Machines, giving advice about what to buy, and adding a little
information about the story events, so it's not completely spoiler-free!

* The lists section includes everything in the game: tanks, tank parts,
equipment and items (called tools), giving both Japanese and English names.
Monsters are listed in alphabetical order with Japanese names added where


1. Controls
2. Main Menu Screen
3. Tank Menu Screen
4. Battle Menu Screen

1. Controls
Controls are simple, but the menu choices are not!
Button A - action, confirm, open menu screen.
Button B - cancel, exit menus.
D-Pad - movement, scroll selections.

2. Main Menu Screen
This is what you will see when you press the action button.

| 話す | 乗降 Get on/off tank |
| Speak | Alight/Drive |
| 統計 | 道具 |
| Strength (Status) | Tools |
| 装備 | 砲弾 |
| Equipment | Shells |
| 調べる | モード |
| Examine | Mode |

* 話す
Speak: select this option to talk to anyone. You must be facing them if
they are shopkeepers.
* 統計
Strength: select this to see the current status of party members and tanks.
They all appear on one page for ease of assessment, and there are
4 more options.
1 - See character and tank statistics and equipment.
Click on a name to see a new page of all stats and equipment.
This works for humans and tanks and shows any damaged parts
for tanks.
On the tank menu click on one piece of equipment and then use
the A button to view more detailed stats in a small
additional window.
2 - See how many Armour Tiles a vehicle has, and change them.
You can remove Armour Tiles from this screen by clicking on
the tank name and scrolling the number shown.
3 - Access a new page to see all tank data. (See next section!)
4 - Shows Current Gold.

* 装備
Equipment: see the current equipment for your characters and tanks.
Use this option to change character and tank equipment.
First of all select a character or tank and you'll see a new
1 - Equip: move the cursor over any piece to equip or unequip.
2 - Give: choose a piece and then choose the person or tank to
give it to.
3 - Discard: choose the piece and confirm if you want to throw it

* 調べる
Examine: use this to open chests, look at posters, inspect plant pots,
check the ground beneath your feet or tank and activate Vending
Machines. Use this command when driving a tank if you wish to
tow another tank. Drive on top of it to Examine it, and then say
YES to tow it!

* 乗降
Alight: use this command to exit a tank or to enter one when standing on
top of it. (If you're towing a tank it will become detached.)

* 道具
Tools check this command to see how many items you are carrying.
1 - Use: click on one to use it. You will be able to choose who
to use it on.
2 - Transfer: the second option allows you to transfer items to
another party member.
3 - Discard: the third option allows you to drop an unwanted item
if you answer "Yes".
Each character can only carry 8 items but that does not include
equipment. Items are stored individually and do not stack up.
Use this command to select a tank and use its Tools or transfer
them. You can turn them ON if that's required.

* 砲弾
Shells: shows your tanks and how many shells they are carrying. This
includes how many are left for Main and SE guns, and all shells
carried in the magazine.
* モード
Mode: 1 - Data/Stuff!
Select for three more options:
a. Hunting Data - select to see the numbers of monsters
b. Wanted - select to see the Bounty monsters defeated
(Shows the name, your level and bounty amount)
c. ゴールドチャイム (Gold Chime) - select to set.
You can set a target amount for gold and a chime will
ring when you meet the target.
2 - Change message speed (1-5)
3 - Switch battle animations off or on
4 - Switch BGM off or on.

3. Tank Menu Screen
From the main menu select Strength [統計] and the third option. Even if you
don't yet have any tanks you can still view this page. When you have a number
of tanks, each command reveals the stats for all tanks, so you can easily
compare them, and each tank has a nifty picture on the upper part of the

| 装備 | 攻撃 | 主砲 | シャシー | 重量 |
| Equip | Attack | Main Gun | Chassis | Weight |
| 道具 | 守備 | 副砲 | エンジン | 装甲 |
| Itema | Defense | Sub Gun | Engine | Armour |
| 砲弾 | ダメージ | S-E | Cユニット | トランク |
| Shells | Damage | SE Gun | C-Unit | Trunk |

Equip: Shows the tank's current equipment.

Tools: Shows items carried by that tank (such as the Dog System).

Shells: Shows shells carried by that tank. These are separate from the
shells required by main and SE guns.

Attack: The tank's attack power.

