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Metal Max прохождение игры стр 9

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| | |
| | |

This pretty blue tank is the very best in the game and it joins you with
1600/1810 SP and some great equipment, except for the C Unit which really
needs replacing with a better one. It has a magazine capacity for 128 shells
and is equipped with a Main Gun [180ミリスパルク] - 180MM SPARK, the
[スキャンレーザー] - LASER SCANNING Sub Gun as well as an SE Gun
[LIピーナッツ] - LI PEANUTS. The engine is the excellent
[ロケットカルメン] - ROCKET CARMEN, and finally, that low-grade C Unit, the
[ウォズニアクII] - WOZNIAK II.

Now, there are some things to be careful about. Don't be tempted to climb up
the stairs in the lower left corner of this floor! That will take you up to
the main floor and a quick exit from the Base back to the world map. If you
took that option you'd be left with no tanks and have to walk all the way back
down here, fighting at you go. If you climb the ladder at the top of the room
(heading up from the tank) you'll be on a conveyor belt that takes you to a
ramp back up to B1, the floor where you left your tanks.

Enter the tank and drive back through the open door and along the corridor to
the right, and up the ramp. Go up the next ramp and you'll be inside a small
parking bay that seems to lead to the world map. But in fact it takes you to
the small house near the base.

Drive right from the parking bay and Examine the small notice on the south
wall of the house. This is an entry computer screen, so move the cursor to
select OPEN, and the compound gate opens allowing you to leave and enter again
from the world map. Leave your tanks outside and cross the threshold to enter
the house. Talk to Dr. Optica (that's his name in MMR and in Metal Saga) and
he'll ask you a question. If you have THREE lenses he will assemble a weapon
for you!

At the back of room is a weapon testing range where you can fight some
security camera enemies and test out your new weapon, when you get it. At this
point you'll only have two of the three lenses required.

For now, leave the house and go back inside the Ghost Base to collect the rest
of your tanks where you left them on B1. Simply drive down the first corridor
and then, all the way left, and up, to find the ramp down. If you don't want
to do this now, you'll find that you don't have a Dog System and will have to
drive back to Canabelle, which doesn't sell them! Anyway, it might be worth
while if you need to stock up on items again. Once you reach your tanks you
can tow one of them and use the Dog System to leave the Base.

Once you have the three best tanks in the game it's time to do some serious
modding and buying. Of course, you'll need plenty of cash for this and
defeating the Rommel Ghost wanted enemy will help. There is yet another free
Main gun to find on the world map, as well as more tank parts inside the next
dungeon, so maybe wait until you've found everything before deciding what new
things you need.

メガネのレンズ - Glasses Lens
ルビーのレンズ - Ruby Lens
カメラのレンズ - Camera Lens
たいようのレンズ - Solar Lens

You need at least three of the lenses in the Tools inventory. Visit the
Doctor, talk to him and keep saying Yes, and eventually he'll show you a
picture of his design for the Bazooka Laser gun! Use the D pad to move the
cursor over the gun, selecting one of four positions. He'll ask you to do that
again, so select a different one until three (or all four when you have all
the lenses) show red. If you choose the first three positions you'll get a gun
that targets ALL enemies at once. Speak to him again and you can change the
arrangement of the lenses with different effects: for example, select the
second three positions, leaving the first one open and your gun targets a
group. Leave the second gap empty and it's an all enemy gun again, but an even
more powerful one! To test out the gun again on the practice range you'll have
to leave the building to the world map and re-enter to re-set the range.

ii. 焼け跡の工場 : Scorched Factory [Wanted 9]
Due east from Canabelle.

UFO Scout, Floating Hyena, Injection Bird, Beam Sceptre, Laser Eye, Security
Camera, Virus Bat, Army Zombie.