Defense: The tank's defense power. This can be increased at a mod shop.

Damage: This is where you can check up on any damaged parts. There are two
types of damage: Yellow damage shows a partly broken part that can
be repaired by the Mechanic using a Repair Kit. Red damage shows a
totally broken part that costs more to repair and cannot be mended
by the Mechanic unless he's reached Level 50.

Main Gun: The Main Gun of the tank, also called the Cannon. These guns are
powerful, but only make one attack at once, and they use up shells,
which have to be restocked at a garage.

Sub Gun: Also called Autoguns or Auxiliary guns. These guns have less power
than the cannon, but have infinite ammunition, making them cheap!

SE Gun: Special Effect guns. These are guns with particular attacks, and
they usually have only a few shells, but some of them can attack
groups of enemies, or even all enemies at once. Ammunition has to be
restocked and they are expensive to use.

Chassis: This shows the unique chassis of the named tank. The chassis
determines how many guns the tank can have, and of what type.

C-Unit: This is the control centre of the tank. The tank won't move if the C
Unit is completely trashed by an enemy attack.

Engine: The engine powers the tank and determines the load that can be

Weight: This shows the current weight of the tank, any spare capacity, and
the maximum weight it can carry. (If a tank exceeds the maximum it
won't move!)

Armour: This shows the Armour Tiles (Shield Points) of the tank.
These are the tank's protection, and can be destroyed when an enemy
attacks, so they have to be replaced. You can also remove excess
Armour Tiles if the tank has been overloaded.

Trunk: Here you can check up on what items you have stored back at Riorado.

4. Battle Menu Screen
Most enemies will appear randomly, and the only exception to this is some of
the Wanted enemies whom you meet during an event. The battles are turn-based,
and you can take as long as you like to select your action. If your party are
all inside tanks, then they cannot suffer any damage, as the tank will be the
thing that gets damaged, not the person inside it! You can fight with someone
on foot and someone inside a tank, even if you start a battle with everyone
inside tanks, but if someone starts the battle on foot, even if a tank is
nearby on the world map, they cannot use that tank.

The Protect command allows a stronger ally (one in a tank, for example) to
protect a weaker one (particularly if they are on foot). To flee successfully
everyone must select the Flee command and it's usually successful on the first
attempt. If not, try again. When fighting on foot you can change equipment in
between turns to use a different weapon or replace a broken protector.

| 攻撃 | 道具 |
| Attack | Tool |
o-----------o-----------o SUPPORT
| 機器 | 補助 | 1. Enter tank 5 - Status
| Equipment | Support | 2. Flee 6. - Message Speed (1-5)
o-----------o-----------o 3. Defend 7. - Battle Animations off/on
4. Protect 8 - BGM off/on

| 主砲 | 道具 |
| Main Gun | Tool |
| 副砲 | 砲弾 |
| Sub Gun | Shells |
o-----------o-----------o SUPPORT
| S-E | 補助 | 1. Get out tank 5. - Status
| SE Gun | Support | 2. Flee 6. - Message Speed (1-5)
o-----------o-----------o 3. Defend 7. - Battle Animations off/on
4. Protect 8. - BGM off/on


1. Tanks
2. Characters and Equipment
3. Special Features
4. Shops and Shopping
5. Wanted Enemies
6. Tools list (quick reference!)
7. Move location (quick reference!)

All Metal Max games can seem a little intimidating at first because you have a
huge world explore, allies and tanks to find and equip, and lots of freedom to
choose where to go and when. You're not given any direction, beyond a few
hints here and there, and it's really up to you how you proceed and how long
you take before you beat the final boss. In fact, you can finish the game
whenever you choose, carry on playing after the "official" ending, and do
things in any order. The only restriction is your ability to kill the enemies
that might block your way.

Finding and buying tanks and equipment can be expensive, but there is the
option to use rental tanks which already have weapons and engines! You never
have to pay up front as the rental places just take a portion of your earnings
from enemy gold. As well as gold, enemies drop items, equipment and even tank
parts (although not often) and you can find lots of things by searching inside
boxes and chests and even find things hidden on the world map using a Metal
Detector, or just with the "Examine" command. I'll tell you exactly where to
find everything!