World Map : [220ミリガイア] - 220mm Gaia
B2 (West) : [カメラのレンズ] - CAMERA LENS
B2 (East) : [ビームブラスター] - BEAM BLASTER
B3: [175ミリキャノン] - 175 MM CANNON
B3: [195ミリキャノン] - 195 MM CANNON
B3: [165ミリゴースト] - 165MM GHOST

WANTED 9: [サルモネラほんぽ] - SALMONELLA HQ

After completing events in the Ghost Base, getting a new tanks and meeting the
scientist, return to Canabelle and you'll notice that the man and woman
outside in the town are both standing by the fence and looking over to the
east. Both of them will tell you that there's a fire! If you don't already
possess the necessary item then move to Santa Poco to buy the special item you
need. It's called the [ハイドロポット] - HYDRO POT and is for sale at 150G in
the Tools Shop there.

From Canabelle drive due east and you'll soon reach the fire. Move close to
the fire and open the Tools menu. Choose the [ハイドロポット] and pick the top
command to "Use" the item. It will work immediately, dousing the flames, and
now you can drive through the dead trees to reach the Scorched Factory. (And
if you keep going east you'll be back at Riorado! )

Before entering the factory find another free weapon on the world map.
Starting from the entrance to the factory go down two trees and then, right
five. Here you've find the [220ミリガイア] - 220MM GAIA. It's a heavy Main
gun with the highest attack power in the game and it cannot be bought from any
shop! Not bad for a freebie.

Enter the factory at the lower right corner. There's an minor enemy hiding in
a precise location before you start exploring inside. Drive right, hugging the
outer wall, staying in the factory compound and not on the world map, and you
can encounter enemies in the narrow space between the factory wall and the
world map. I found a rare blue UFO enemy here.

Diversions aside, this is quite a big place and it's advisable to tackle it in
two stages. First of all, stay in your tanks and find all the accessible
treasure which includes some fantastic tank guns. Either tow a spare tank to
take the additional weight, or remove Armour Tiles if you suddenly find you
can't move because a tank is overloaded.


Floor 1
This floor is quite big but there's nothing to find and no point exploring it.
Simply drive up, and then left, through a narrow opening and then up, through
another. Don't bother going through the other openings to the left. Drive
right along the upper edge of the floor and you'll find a ramp in the top
right corner that leads down to the basement.

Basement 1 - West
If you go left, you'll see a small grey device in the middle of the hallway.
Approach it and it sets off an alarm and you'll be in a battle with various
security devices: two black, one purple and one pink! It's easy enough to
destroy them with your tanks and after that the warning device is broken for
good. Continue left and check out the computer screen. Move the cursor to
switch it ON and the door below you will open. Drive through the doorway and
go left to find another ramp down There's nothing of interest in the other
rooms. You'll encounter those green Army Zombies enemies and blue security
cameras as well as Virus bats in this part of the B1. If you want to try and
get the drop of the Hungry Sword then fight on foot as this seems to have a
better chance of gaining the weapon. Make sure you have a spare slot for it
though or you'll lose it. (Oops!)

The small room on Basement 2 has a number of empty crates but the single one
at the right has something you want! Open the crate and you'll hear the
triumphal music and receive the [カメラのレンズ] - CAMERA LENS. This is the
third of those lenses that the scientist near the Ghost Factory will use to
make the Laser Bazooka. Drive back up to the previous floor and back along the
top passage to explore the rest of the floor.

Basement 1 - East
Drive down the ramp in the upper right corner and on the next floor go down
the first set of steps and you'll see a red switch that won't respond to your
attempts to turn it off, and various moving conveyor belts. Go down to the
south wall and drive left to find another ramp in the lower left corner of the
floor which takes you down to a section of Basement 2. There's a line of five
wooden crates to the right of the ramp and the one at the far right has
something inside it! Yes, it's ANOTHER tank weapon, this time a single enemy
Sub gun, the [ビームブラスター] - BEAM BLASTER. Return to the previous floor and
head back to the ramp in the upper right corner.

At this point I ran into the Wanted enemy. He is a random encounter and it
might take a while to trigger his appearance. However, if you're inside tanks
you won't be able to do any damage to him as he seems to disable all your
guns. After a couple of rounds of nothing he ran off!