1. Tanks
Tanks cannot enter areas with trees or climb mountains or stairs!

Tank Icons
A tank with all three gun types equipped will have each part named in this
order on the equipment screen:
1. Main Gun 4. Auto Gun
2. SE Gun 5. C Unit
3. Engine 6. Chassis

Tank Weapons
Tanks have three basic weapon types and the best guns to use as much as
possible are the Auxiliary (Autoguns) because these have infinite ammunition
and cost nothing to keep firing. However, their fire power is lower than the
guns that consume ammunition. These are two types: main guns with cheap ammo
that target single enemies, and SE guns (Special Effect guns) that have the
most expensive ammunition but can be very powerful, and some of them target
all enemies.

Magazine Shells
You can also carry additional shells on a tank (sort of like grenades) which
have various status effects and are valuable additions to your arsenal. Each
magazine can have up to 128 shells although the tanks won't have any when
you acquire them. Magazine shells can only be fired if the tank has a Main

Tank Weight
Each tank is unique with its own particular chassis that cannot be replaced.
This determines its overall capacity (for example, how many guns can be
equipped). A tank also needs an engine and C Unit, as well as guns, and all
these can be of any kind. Every tank part has a weight and if a tank is
overloaded it won't move and you have to remove parts or its special
shielding, called Amour Tiles, until it is at the correct weight. The lighter
a tank the faster it attacks!

Tank Modding
As well as finding and buying tank parts you can modify some of them to
increase defence. You can also increase the amount of shells in the magazine,
boost the load that the tank can carry by upgrading the engine, and open slots
(drill holes) on the chassis to equip more guns. You do this at a garage mod
shop and pay for it too. The better the tank, the more everything costs!

Eight Tanks
This chart shows the set-up for the chassis for each tank, with the default
defence and weight. Most tanks have one or two guns already equipped, but some
can have additional gun slots opened up so you can alter the arrangement. Even
if tanks have nothing equipped they have the capacity for guns, and that's
shown as +1 or +2, meaning that you can add one or two weapons of that
kind (although you will have to pay a mod shop to open the slots first).

The Buggy, Van and Armoured Car won't have any magazine capacity at all at
first and you have to pay a chassis mod shop to add this, for eight shells at
a time, and add a Main Gun slot, which is costly! Shells for the magazine can
only be fired if the tank is equipped with a Main Gun.

| Name | Main Gun | Auto Gun | Special | Defence | Shells |Weight(t)|
| Mosquito | Cannon | +1 | N/A | 60 | 16 | 4.00 |
| Wild Buggy | +1 | Autogun | +1 | 50 | 0 | 3.50 |
| Van | +1 | +1 | +1 | 35 | 0 | 3.00 |
| Armored car | +1 | Autogun | +2 | 90 | 0 | 7.50 |
| Panther | Cannon | +1 | +1 | 100 | 64 | 15.50 |
| Abrams | Cannon | Autogun | +2 | 120 | 32 | 10.50 |
| Red Wolf | Cannon | Autogun | SE +1 | 150 | 128 | 13.00 |
| White Tiger | Cannon | Autogun +1| SE +1 | 100 | 128 | 16.00 |

2. Characters And Equipment
Sometimes you cannot use tanks and have to fight on foot (and you can choose
to do this at any time when driving tanks). There are a range of different
weapons, some of which are specific to the members of the team as they have
particular strengths. The lead character, Hunter, whom you can name, is a tank
driver first and foremost and should use the best tank with the most powerful
weapons. The Mechanic (ロビン - Robin) uses wrenches and can mend tanks with a
Repair Kit. He's best used to heal allies and tanks during battles, and for
throwing items at enemies. If he reaches a high level (50) he can repair tank
parts that are completely broken. The Soldier (マッミコ - Machoko) excels at on
foot fighting and should be given the most powerful hand weapons. She has the
highest HP, and attack power and will be your damage dealer when fighting on

Hunter/Mechanic/Soldier (Class) Male/Female (Gender)
せんとうレベル - Combat Level (higher for Soldier)
しゅうりレベル - Repair Level (higher for Mechanic)
うんてんレベル - Driving Level (higher for Hunter)
こうげきりょく - Strength (total reflects equipped weapon's attack power)
しゅびりょく - Defence (total reflects equipped armour)
ちから - Power
ちりょく - Intelligence
すばやさ - Agility
たいりょく - Stamina
EXP. - Experience total
GOLD. - Current amount

Each character can carry up to 8 different pieces of equipment and equip 6
separate pieces.

* Weapon - some weapons can only be equipped by certain party members
* Head - head gear
* Body - body armour
* Arms - hand armour, or gloves
* Feet - boots
* Prtct - Protector
This is an additional piece of protective armour which will stop an initial
attack from harming the character. It can be broken by a strong attack and
then you will need to replace it with another protector.

3. Special Features
There are many sources of cash as well as places to spend it all!

Bounty Rewards
Most towns have a Hunter's Office where you go to collect rewards posted for
killing powerful outlaws.

Vending Machines
Each town and many dungeons contain vending machines where you can buy a vast
range of items and receive prizes for hitting a central red dot.

Bars, Drinks and Mini-Games
Most towns have a bar where you can buy a range of drinks for the team. These
are just for fun, as are the mini-games, although you'll win cash from the

When you have more money you can buy various gifts at the Interiors Shops and
decorate Hunter's bedroom and living quarters.

Memory Centres
All towns (and a few other locations) have a Memory Centre where you talk to
someone standing in front of a computer screen and they save your game. Answer
Yes to make a save, and then No to stop playing, or Yes to carry on. When you
reload the game, select that named save to continue playing. You can also
start a second game, and delete the save. There is only room for 2 save files.
1. Load a save 3. Copy the save
2. Start a new game 4. Delete the save

Experience Machines
Some towns have a computer (it might be in the Hunter's Office or inside
a bar, garage or house) where you can see the amount of experience needed to
reach the next level for all characters.

Each Inn has different value rooms with different costs. The more you pay the
bigger the room! Inns also have a masseur who will give a massage to anyone
who is paralysed.

Metal Detection!
Using the "Examine" command you can find hidden treasure on the world map and
inside some dungeons. This is easier with a Mine or Metal Detector which scans
a wider area and flashes red on the correct spot. It also shows the location
of hidden mines.

Trunk Room
Only found in your home town garage. Here you can store important items that
you don't need just yet, or anything else you like. Items are stored in some
kind of order, with the same types of items grouped together.

Trunk Room Commands
* Deposit: Select the first option to see a new menu.
1 Tanks - CHOOSE TANK ) Top Left text: Equipment
2. Humans - CHOOSE PARTY MEMBER ) Tools
3. (?) Returns to previous page
* Withdraw : Shows list of things stored. Choose one and select "Yes".
* Forget it: Do nothing

4. Shops And Shopping
There are a range of different types of shops and lots of them! Talk to the
person behind the counter and select the first option to buy something. (The
second option is to sell and the third is to not bother.) Any item bought will
go to the named character's/tank's inventory and you can only carry 8 items
for each party member. Equipment is stored on the Equip part of the menu
screen and again, each character can carry 8 pieces of equipment. Tanks can
also carry 8 tools which includes extra tile packs.

You will not be permitted to sell certain important items so there's no fear
of getting rid of something by mistake, and you are always given the option to
confirm the sale or purchase.

* Equipment Shop - sells weapons and armour
* Tools Shop - sells healing items and battle items
* Tank Parts Shop - sells engines, C Units and tank guns
* Tank Tools Shop - sells items and accessories for tanks
* Shells Shop - sells special shells for tanks
* Refill Station - sells Armour Tiles and Gun shells
* Tank Rental - rents tanks (cost = 50% of earnings)
* Interiors Shop - sells decorative items and mini-games

* Buy : Scroll the list of things on offer and select "Yes".
People - When you select to buy equipment you'll be shown the
strength of the piece and you will also be shown who can
equip it when you select to buy.
Tanks - When you view tank parts you'll see the stats for each
part, and can hoose which tank to give the piece.
Attack : XXX
Target : One/Group/All
Defence: XXX
Ammo : XXX
Weight : XXXt (in tons)
There's a final option to refuse (No) or confirm (Yes) the sale.

* Sell : 1. Choose Character/Tank if it's a Tank shop
2. Top left text : Equipment ) Select one of these
Tools )
* Forget it: Do nothing.

Most refill stations offer both SP and shell replenishment. SP is added when
you buy Armour Tiles and they cost 1 Gold for 10. You can add them to all
tanks at once or to one at time. Shells cost 5 Gold for 1 and refill Main Guns
only. SE Gun shells will cost a lot more than this so it's usually better to
select the individual tank and refill each gun as you choose, at least, if
Gold is in short supply.