Continue down another two ramps to Basement 3. Drive down and left, past some
small empty rooms to find a wooden crate. This contains a pretty good Main
gun, the [175ミリキャノン] - 175 MM CANNON. Drive back to the middle of the
floor and use the Lock Hacker on the locked door. Go through and drive left to
find two more wooden crates. The first contains another gun, and this one is
even more powerful. It's the excellent: [195ミリキャノン] - 195 MM CANNON. The
second box has one of my favourite Metal Max weapons: the wonderfully light
Ghost gun: the [165ミリゴースト] - 165MM GHOST. Although it's less powerful
than the other guns you found it's a great back-up weapon to keep as a spare
on one of your tanks. Note that I also found Salmonella inside this locked
area of B3 so he really can appear anywhere.

After amassing this new gun collection leave up the ramp at the left and keep
driving up the next few ramps until you emerge on the ground floor. You're at
the west side of the building and there's a separate exit to the world map.
Leave, sort out your tank weapons and lenses, paying a trip to the house at
the Ghost Base with the rest of the lenses and then return.


Make your way up the ground floor and down the ramp at the top left corner to
reach B1. Continue down the next ramp to the upper section of B2. Get out
of your tanks and walk left, and although there's nothing to find this might
trigger another appearance of the Wanted enemy. You should manage better on
foot although you still don't seem to do much damage. But after a couple of
rounds of attacks we killed him. The team was at Level 27 and only the soldier
with the Rocket Punch weapon managed to inflict any damage. He appeared to
have around 6 HP! He hardly did any damage to the team and I'm not too sure
what kinds of attacks he uses, but these are the descriptions from MMR.

| W A N T E D | S A L M O N E L L A H Q Reward: 99,800G |
| Attacks: squeezed the nozzle and fired (attacks one) |
| Cranked the fuel nozzle and fired his gun (attacks all) |
| Experience | 25,000 |
| Drops | 3 gold |

After all this, leave the Factory, save your game, and claim the bounty as
well as selling off any tank stuff you don't need any more.

13. ヘルゲート西の村 : Hell's Gate West Village ........................ *MM13

Northwest from Santa Poco to the river, and then a short distance to the west.
(North across the desert from the run-down Oasis.)

Glamour Tiger, Gold Carpet, ATM Shark, Kamikaze Bomb, Floating Hyena,
Gun Tower, Bubble Crabgun.

Equipment Shop [+] Tank Rental [-] Inn (10/-/-) [+]
Tools Shop [+] Mod Shop (Engine) [+] Massage [10) [+]
Tank Parts Shop [+] Interiors Shop [-] Bar (Drinks x3) [+]
Tank Tools Shop [+] Memory Centre [+] Juke Box [-]
Shells Shop [+] Hunter's Office [+] Flog Race [-]
Refill Station [+] Transfer Centre [-] Level Check [-]
Auto Repair [+] Vending Machines [-] Tank Wash [-]

8: [ ダストフランケン] - DUST FRANKEN (81,500) x3
10.[ロンメルゴースト] - ROMMEL GHOST (160,000) x2


Buy Mechanic's Kit! Buy Top-off Drinks!
Hell's Gate West cannot be moved to using the Dog System or Transfer Centre.

The small garage hosts a repair shop just inside the door and a man to the
left will offer a modding service that costs a bomb. He charged 16400G to do
something wonderful to my Red Wolf, but I didn't have the cash to find out!
The cost for the Abrams is only 4400G but he charges 19300G for the Panza. In
fact, it's to improve the engine, so the cost is dependent on which one is
equipped. You can boost each basic engine twice. You'll discover two wanted
posters at the back of the garage and the most powerful Main Gun in the game
is sold here.

The Equipment store can be entered with tanks and you'll find the Hunter's
Office there as well as the Shells Shop and Refill Station. The Bar has
another wanted poster, Juke Box, and you can buy three drinks. You'll find the
Memory Centre inside the inn and two more wanted posters. It's a cheap inn and
the massage man is there as usual. The Mechanic's Kit is worth buying as it
saves on space and can be used to repair a damaged tank part more than once,
although it won't mend a completely broken part.