* Buy
* Sell
* Forget it

Select Buy or Sell to view the next menu, and option 1 or 2 depending on what
you want to buy or sell.

BUY/ - 1. Ammunition AMMUNITION: - 1. All
SELL: - 2. Armoured Tile 2. Individual
- 3. Forget it 3. Forget it
ARMOURED TILE: - 1. Remaining Additions (shows
the number of tiles you have)
- 2. Add all
- 3. Add some (choose the number)
- 4. Quit/Finish

5. Wanted Enemies
The Hunters' Office in most towns will give you details of the local
fugitives, or Wanted monsters. You can also see posters of these enemies in
some bars and inns as well as in the Hunter's Office, and every Wanted monster
will net you a reward. You can collect this reward at any Hunter's Office
after you have defeated one of them, and you can also defeat them in any order
you like. This list shows the order in which they are listed on the enemies'
defeated screen, but only AFTER you have defeated them.

Some Wanted enemies are easy to find, even if their appearance is random,
but others can take a while before they appear, although this can vary a
lot from game to game, so I guess it is partly dependent on luck. "Event"
simply means that the fugitive will be visible and waiting for you.

Defeating a Wanted enemy does not get you much in the way of gold, but it will
reward you with a lot of experience points, and of course you can then collect
the bounty for killing them. If you encounter a strong enemy and cannot defeat
it, then run away (it will work, although maybe not on the first attempt) and
you'll live to fight them again another day. All the details are given in the
main text.

1. [サルモネラいっか] - SALMONELLA CLAN
Bounty: 1,000G
Found: Northern Cave
Random (easy to find)

2. [ドス・ピラニアス] - DOS PIRANHAS
Bounty: 3,000G
Found: Bridge to Shoreside Factory
Random (easy to find)

3. [マッド・マッスル] - MAD MUSCLE
Bounty : 5,000G
Found: Peerless Hospital

4. [マンモスタンク] - MAMMOTH TANK
Bounty: 10,000G
Found: Under Freeza

5 [ミスターカミカゼ] - MR. KAMIKAZE
Bounty: 22,000G
Found: East of Crack, (West of Sol)
Random (hard to find)

6. [ムカデロン] - MUKADELON
Bounty: 32,000G
Found: North-South Subway Ruins
Random/event (only appears after an event)

7 [ゴメス] - GOMEZ
Bounty: 50,000G
Found: Secret Waterfall Base

8. [ ダストフランケン] - DUST FRANKEN
Bounty: 81,500G
Found: Organic Waste Landfill
Random (medium)

9. [サルモネラほんぽ] - SALMONELLA HQ
Bounty: 99,899G
Found: Scorched Factory
Random (moderately hard)

10. [ロンメルゴースト] - ROMMEL GHOST
Bounty : 160,000G
Found: Northern Desert
Random: (medium)

11. [バッド・バルデス ] - BAD VALDEZ
Bounty: 200,000G
Poster: None
Found: Hound Cavern

6. Tools List (Quick Reference!)
I kept getting confused about which item was what, and found this list helped
in making a quick check before using something I didn't mean to use! A more
detailed list is given in the Lists section, explaining what everything does
based on Tool type.