Healing Capsule HP recovery 10
Top-Off Drink HP recovery 100
DD Pineapple Throw 30
Repair Kit Tank repair 80
Mechanic's Kit Tank repair 2000
Smokescreen Throw (escape) 50
Bazooka Weapon (HS) 5500
TNT Paranoia Weapon (S) 7300
Battle Knuckles Hand Armour 1000
Hi-Polymer Body Armour 7870
180mm Spark Main Gun 35000
205mm Cannon Main Gun 56200
DD Hysteric SE Gun 15500
Interceptor SE Gun (Group) 16700
L-Plate Pack SP recovery 200
LL-Plate Pack SP recovery 300
Dog System Move location 350
Medical Kit HP Recovery 200
Auto-AC Tank Tool 2400
Camouflage Shield Tool 4600
めいさいシールド (Cuts encounter rate)
Alkali Wax Remove acid 60
Cold Shell Group 50
Napalm Shell Group 50
Hollow Charge One 50
Exploding Shell All 40

i. Desert (Wanted 10)
South from Hell's Gate West Village.

Glamour Tiger, Gold Carpet, ATM Shark, Kamikaze Bomb, Floating Hyena,
Gun Tower, Bubble Crabgun.

WANTED 10 : [ロンメルゴースト] - ROMMEL GHOST

Drive south from Hell's Gate Village and you'll find a stony area in the
middle of the desert. Around here you should quickly run into a huge tank
monster: the Rommel Ghost.

| W A N T E D | R O M M E L G H O S T Reward: 160,000G |
| Attacks: Launches a bombardment, armour-piercing ammunition |
| Attacks with a machine gun, transfers a shell. |
| Experience | 11000 |
| Drops | 5000 gold |

Use your very best Main guns, SE guns and shells on this huge tank.
Fortunately it doesn't have much SP in this version of the game, although it's
still quite a hard nut to crack if you run into it before getting the last
tank or the most powerful weapons. I found that it targeted my Abrams all the
time, destroying its C Unit in the process. Use Armour Piercing Shells and
Hollow Point shells if you have them and just keep pounding away. The team
were at Level 25 and the team was driving the Red Wolf, Panza and and Abrams
tanks. (I'd forgotten that the Abrams still had the weak Wozniak II C Unit and
its main gun failed to make a dent in the Rommel tank.)

ii. ヘルゲート : Hells Gate
Due north from Santa Poco, across the desert.

Plasma Tank, Glamour Tiger, Gun Balloon, Hell's Stove.

Vending Machine x3, Transfer Centre.

World Map: [SOLOMON 2] (see text for details)

Secret Save Point!

EDIT! Answer Yes and then, No, and the blue monster will save your game. You
get this message: "Press and hold the reset button when you power off".
(Thanks to odino, for translating what I thought was an unexpected alternative
ending to the game.)

When you arrive you'll see that there's a barrier preventing access to the
area to the north, and it's flanked by two small buildings. Enter the right
one on foot, avoiding the red visible monsters for now (although you can
safely talk to the blue one - EDIT!) and you'll discover the last Transfer
Centre. The location will also appear on the Dog System so you can move here
directly with tanks. Fight the optional red monster if you wish.

| Robo-Police (red) Hells Gate |
| Drops | 1900 gold. |
| Experience | 1200 |
| Attacks | Attacks all or one. |

This enemy hits everyone for anything up to 275 HP depending on the defence
power of your equipment, and it might attack one and kill them outright if
their protector has broken. It is tough to damage and it might take a two of
three rounds, again, depending on your current weapons. I'd suggest waiting
until you've done everything else unless you're in a rush to get to the final
area of the world map.

Inside the left building talk to the red monster and defeat it (it's the same
one) and check out the computer screen at the right. Switch it ON and that's
all you need to do to open the barrier gate. Return to the world map and
simply drive through. There will be an earthquake as you move forwards but
this is nothing to worry about.

Healing Drink HP recovery 1 20
Repair Kit Tank repair 1 80
Para-Non Heals paralyse 1 30
Top-Off Drink HP recovery 100
DD Pineapple Throw 1 30
Smokescreen Battle Tool 1 50
PRIZE: ぎんののべぼう - Silver Bar
Conventional Shell One 8 40
High Explosive Group 2 50
Napalm Shell Group 2 100
Conventional Shell One 16 80
Hollow Charge One 2 100
Exploding Shell All 2 80
PRIZE: まんたんドリンク - Top-Off Drink
Travelling Tiles SP recovery 10 10
Travelling Tiles SP recovery 20 20
Travelling Tiles SP recovery 50 50
Travelling Tiles SP recovery 100 100
Travelling Tiles SP recovery 200 200
Travelling Tiles SP recovery 250 250
PRIZE: しんぐんラッパ - Bugle

Start at the left building of Hell's Gate and count 20 steps to the south.
Stop. and turn to face the west. Count another seven paces and use the Metal
Detector. The spot can also be located by starting out at the west end of the
sandy road. Move one pace to the west and then go south for seven paces. At
the right spot you'll be able to see the edge of the sandy track to the north
of the screen. The tank will be in the middle of the screen between three
footprints or darker sandy spots off to the right, and four footprints to the
left. You'll find the [SOLOMON 2] C Unit! Give this to the White Tiger and
sell off the Wozniak II it came equipped with. Now you have two Solomons as
the Red Wolf had one as its default equipment.

iii. ヨシダ生命科学研究所 : Yoshida Institute for Life Sciences (Interior)
ONLY accessed via a Transfer Centre

Vending Machine: [さいせいカプセル] - Revivification Capsule

Reaching this place is tricky because you have to keep using the transfer
centre and hope for a random malfunction. I tried many times before this
occurred and in the end it happened when I selected Hell's Gate from Riorado.
(Before doing this I'd just accidentally triggered a game save by talking to
the blue monster in Hell's Gate, in case that had any bearing on it, but since
I reloaded the game without using that save, I doubt it. Just thought I'd
mention that in case you're having difficulties with triggering this.)

You'll know when the accident occurs because a message appears on a black
screen and you'll end up inside a tiny transporter room that you won't have
seen before. I am pretty sure that you can only trigger this event after
finding all Transfer Centres and making sure that you have access to the one
in Riorado.

Climb the stairs and open the door to a small room with a single Vending
Machine. (It's not locked.) Examine the machine and you'll receive the only
revive item in the game: the [さいせいカプセル] - REVIVIFICATION CAPSULE. Try it
again and you get nothing, because you can only have one of these at a time.
Leave the building by the front door and exit the compound to the world map,
and it's now open for future business should you require a replacement! You'll
have to walk back to a town to use another Transfer Centre and return to your
tanks. (Negi is the closest one.)

iv. 犬の穴 : Hound Cavern [Wanted 11]
At the northwest corner of the northern territory.

Bazooka Dog.


Level up with ease! You need the Lock Hacker for all the locked gates.
WANTED 11 : [バッド・バルデス ] - BAD VALDEZ

NOTE: It's worthwhile exploring the Global Relief Centre before coming here
because you'll find the fourth Lens for the Laser Bazooka as well as some very
nice equipment.

Drive west from the Hell's Keep barrier once you've entered the northern area
of the map, and continue until you reach the grass bordering the west mountain
range. From here, drive due north and you'll arrive at a cave opening at the
far north west corner of the world map.

Enter the cave (still in your tanks), and as soon as you go down the entrance
ramp you'll be met by two hounds rushing towards you. You fight them one at a
time, and they aren't hard to defeat, with probably just one blast from a main
gun. Each one gives 5000 experience so this is a nice place to fight, and you
might as well kill them all. Open all the locked gates using the Lock Hacker
and you'll find more hounds inside some of these caves. (Everyone reached
Level 30 by the time I was done putting down the puppies...)

From the entrance ramp drive up the cave to the central passage. Don't bother
crossing the broken ground on foot to the left as it just leads to a dead end.
The top left cavern (1) opens to reveal a ramp down to the next floor. Each
time you open a gate and battle a dog the gate will be closed again afterwards
so it's just a little time consuming finding the Lock Hacker again. However,
this is the most reliable place to level up, because if you leave the cave,
the hounds will all have regenerated! (Six dogs each time gives a total of
30,000 experience points and you'd need to find and kill three Slow Walkers
for that amount!)