BSコントローラ - BS Controller
あかいバンダナ - Red Bandana
アパートのかぎ - Apartment Key
アルカリスプレー - Alkali Spray
いれずみシール - Fake Tattoo
エナジーカプセル - Energy Capsule
えんまくはなび - Smokescreen
おやじのパンツ - Dad's Shirt
かいふくカプセル - Healing Capsule
かいふくドリンク - Healing Drink
かえんびん - Blaze Bottle
ガスマスク - Gas Mask
がっぽりのさいふ - Overstuffed Wallet
カメラのレンズ - Camera Lens
きんぞくたんちき - Metal Detector
きんののべぼう - Gold Bar
ぎんののべぼう - Silver Bar
ゲームくん - Drinking Game
けっこんゆびわ - Wedding Ring
けんきゅうノート - Research Notes
さいせいカプセル - Revivification Capsule
しゅうりキット - Repair Kit
しょうかき - Fire Extinguisher
じらいたんちき - Mine Detector
しんぐんラッパ - Bugle
たいようのレンズ - Solar Lens
ちゅうわざい - Neutralising Cream
てりゅうだん - Hand Grenade
ドーピングタブ - Doping Tab
どうののべぼう - Copper Bar
なげやすいいし - Small Rock
ニトロビール - Nitro Beer
ねえさんのタオル - Sister's Towel
ねえさんのパンツ - Sister's Apron
のうしゅくメチル - Concentrated Methyl Acid
ハイドロポット - Hydro Pot
パスワードのメモ - Password Memo
ふるびたコイン - Fortune Coin
ペンシルミサイル - Pencil Missile
マヒノン - Para-Non
まんたんドリンク - Top-Off Drink
マンモスのキバ - Mammoth Tusk
メカニックキット - Mechanic's Kit
メガネのレンズ - Glasses Lens
ルビーのレンズ - Ruby Lens
ロケットはなび - Rocket Firework
ロックハッカー - Lock Hacker

7. Move Location List (Quick Reference!)
Dog System and Transfer centre locations.
These are arranged in order from south to north based on their location on the
world map, although you will reach Eden and Santa Poco before finding
Canabelle. The towns of Yuge and Hell's Gate West are not on the list.

リオラド ネギ ポブレ・オプレ
Riorado Negi Pobre Obre

オードリー ロッコ フリーザ
Audrey Rocco Freeza

イル・ミグラ ソル カナベル
Il Migra Sol Canabelle

イーデン サンタ・ポコ ヘルゲート
Eden Santa Poco Hells Gate

IV. HINTS AND TIPS ........................................................

* Please note that the main locations as listed in the Table of Contents are
nearly all places that can be directly moved to using the item called the
"Dog System" [ドッグシステム]. This is first available for sale when you
reach Pobre Obre and is a Tank Tool. It is used by selecting TOOLS [ツール]
and highlighting the tank, and then the name of the Tool to switch it ON.
Then, you'll be shown the list of locations already found, and when more
places are visited they are added to the list. Select one to move there
directly. The Dog System can be used to instantly leave any dungeon.

* Search for items in local dungeons before deciding what to buy. Always buy
shells, and some healing and throwing tools from Vending Machines as you
may win a prize.

* If you buy things from Vending Machines you need some spare capacity or
you will not be permitted to buy. Tank tiles and shells are added directly
to the selected tank so you need to make sure you need them and won't
exceed the weight.

* The most useful shells to add to the chassis's magazine are Armour
Piercing and Hollow Point, although you cannot buy the latter until much
later in the game. Tanks that don't have any magazine capacity need a
chassis mod shop to add it, in effect increasing the number of shells that
can be carried.

* Upgrade Sub guns as soon as possible and try to kill enemies just using
these guns, or you could find that the cost of firing guns that use shells
exceeds the gold won from defeated enemies!

* Always have some space in the Equipment and Tools inventories for people
and tanks so you can accept any enemy drops. Although the more valuable
drops are infrequent, and most of them can be bought at shops, there are
one or two things that are only found from enemies.

* Store excess tank parts on a spare tank rather than use the Trunk room
because it's quicker to access if you want to use the part on another

* To exit tanks quickly, select [乗降] - Drive/Alight and then the top command
on the next menu and everyone in the party will leave their tanks. To
re-enter, stand everyone on top of the tank you want them to drive and use
that same command. However, you must have the tanks lined up for this to
work. Otherwise choose a named character to enter or exit one tank.

* Use the [調べる] Examine command when inside a tank to tow another one. You
must drive directly on top of it for that to work. With a towed tank you
can transfer tank parts and tools in between all your tanks, and use spare
Armour Tile Packs directly from that tank.


V. W A L K T H R O U G H ................... *WALK


01. リオラド : Riorado .................................................. *MM01

At the south of the world map, just east of the centre.