1 (Dog) 2 (Dog) 3 (Empty) 4 (Dog)
5 (Empty) | 6 (Dog)
|__ Ramp from world map

On the next floor you'll discover two more locked gates but no dogs. Open the
gates to talk to three young women that the bad baddie has been keeping
captive, but they don't give you anything or escape from their confinement.

Head to the right and you cannot go any further in your tanks. Walk over the
stony ground and up the steps to the dias where someone is sitting on a throne
guarded by more hounds. He'll talk to you and if you answer YES the girl you
met in the Secret Waterfall Base is brought out from her prison. Yes, this is
the haunt of the ultimate boss of Gomez and Waygelyo. After a fair amount of
chat the battle starts! (Note that he refers to the Red Wolf and the dialogue
is slightly different if you don't have the Red Wolf tank, but the outcome is
the same.)

| W A N T E D | B A D V A L D E Z Reward: 200,000G |
| Recoilless missile. (One) |
| Machine gun (attacks all) |
| Experience | 8000 |
| Reward | 1 gold |

He will shoot at one person at a time doing around 300-450 damage and you'll
need some Energy Capsules or Top-Off Drinks to heal that kind of hurt. Only
the soldier was able to damage him to any extent but that's all your need.
Three hits of 350 or so, with Soldier at Level 30, should finish him off.

After the battle, the girl leaves the cave and you can inspect the throne and
the other two locked caves but there's nothing to find. Just pick up your
tanks and drive out of there (or use the Dog System). The girls will be locked
up again so you can release them again if you like, and the dogs are back in
their locked caves on the upper floor. Leave the cavern for the saddest scene
in the game... "sob". After this, that same sad music will play inside the
cavern and the only dogs you'll find are the three inside the locked gates as
the gate to the lower floor remains open. (You can still fight them for more

Collect the bounty, modify your tanks to the maximum possible, buy lots of
extra Armour Tiles for the Tank Tools inventory and lots of extra shells as
well as Top-Off drinks and additional protectors for everyone. You should have
plenty of gold by now and you might as well spend it all as there's only one
place left to explore.

14. 地球救済センター : Global Relief Centre .............................. *MM14
North from the Barrier at Hell's Gate, along a sandy road through the craters.

Methyl Amazon, Gun Balloon, Radio Blossom, Glamour Tiger, DNA Blob, Plasma
Beetle, Speedy Turtle, Hell's Stove, Roaming Plating, Defence Shelter,
Singing Parabola, Black Carpet.

F6: None
See each section for treasure.

NOTE: Defeat the last Wanted enemy in the Hound Cavern before finishing with
this section. I found the equipment on Floor 5 first, and the Solar Lens,
since you have to fight Bad Valdez on foot.

I'd advise obtaining all the treasure, including the stuff in the Basement,
and making sure to destroy the large cannons on F4 and F3 so you avoid getting
your tanks ravaged by their shelling on the route back to the building.
Leave, and refill tanks, changing around equipment to maximise power, boosting
chassis defence and engines, and stocking up on magazine specialist shells and
Tank Tools for every tank. Buy the Alkali Wax item in Canabelle that cures
poison many times over, and the Mechanic's Kit for mending the tanks.

This section of the game is long and so I've divided it into subsections:

1. Part One - Getting Access And Floor 1
2. Part Two - Floors 5 - 2 (Finding Everything!)
3. Part Three - The Basement
4. Part Four - The "Boss"
5. Part Five - Homecoming

F1: [たいようのレンズ] - Solar Lens


The Global Relief Centre is situated in the middle of this large northern
area, but it's surrounded with large craters and rocks. To find the location
of the road to the Global Relief Centre (GRC), drive right from Hell's Gate
barrier, keeping next to the fence. At the end of the fence turn north and
drive straight ahead across the empty desert until you reach a sandy track.
Follow this narrow road to the north, and drive up to the building whilst
you're pelted with explosions. You cannot avoid these, and by the time you
reach the base all tanks will have lost all their SP!

Enter the compound and drive to the right, hugging the wall where you'll spot
a crack in the wall. Examine it and you'll be given the option to blast it.
Say YES and you'll fire at that crack, breaking a hole in the wall. You can
also drive around to the back of the building where there's a parking bay and
a locked door, but the Lock Hacker doesn't work on this door. Drive over the
broken wall and investigate this floor. First, go left and open the wooden
crate that's to the right of the main door. You'll hear that special music and
acquire the fourth lens: [たいようのレンズ] - SOLAR LENS. Now you can make an
even more powerful Laser Bazooka!