Enormous Ant, Wandering Polytank, Murderous Amoeba (red), Meteor Snail

Equipment Shop [+] Tank Rental [-] Inn (10/30/150) [+]
Tools Shop [+] Mod Shop [-] Massage [10) [+]
Tank Parts Shop [-] Interiors Shop [-] Bar (Drinks x3) [+]
Tank Tools Shop [-] Memory Centre [+] Juke Box [+]
Shells Shop [-] Hunter's Office [+] Flog Race [-]
Refill Station [+] Transfer Centre [+] Level Check [+]
Auto Repair [+] Vending Machines [2] Tank Wash [-]

1. [サルモネラいっか] - SALMONELLA CLAN (1,000G)

Garage: [7 Gold] (Hunter's room: Wooden Box)
[おやじのパンツ] - Dad's Shirt (find inside left drawer)
[ねえさんのタオル] - Sister's Towel (find inside left drawer)
[ねえさんのパンツ] - Sister's Apron (find inside left drawer)

Trunk Room (Storage), Doctor (revives the dead!) Dad (repairs tanks for free!)

When the game starts, choose the name for "Hunter", using only 4 letters, and
click on the message at the lower right of the naming screen to finish. The
game begins with a scene where an angry father wallops his good for nothing
son because he refuses to stay at home to learn how to become a reliable
mechanic. After spending the night on the garage floor you gain control of
Hunter, whose dream is to have adventures and drive tanks! There's a minor
drawback to this aspiration as there are no tanks to be seen. Not yet, anyway!

This is Hunter's home town and it has some unique features that you won't find
anywhere else: free healing, reviving if you die, and free tank repairs! But
there's no treasure to find except for [7 GOLD] inside the box in Hunter's
room. You can find random items inside the other bedroom, but you might not.
I found nothing at all for quite a while but eventually found the
[ねえさんのパンツ] - SISTER'S APRON item on a later revisit after completing
events in Audrey, and [おやじのパンツ] - DAD'S SHIRT in the same left drawer
after completing the events in Port Slum.

If you need to rest at any time just talk to Hunter's sister on the upper
floor and you'll automatically sleep, restoring full health. However, there
are a lot of people to talk to, inside the Inn, Bar, Dr. Mince's house and
around the place. Buy 4 Healing Capsules from the Vending Machine inside the
Hunter's office and check out the poster of the wanted outlaw. (Literally use
the "Check" command.) Talk to the girl at the left to save your game and stop
playing if you want. Access to the Transfer Center building to the right of
the Inn is blocked for now, and there are no tanks to be found anywhere. A
nice touch is that you can push a plant pot off the upper landing of the Inn
and you'll jump down after it to knock someone out, however I think that this
prevents that person from opening a Tank Rental place later on, although you
don't need it. (You can use the same short-cut to jump off the upper floor of
the garage.)

Inside the garage you'll find a number of useful services. There's a covered
parking place for your tanks, when you have some, and the machine at the left
of the tanks store will show how many experience points are required to reach
the next level. The person at the counter to the left will store excess things
in the "Trunk" room and the one at the right sells tank gun shells and Armour
Tiles. The Vending Machine sells the same things as the one in the Office.
Talk to "Dad", the man in blue, who's always waiting at the right side of the
garage in between the boxes and keep answering Yes (you're going to return
home and give up your Hunter life) and the game will end! You can also offer
him money to prove you're not a worthless wanderer. Once you have a tank dad
will repair any broken tank part for free: Select the first option, and then
No, when he asks for money to repair a damaged part. (You will only see the
new option if there is a part that needs mending!)

Leave town and wander around a bit fighting the random enemies until you've
levelled up to Level 4 and can afford to buy the Shotgun. This is easy enough
as you can stay close to town and return home to heal up if you get damaged
too much. Default equipment is the Pingpong Shot and Denim Overalls and you
don't yet have enough money to change these. The Ants appear in groups of up
to four and are easy enough to defeat. The Polytank is tougher and will damage
you with its flame thrower attack, but it is usually alone. By the way, you
can walk over the small trees but not the larger round ones. If you run into
the snail at lower levels it is tough to damage with your default weapon. I
used a Rocket Firework on it in the end! It's probably wise to run away
although that doesn't always work. (Select the bottom right command and then
the second option.)

Healing Capsule HP recovery 10
Rocket Firework Throw 5
Blaze Bottle Throw 10
Repair Kit Tank repair 80
Pingpong Shot Weapon 30
Bow Gun Weapon 80
Shotgun Weapon 180
Army Gloves Arms 10
Denim overalls Body Armor 40
Work Clogs Foot Armor 15

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АТАРИ 400 / 800 / XL
DOS 70
8 BIT 527
16 BIT 378
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