None of the doors will open with the Lock Hacker and you'll notice that the
central area is bordered with four computer screens, all of which require
something a bit more complicated than simply pressing the ON button! These
control the four red locks on the inner doors to the centre of the floor.
There are two elevators at either side of the floor which go up to floors 2-6,
and no enemies on this floor. Your task is to find the correct passwords for
these four computers. You'll have to explore each floor, although the top
floor has nothing but enemies and a jumping off place for a quick way down to
the ground!

This place is the nerve centre of the Metal Max world, and there's a lot to
see and marvel at as you try to make sense of the remains of the complex
technology that once controlled everything. Although many computer screens are
broken, quite a number are active and you can read various bits of information
on them.

F6: None
F5: [TNTパラノイア] - TNT Paranoia
F5: [パスワードのメモ] - Password Memo
F5: [ドラゴンスプレー] - Dragon Spray
F5: [メタリックスーツ] - Metallic Suit
F4: [SMGウージー] - SMG Uzi
F4: [ターボカルメン] - Turbo Carmen
F3: [かいふくドリンク] - Healing Drink
F3: [44マグナム] - Magnum 44
F3: [タイルパックL] - L-Plate Pack
F3: [エナジーカプセル] - Energy Capsule
F3: [ちぞめのてちょう] - Bloodstained Notebook?
F2: [かいふくドリンク] - Healing Drink
F2: [けんきゅうノート] - Research Notes
F2: [DDパイナップル] - DD Pineapple DD
F2: [バズーカほう] - Bazooka

F6: Injection Bird, Floating Hyena
F5: SuperconductivityX, Robo Police
F4: Big Cannon, Destroid, Robo Police, SuperconductivityX
F3: Beam Sceptre, Robo Police
F2: SuperconductivityX, Beam Sceptre

Floor 5
Take the left elevator up to Floor 5. Once here, drive right, and up into a
narrow room and you'll find two wooden crates. The left one contains a new
weapon, the [TNTパラノイア] - TNT Paranoia, which attacks all enemies and
can only be equipped by Soldier. The other wooden crate contains a clue:
[パスワードのメモ] - PASSWORD MEMO. Select this item from the Tools menu and
you'll read the PASSWORD: 542397.

Drive right, through a large room with large globes and some broken computers.
The ones that aren't broken have messages on the screens but there's nothing
to do. The small room at the right has two more wooden crates. The top left
one contains [ドラゴンスプレー] - DRAGON SPRAY, another free weapon for Soldier,
and the second one contains the best armour in the game for Soldier only: the
[メタリックスーツ] METALLIC SUIT. Use the elevator to descend to Floor 4.

Floor 4
From the right side of the floor, drive up the first narrow room where you'll
see an open doorway to an outer ledge where two cannon await. As soon as you
go through a battle will start. These are the same as those Big Cannon you
fought all that time ago, only this time you'll destroy them in one shot! You
get 2000 Experience and 2 G for the pair. Drive to the left side of the floor,
and you'll find another pair of cannon down a short corridor near the left
elevator. Watch out for the Destroid, a single pink skeletal figure that can
damage a C unit with one hit. Repair it immediately.

Starting again from the right side of the floor, open the first chest inside
the small room next to elevator to find an [SMGウージー] - SMG UZI, not really a
weapon you'll want to use. The adjacent box contains a tank engine, the
[ターボカルメン] - TURBO CARMEN, which can up upgraded once to the Rocket
Carmen, although you may already have done that with a Carmen engine. At least
it's unlikely to overload your tanks too much, given the massive loss of SP on
the way here! Make your way through the debris to the lower middle room where
you'll find an active computer screen standing on its own to the right.
Examine it to find the next password code, PASSWORD: 195874. Take the lift at
the left down to F3.

Floor 3
There are two empty crates next to the lift, but one just to the right has
a [かいふくドリンク] - HEALING DRINK. Go inside the small upper room to find a
second wooden crate with a [44マグナム] - MAGNUM 44, which is yet another weak
weapon you don't need. Defeat the two cannon on the ledge above this room and
carry on to the right of the floor, ignoring the lower room with the computers
as they are all dead. Another small room has two wooden crates with the first
supplying some Armour Tiles, [タイルパックL] - L-PLATE PACK, and the second an
[エナジーカプセル] - ENERGY CAPSULE. Part of the floor isn't accessible just
yet, so park your tanks next to the stairs and climb up. (These stairs are to
the right of a long wooden bench and to the left of a small hall with more
stairs, and a shut door)

You're back on F4 where you'll find another small hall with a single computer
screen. This time there's a different message which isn't numerical... Anyway,
take a look but you cannot interact with the screen. Go down the stairs back
to F3 and walk through the door, which doesn't need a Lock Hacker! Open the
crate at the left of this new room and you'll find a special item: the
[ちぞめのてちょう] - BLOODSTAINED NOTEBOOK. Use this from the Tools menu and
you'll see lots of text with some numbers: 1, 4 and 1 and lots of exclamation
marks! Investigate the computer screen at the back left of this room to find
another PASSWORD: 519982. Return the way you came, back to your tanks and take
the left elevator down to F2.

Floor 2
There's another [かいふくドリンク] - HEALING DRINK inside the wooden crate to
the right side of the elevator. Drive down into the lower room and edge right
to stop in front of the computer screen, and find another PASSWORD: 793266.
It's easy to miss this one and think you cannot reach it because of the
furniture. Be very cautious on this floor because you'll encounter the
SuperconductivityX, a yellow blob that will completely disable a tank part:
probably the C Unit, and you won't be able to mend it. The best cure is
prevention and targeting them immediately as well as equipping tanks with the
Magnetic Barrier tool. They also duplicate, like the DNA Blobs and you could
be faced with a number of them if you don't kill them off fast. One way to
prevent tank damage is to have everyone fight on foot, getting out their tanks
at the start of the battle. This is especially effective with the Soldier
firing the Laser Bazooka since she can kill them all with one shot! If a tank
is damaged beyond repair then have the Soldier fight on foot and tow the tank
if you're not ready to leave.

You'll spot a wooden crate with something inside it to the right of the
upper section of the floor, nestling next to the wall. This contains the
intriguing item: [けんきゅうノート] - RESEARCH NOTES, which you can use and
"read" and it tells about the purpose of the facility. Finally, go right, and
open the two crates near the lift to find a [DDパイナップル] - DD PINEAPPLE
and [バズーカほう] - BAZOOKA in the lower one.

Floor 1
When the correct code is used on the correct screen you'll see a reassuring
OK! (And one of the red lights on the locked doors will turn off.)

| PASSWORD CODES (These are always the same in every game.) |
| F4 | 519982 | (via F3 stairs) Top right screen password! (NE) | 1 |
| F5 | 542397 | (Password Notes) Bottom right screen password! (SE)| 2 |
| F2 | 793266 | Top left screen password! (NW) | 3 |
| F4 | 195874 | Bottom left screen password! (SW) | 4 |

Return to this floor when you have collected all the passwords from the upper
floors. Search for these on your own, for more fun, or check the walkthrough
for each floor if you get stuck. Each of the password numbers will deactivate
one of the four red lights on the locked doors. Go to each of the four
computer screens and input the correct code. If you get it wrong you'll have
to fight a single Robo Police. The tricky part here is knowing both the order
to use the passwords and the correct console to use them with. You CAN use
them on different screens and not get a battle so think you're doing quite
well, when in fact you're not. You must see the OK message to confirm that
you've got it right!

After unlocking the four locks, enter the control room and move forwards onto
the platform at the back of the room. This directly moves you down to the
basement. I'd had enough by this point, with one tank out of action, and
decided to retreat before continuing. In fact that's probably a good point to
leave because there are a number of additional tank weapons to find that might
seriously overload your tanks.

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АТАРИ 400 / 800 / XL
DOS 70
8 BIT 527
16 BIT 378
32 BIT 15
64 BIT 8